The Full Moon August 10 2014 falls at 18º Aquarius on fixed star Sualocin the dolphin. It is one of three summer Super Moons where the Full Moon is the closest to the earth. The Full Moon falls in Aquarius decan 2 which contains the swan and the crane. Sualocin is very sweet and naive and the Crane is known for its elaborate courtship dances. This is a shy moon, butâ�¦ Read More »


TV Celebrity Rolf Harris is the latest in a line of BBC “Light Entertainers” hauled up into the dock by Operation Yewtree. On October 3 2013 a documentary entitled “Exposure –The Other Side Of Jimmy Saville” was broadcast to the British public. The programme shockingly revealed that Jimmy Saville, a massive TV star of the 1970’s, had been sexually abusing teenage girls. The police set up Operation Yewtree just a the day after the show, to dealâ�¦ Read More »

PISCES Horoscope August

How can you be of service this month Pisces? The focus is on your daily routine and bread-and-butter job. Not such an exciting month of the year as the planetary action is talking place in the cadent houses of your chart, which weakens their effect. On the plus side you might actually be glad of the weakened effect! For while you don’t get much of a hit from the romanticâ�¦ Read More »

AQUARIUS Horoscope August

Aquarius you get the full Moon this month, but Aquarius decan 2 will feel it the most. For all Aquarians though, the theme of freedom V commitment is big this month and doubly so because all the benefics and Mercury are gloriously in your 7th house of marriage. In the first week you get a good few seed moment conjunctions there, which could signal the budding of a potential long-termâ�¦ Read More »

SCORPIO Horoscope August

Woah there! Scorpio certainly means business now that Mars in your sign. Your beloved ruler has been yearning for this moment since December last year. Like Aries you also have your Mojo back. But even better, Mars is in your first house, which makes it even more powerful. The only thing is this could be a tad too much of a good thing. Health wise you might have to counteractâ�¦ Read More »

LIBRA Horoscope August

Libra is breathing a sigh of relief that your nemesis Mars has finally got off your case. The planet of war can cause inflammation in your 1st house of physical body. So since December last year you could have had the occasional hot flush. Now things can cool down for you. Now all the action is taking place in your social sphere since Jupiter entered your 11th house of friends,â�¦ Read More »