AQUARIUS Horoscope May

Aquarius’s ruler Saturn has been keeping its head down in your 10th house of career, so this past year has been about building reputation and status. You have been busy promoting yourself and getting your name in lights and finally this is really starting to pay off. Mars retrograde in your house of travel, growth and higher learning has had your rummaging around libraries, geeking about museums and browsing through travel agents glossy… Read More »

CAPRICORN Horoscope May

Capricorns have been deep down in Hades pit, transforming themselves from their bottoms up. Out of all the signs, you have been working the hardest with Mars ploughing away in your 10th house of career for the last few months. The nut is about to crack, if it hasn’t already. The nuts in your life have certainly taken one huge whack of the sledge hammer, so right now, you are… Read More »


Sagittarius is another one of the signs that is not getting too thrashed by the Cardinal Grand Cross. Instead, lucky Sagittarius decan 2 has benefits from a cosmic trine to your decan from Uranus and a dynamic square from Jupiter your ruler. This is beautiful for travel, romance, creativity, learning new stuff, falling in love with a sex guru and all manner of fun. You Saggys will just lap it all up.… Read More »

SCORPIO Horoscope May

The Cardinal cross has not been of too much concern for Scorpio, but Saturn has been a major pain in the backside for a good while. Scorpio decan 2 have the lord of karma now retrograding in the early degree of this decan so you guys will feel under the lead weight of it early in the month. Luckily Jupiter comes in to lighten your load after Mars goes direct on May… Read More »

LIBRA Horoscope May

How are we feeling Libra in the aftermath of the Cardinal Grand Cross? Like Aries you are enjoying the mutual reception of your ruler with that of your sworn enemy! Are you enjoying marching around in their gladiator costume? I think it has rather gone to your head by now. Libra is another cardinal with leadership qualities, but they usually pretend that their partner or their best friend wears the… Read More »

VIRGO Horoscope May

Virgo is another sign not feeling much of the Cardinal Cross action, but your finances are feeling the effect of Mars Retrograde in your second house of cash. Mars continues to completely rebuild, from the bottom up ,how you conduct your spending and how you generate income. This months Venus opposite Mars on May 11 will bring matters to a head and you may have to make an executive decision… Read More »