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New Moon July 2013

New Moon July 2013

New Moon July 2013The New Moon on July 8 2013 is at 16º Cancer, on Sirius the brightest star in the sky. The Moon is conjunct Mercury. We still have the effect of the Cosmic Mind Bending Grand Trine that was being activated at the Full Moon June. This Moon does not aspect it in anyway, but it does bring back the dog symbolism from that last Moon. The section of the Zodiac that this Moon is triggering is Cancer decan 2. These are the devoted wolves.

Because Sirius resides here, this period is known as the “Dog Days”. The Moon is especially strong here, of course because it rules tropical Cancer anyhow. So take this fluffy wolf, then throw in Mercury the trickster and dark twin Pollux and you get a very intriguing breed of Cancerian indeed. In myth, Mercury conversed between the gods and the underworld, he is a bridge and mediator between the two. There is a feel of a guide here, a light in the inky black night. Dogs can guide the blind just as the stars guided the ships. Jamie Partridge found that Wasat in the twins can be a peace maker and bridge builder even though it has some negative associations.

New Moon July Horoscope

New Moon July 2013The archetype that is being stimulated here is that of Isis. Sirius is supposed to represent Isis in the heavens and sometimes she is depicted as Orion’s faithful hunting dog. Isis devoted herself to piecing back together her beloved Osiris. The Full Moon conjunct Mercury can be about painstaking and methodically assembling things together. Mending things with skill and craft in the home is being stimulated with this New Moon. Think of weaving and crotchet and spinning the wheel of fate. The grand trine brings together skills and talents in the domain of homemaking and cooking. Comfortable and ambient surroundings allow spiritual awakening to happen, like a health Spa or a sanctuary. But this inner sanctum can be our own home. With these “Dog Days” there maybe madness and mayhem on the streets, but we can always withdraw into the safety of our Cancer cave. Here in peace, we can concoct our spells like Isis. In the security of our cavern, and with the help of the Lilith conjunct Jupiter arm of the trine, we can make magic happen.


  1. I love wolves – used to be one in my dreams – I miss those years. The Lone Wolf. This new moon is exactly conjunct my progressed MC and square natal Sun. I am just now thinking of looking for work again after losing job (transiting Pluto square Sun) one year ago. I do indeed need to create a new identity. This new moon with the Grand water trine feels very comforting. Thank you for shedding light on the Dog Days metaphor! I have always wondered why the hot days of summer got that name.


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