ARIES Horoscope May

Aries will be spending most of May recovering from the Cardinal Grand Cross in April. You are all making brand new starts and life-changing decisions that are affecting the foundations of your existence. If you are not doing making radical changes you really should be, because 1) You love new starts and 2) If you don’t do something with this phenomenal energy you will spontaneously humanly combust. You still have… Read More »


Sagittarius decan 1 is ruled by Mercury. The sun shifts through the constellations of the Wolf, the Leaning Man, the Serpent Bearer, the Compass and the Triangle from November 23 – December 2. Mercury representing this decan seems to take on more of its shadow side. Mercury could travel between worlds and is also associated with the caduceus and medicine (as Hermes). Most of Sagittarius decan 1 is made up… Read More »


The Lunar eclipse on April 15 2014 is at 25º Libra and on Spica. It is also conjunct Ceres. This is a double whammy in terms of the Virgo/Persephone archetype. Spica is the star on the sprig of wheat held by the Virgin. Lunar eclipses are extra emotional full Moons and this one is extra pregnant with promise too. Usually events come to completion at a lunar eclipse and they… Read More »


The New Moon on March 30 2014 at 9º Aries falls on Algenib in Pegasus. It is just what we need to launch ourselves into spring. Algenib is a sparkling white star in the wing of the flying house. Pegasus was born out of the blood of Medusa slayed by our spring hero Perseus. So this is a fitting theme for the rebirth of the Sun in the north. I see… Read More »


The Full Moon on May 14 is at 23º Scorpio, probably just what we need to deep-cleanse and heal the wound inflicted by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Some of us endured this cosmic surgery in order to release what has been festering inside all through the Mars Retrograde. It really hasn’t been too pleasant to see those nasty boils rise to the surface, but in a curious way it has… Read More »


Sun conjunct Uranus gives an individual a strong life mission to individuate and help others to do so too. This stems from feeling quite exiled as a child due to their need to stake their claim on their own personality as opposed to that of their fathers. This often alienates them from their family. They feel that if they get too close that they might loose a part of themselves… Read More »