CANCER Horoscope August

Cancer, let’s talk about money, money.. The planets are congregating in your house of cash and self-worth this month. But lovely Venus starts off in your 1st so make the most of your physical assets and charm while it is there until August 12. While there is so much action in your financial sector, put away some money for self-pampering. This you will definitely need to do during the ratherâ�¦ Read More »

ARIES Horoscope August

Rejoice, Aries has got its Mojo back now that its ruler Mars is turbo-charged and raring through the sign of Scorpio which it also rules. Mars retrograde in Libra has had you feeling like you have been trying to run in quicksand for the last few months while you were also zapped by the cardinal grand cross. So dear Aries August is where 2014 really begins for you for you.â�¦ Read More »

TAURUS Horoscope August

Most of the action for Taurus this month takes place in the home sector of your chart. You might suddenly get a bunch of visitors, possibly from abroad being as it is holiday time for most of us. If you do happen to go abroad then most likely it will be to visit relatives or your hometown. Whatever the situation, Taurus is focused on its roots, ancestors and past lifeâ�¦ Read More »

GEMINI Horoscope August

Mercury-ruled Gemini loves to study and you will be in total geek heaven for most of this month. Don’t be surprised to find yourself trapped in a library, lost in a museum or on a magical-mystery tour bus, snapping at ancient monuments. Your ruler snuggles up to lucky and expansive Jupiter on August 2, which sets you up beautifully for your voyage of discovery. This great conjunction will effect Geminiâ�¦ Read More »


The Full Moon “Super Moon” July 13* 2014 is at 20º Capricorn and falls in the constellation of Lyra the harp, held by a vulture (The Moon is close to Sheliak, the star in the claws). So this Moon is also a bird of prey; a raptor. This is because of its square to bloody Mars and it’s extreme closeness to Dheneb (02º) in the tail of Zeus’s Eagle. Capricorn decanâ�¦ Read More »


The New Moon on July 26 2014 is at 3º Leo. It falls on the star in the front paw of the great bear Ursa Major. The star is called Talitha, which means “daughter of the assembly”. Robson gives no meaning for it, but it is associated with a bible story where Jesus is called to revive a dying girl. Jesus says “Talitha arise”, so this star can bring healingâ�¦ Read More »