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New moon June 2014

New Moon June 2014The New Moon on June 27 2014 is at 5º Cancer on fixed star Tejat Posterior in the foot of Castor the mortal twin of constellation Gemini. Mercury is still retrograde and this New Moon falls just 2º from the point Mercury actually went retrograde. Therefore the themes of the retrograde period all come together at this New Moon. Tejat Posterior gives, according to Eric Morse, “The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win, because of their manifest intelligence.”

We will need this “manifest intelligence.” because we have a very impulsive Mars opposite Uranus again. This time round Mars is direct and much more aggressive with its rebellion. Key words; “Risk-takers, adrenaline junkies, fireworks, emergency workers, electrically-charged, explosive, flash.” Mercury will turn direct on July 1st so this New Moon is a great time to plant the seeds of the ideas that you have been incubating during the Mercury retrograde period. It is also the mad midsummer moon in the northern hemisphere seeing as it falls almost a week after the Summer solstice the day that brings us the longest period of daylight. It is celebrated by great festivities and lighting bonfires.


The celebratory aspect of this New Moon is apparent in its horoscope. Two learning triangles face each other like two hands applauding. The Moons closest aspect is Moon trine Neptune “the most romantic, poetic, idol-making aspect one can have…The unreality and glamour of film lends itself so well to the Moon and Neptune. The trine makes it even more fantastical, spectacular and out of this world. This is also an aspect found in artists and designers as it seeks to beautify and refine the world around it.” What is the Moon applauding? The daringness of the Mars opposition to Uranus, that’s what!

The right hand side of the clapping trines is Mercury Rx trine the North node. This New Moon is the Mercury retrograde seed. “We started Mercury retrograde with some scrappy plans, wild and untamed. By the end of it, we have organized those misbehaving strands into something coherent. The Mercury retrograde chart did look like a rough diamond, much like raw Betelgeuse. The Mercury direct chart contains reassuring Mercury trine the North Node on brilliant Spica” So this New Moon serves as the blueprint for the month ahead. Use this New Moon to plan parties, send out invites or arrange a product launch. It will serve well anything that is about promoting innovative ideas, art or knowledge to a wider audience. These visionary themes should be well received. If you are planning a wedding this is an opportune moment for writing out the invites, but maybe wait until Mercury is direct before you actually post them, just to be safe. This is a happy-clappy New Moon of sunshine celebration. Shake that tambourine!

For this Moon in context with rest of the month, check out the June Monthly Forecast with links to the monthly horoscopes for all the signs.


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  1. This New Moon brought me a job offer and I accepted, although I don’t feel ready for it yet. It is a short project, a festival, and I already did it 5 years in a row, except for the last year when I had my Kundalini awakening and wasn’t able to even move properly. I am still anxious and struggling with fears which have emerged as a result. I haven’t been working for a little more than a year now, so this is going to be a kind of breakthrough for me. Hopefully! I am already working on the organizational part and it is going really well (my left brain is functioning well again) but working on site is going to be the real challenge and a true test for me because of all the buzz and fuss and people. I feel very brave for accepting this, have to remember to clap to myself.

    The New Moon fell in the 2nd house from my Sun/11th from my rising sing.


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