Fixed star Regulus

Regulus ~ Birthdays August 21 to 23

Regulus Star by Darkstar Astrology. Fixed star Regulus in 2011 is positioned at 29 degrees Leo 59’, in the heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. There is a buzz
The Solar Eclipse

Solar & Lunar Eclipses In Astrology

Solar Eclipse Meaning A Solar Eclipse is a turbo-charged New Moon. Generally New Moon rituals are perfect for planting new seeds and starting afresh. We are...
Sun conjunct Uranus

Sun Conjunct/Quincunx Uranus

Sun conjunct or quincunx Uranus gives an individual a strong life mission to individuate and help others to do so too. The native as a child...

Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Jupiter

Moon Conjunct or Quincunx Jupiter are eternal optimists  and irrepressible, despite often having endured quite a roller-coaster childhood. They are also emotionally extravagant, and...
Sun Trine Sextile Uranus

Sun Sextile/Trine Uranus

Sun sextile or trine Uranus can create brilliant, visionary people who have the courage to break through conventions. Often this rebelliousness comes from being...