LIBRA Horoscope August

Libra is breathing a sigh of relief that your nemesis Mars has finally got off your case. The planet of war can cause inflammation in your 1st house of physical body. So since December last year you could have had the occasional hot flush. Now things can cool down for you. Now all the action is taking place in your social sphere since Jupiter entered your 11th house of friends,â�¦ Read More »

VIRGO Horoscope August

Virgo I will have to ask you one thing for the first 23 days of the month and that is to “Bear with..” The month before our birthday is always excruciating, because the Sun is so near and yet so far. The vital energy of the Sun is bogged down in the 12th house of self-undoing and exile. You are also still feeling the effects of the New Moon thatâ�¦ Read More »

CAPRICORN Horoscope August

Capricorns are starting to feel like things are moving forward in their life once more since you ruling planet went direct back on July 22. The only problem is this month is that you may have to undergo a period of self-examination before you can truly move on. This means you will have to be your own psychologist while there is so much action in the deep psyche sector ofâ�¦ Read More »

LEO Horoscope August

Leo is really shining like a blaze of glory this month with so much action in your 1st house. It’s all about YOU my darlings. Enjoy the rest of your birthday month. I hope you have been enjoying the celebrations since Jupiter entered your 1st house on July 21. The lucky benefic Jupiter in your sign is always a wonderful experience. This month though you will feel even more royalâ�¦ Read More »

SAGITTARIUS Horoscope August

Sagittarius starts the month bold as brass with your ruler Jupiter square Mars on August 1 which is then joined by Mercury the next day. You wont have any qualms about telling someone just what you think of them if they haven’t been acting justly. Sagittarius has benefited from Jupiter being exalted in Cancer, but it might not have felt like it had. This is because Jupiter has been inflatingâ�¦ Read More »

CANCER Horoscope August

Cancer, let’s talk about money, money.. The planets are congregating in your house of cash and self-worth this month. But lovely Venus starts off in your 1st so make the most of your physical assets and charm while it is there until August 12. While there is so much action in your financial sector, put away some money for self-pampering. This you will definitely need to do during the ratherâ�¦ Read More »