Pisces Horoscope 2017

2017 feels like quite a karmic year, as forces seem to push Pisces towards events that are beyond your control. But you do have control, you just don’t think you do. More than once you will probably say, “Well that’s fate for you! It was meant to be.” It’s okay to accept the forces of nature when its damn well obvious that storm is going to blow you to kingdom come. But sometimes you can be far too accepting of situations where you could have sway, if only you stuck your neck out and said something. Saturn has your back, so you have far more influence than you think! If one person has the guts to say what everyone else in the room is thinking, the boss/bully/whatever can be toppled very quickly. This year that person who speaks out could be you. You might have to take a bit of a loss (Of cash or face) first in order to make gains later on however.

Your health comes into focus with the eclipses and there is one in your own sign too which also emphasises the mind/body connection. As your immunity becomes stronger, so does your psyche and the ability to set boundaries. The more grounded and centred you are the more focused you can be on your goals. You are also better able to handle the responsibility that is coming your way through Saturn.

You are better rooted however, as the weights you are carrying sink your feet deeper into the ground. At least the wily winds of change will not be able to blow you off course either. Pisces does like to go with the flow usually, but a heavier load means you can’t be so adaptable. Now you have to take others needs into consideration. This all forces you to set a course and start steering your boat for a change. So no, you can’t just accept fate as something 100% exterior. This year you can bend it to suit you.

Pisces Destiny Horoscope 2017

Jupiter in Libra: Jan 1 to Oct 11. Traditionally, generous Jupiter in the house of inheritance can mean that you come into an unexpected legacy. Inheriting money or property sometimes happens, but mostly this placement means that you benefit from other peoples wealth. One example is pooling resources with a partner in order to invest successfully. It is also a fantastic time to borrow money too, or you might be able to pay off a large debt that you had from the past. Whatever the scenario, dealing with banks are emphasised and will tend to be beneficial.

The only thing you have to wary of is borrowing too much and not investing it wisely. Lenders will be very likely to offer you more than you bargained for, but this does not mean you have to take 100% of that promised. Be careful that there are no ulterior motives with this apparent generosity! This is the house of the occult too, so there is a chance that will be extra charges and conditions that are not made obvious. A good example is a parent who lends you money to buy a house, with the unspoken condition that they will expect you to let them live there later on.


Pisces 2017 Horoscope eBook

Pisces Horoscope 2017

Full version includes Saturn report, Mars action periods, August’s eclipses and the sign changes of Lilith and Jupiter. 3000 word pdf.