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New Moon June 2013

New Moon June 2013The New Moon June 8 2013 is at 18º Gemini on the gorgeous sapphire star of Rigel in Orion. We have two very potent aspect patterns in the sky that feel very opposite to the other. On the one hand we have a dreamy water grand trine between Venus, Saturn and Neptune. (I can hear the mermaids singing already…) on the other, Mercury ignites the explosive Uranus square Pluto in a T-square. We felt the effect of this paradigm-shifting square at the Lunar eclipse when Mars was on Algol, the eclipse Moon was square religious martyr Neptune, the sun was under the influence of Gemini decan 1.

This Jupiter-ruled decan can breed religious fanaticism. All these effects combined manifested in the beheading of a British soldier in broad daylight on a London street. I said of that Lunar Eclipse. “Heads will roll with Mars on Medusa’s head Algol, unaspected and working like a loose canon. The Sun on Mirfak the lancing arm of Perseus works like an exorcist. Then we have the tightly packed group of spectators Mercury, Venus and Jupiter forming a triangle in the sky….” I fear we will have more public executions, literally and symbolically, in the coming months while this eclipse is in effect.

New Moon June 2013 Horoscope

New Moon June 2013For the time being though, we have Mercury on Sirius activating Uranus square Pluto. I don’t think this will be too problematic and is more to do with commerce. Mercury here “Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church”. Mars is opposite the eclipse point, so what was brought to attention two weeks ago is cut off for good so we can make a new start at this New Moon. Mars is also plugging into the trine, activating it and making it more than just a fairytale. There is a lot to work with here however. The Moon itself appears totally detached from the complex geometry. Maybe this is all we can do for now. Get some distance. Rigel is a fortunate star, but has it’s thorn. Rigel is in the foot of Orion, the very foot that was stung by Gaia’s vengeful Scorpion. Orion, as a god, thought he was untouchable.

This New Moon reminds us that we can’t always shut out what is happening in the world and live in a Neptune bubble. These out-of-the-blue killings bring the horror of war to our doorstep. Beheadings are so barbaric, but we don’t see at first hand what happens on the streets of Afghanistan or anywhere western troops are fighting, we don’t see what carnage goes on for real. This is what I think the detachment of the Moon is all about also. But wait, Mercury and the Moon are connected by mutual reception. Mercury then filters back the whole complexity of the world situation to the Moon. This is the role of the media in revealing the truth to the public. Our perception of the world is governed by what we see in the media. Mars (war) square Neptune (films) is propaganda.

Asteroid Elpis

New Moon June 2013The New Moon is conjunct asteroid Elpis the goddess of hope. Elpis was the last item left in Pandora’s box that did not escape. Jupiter declared that hope should remain in the jar but we don’t know why. It remains a mystery. So here we are at this New Moon. We don’t know whether hope is the cause of our suffering or whether it is the one thing we have to alleviate the pain when we have nothing else. Are we wise to have hope, or are we just deluding ourselves? Is this world digging itself deeper and deeper into the grave or is this dark time part of some grand Jupiter plan?

Rigel also has variable effects, a “quick rise in life is promised on account of a strong, inherent will power, love of action, and a lucky hand in enterprise. A continuous battle to retain an acquired position has to be waged.…. If however the native is not cautious or has an attack of weakness, failure and disappointments, a fall from success will follow.” It seems with this New Moon, we can’t really afford to take our eye off the ball. Where this Moon falls in your chart, be vigilant and keep your distance from agitators. This is also an area where you can have great success for the next month, but humility is called for. And no arrogance if you want to avoid envious stings!

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  1. And the old records play again in again. These brain paths, so long and well walked (even though, took me where I did not want to go).

    Having hard times to recon and discern from dream and reality. And lessons will go on ´till oct.!

    Hope the trine will bring for me new path brain where my ideas, intentions might take me where my soul wants.

    At least, I can see that (not easy way out from the dark domain, said Marina…).


  2. This was the month when I got several nice job offers but I had to refuse them. And I started accepting what was happening in my life. Marina, your posts have been of tremendous help because psychologists and doctors are absolutely clueless about spiritual development. If I told anyone in Serbia I had a Kundalini awakening, they would put me in a madhouse. Seriously. People are totally ignorant here. So, except from my Guru and two of my friends who are open-minded enough, nobody still knows what’s been happening to me. I say I have problems with my back since that “injury” in April and as a consequence I get dizzy a lot, so that is why I still don’t work and don’t go anywhere.

    Luckily, more developed countries have forums and websites about it so I browsed for help. I heard people had positive experiences with hypnotherapy so I decided to give it a try. I only found one person doing that here, in the city where I lived and worked until all of this happened. So this was the month when I started hypnotherapy and it provided a major relief for all pent up emotions. My experience with hypnosis fits the Mercury retrograde period in Cancer.


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