New Moon February 2012 – Slippery Eels

By | February 21, 2012

Pisces New Moon February 2012,The New Moon on 21 February 2012 is at 2º Pisces 42’ and on the royal star Fomalhaut in the southern fish. A misty-eyed mermaid of a Moon since we also get Moon conjunct Neptune. Neptune hasn’t quite reached Fomalhaut yet, but when it does we can expect some magic alongside some serious sea-fog. With this moon we get a taste of what’s to come. Whether it be severe delusion or the ultimate in poetic, sublime, soul mate romance, it will be very hard to keep ones feet on the ground.

Thank god then we have the female Spock goddess Pallas Athena conjunct the Moon and on Sadalmelik in the metaphysical water bearers shoulder. This new moon is a mash up of both Pisces and Aquarius archetypes. Uranus has even moved off volatile Scheat and onto Deneb Kaitos in the tail of the whale. It’s still another restless star though and has a self-sabotaging, self-destructive feel to it. Uranus is important to this moon also at 2º. Water in one hand then and electricity in the other.

February New Moon Aspects

The most important aspect to the moon is the conjunction to Neptune. This has problems with boundaries, but we will all be feeling a bit more at one with the universe. Those not used to merging and feeling like a psychic sponge, will feel super-sensitive to their environment. Those people could get quite reclusive since they will feel just too stimulated by everyday life.

We are still in the Mars retrograde, so anger is internalized anyway and there is an hint of depression. But I don’t see this as a negative, especially with need to be a hermit from Neptune. This gives us permission to be a little blue, wistful and self reflective. On such a sopping wet moon we can write poetry, play melancholic music and even revel in our misery. Sometimes it’s good to play the tragic heroine. But heroes are never tragic are they? I think Pallas Athena will have something to say about that …

Asteroid Pallas Athena

Before you completely dissolve into a quivering mess of tissues, remember the transiting moons nodes are on the very important Antares/Alderbaran axis. Archangel stars no less. Antares loves a bit of drama, but if you spend too long sniveling, this scorpion will make no bones about slapping you back into shape. Pallas Athena is there to help too when your heart is slush. Our totally not tragic heroine will get you to write that logical and brutal list of pros and cons about that failing relationship or unsatisfactory job.

 This moon is liable to make you plant a few totally idealistic, “away-with-the-fairies” seeds, and yes you are allowed a couple. Who knows, this magical moon may even allow an orchid to grow in the snow. But whatever you do, don’t bank on it! A trine from sensible Saturn will stop you putting all your eggs in one basket.

One of the keywords that suits this Moon is temperance, the symbolism in the Temperance tarot card of pouring and measuring water is quite apt for this moon. It also reminds me somewhat of the imagery from Fomalhaut, see the lovely picture by J H Waterhouse in the Fomalhaut post. It is actually of Circe the sorceress, who like Pallas, turned a beautiful innocent girl into a monster out of anger and envy. Pallas and Circe certainly didn’t do things by half measures, but this is the very message of this moon. It is ok to cry a river, but not a tsunami. It’s ok to be logical captain, but not to become a robot. Temperance is not abstinence. For example, you might not need to give up the wine, just mix it with water!

We all know that water and electricity are a lethal combination and that’s really what we get with this moon. As we have seen with Fomalhaut, it is very fortunate and powerful, but only in the most elevated hands. Yet the electric eel manages to live with this paradox, generating up to six hundred volts in defense or hunting. With this moon then, the secret is to be the eel from the inside. Get inside and merge with your problem, try to empathize. Keep in mind that you are still separate however, like Jonah in the whale. The worst thing you could possible do is try to manipulate from the outside. For this new moon then, don’t wrestle with electric eels, merely gaze at the pond and write poetry to your loved one from afar.

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32 thoughts on “New Moon February 2012 – Slippery Eels

  1. J.

    So my ascendant is at 2’14 Aquarius, but my first house is huge and includes most of Pisces as well for some reason I don’t yet understand. So will a 2’42 Pisces New Moon affect me as well, or is it outside the orb because 2 degrees Pisces is still part of my first house? I’ve no idea how to answer this question on my own.

  2. Leone

    Did Whitney Houston drown in Neptune despair and tranquillisers? Marina, have you done a chart? Was her tragic death an early manifestation of this new moon?

    1. uberqueenofwands

      I think she couldn’t handle the pain of her toxic relationship with Bobby Brown. I posted something on her in the Fomalhout thread. We should look further at her chart and his.

      1. Marina Post author

        I had drawn out their chart to use in the toxic relationship post I still havent got round to writing…. They had Lilith on Fomalhaut and Algol on the North Node. The Yod to the Mc is pointing to the fixed star Dshubba. The stinger of the Scorpion. Ouch! Here it is.

      2. Charyl

        Yes. Do you all know we have had 6 full moons. 3 2011 and 3 this year on 18 degrees, emotions. Aries through Virgo. That one was full on the 7th in Leo. She died a week later saturn 29degrees 30 Libra.The death degree. From my own month I found the Aquarian group showed up past that Leo Moon. Did that factor. Did she know she’d gone too far for her body or defiant. I read she was doing a hand stand at the pool earlier and found with her legs up in the tub. Maybe she had heart pains. Over exertion. Her and Bobby met in 1992 when Uranus Neptune conj. That is when my younger male friend and I met. I can’t tell you the times he offered me drug times but thank god I had yoga as a passion. 16 yrs later he left for a crack addict. A scorpio which is his 5th house romance sign. He is Leo too and quit smoking for fear of a heart attack.
        I can tell you from falling in water, beware, it can be dangerous. Whichever way, it’s tragic. Also the sabian symbol for her sun is a church choir. Can’t beat that. On the button.

      1. uberqueenofwands

        Yuk yuk and thrice yuk… I knew you’d come up with the goods you clever girl!!

  3. Debbie

    This will trine morgan and neptune in scorp, sextile merc and sun in cancer, oppose pluto in virgo whiles conj chiron in pisces, sextile iris in cap, while sedna moves to within a few degrees of my natal vertes, plus a whole lotta angles of less impact for me, got to be able to put this to good use somehow. Like a lot of others, its gonna be sink or swim from the sounds of it????????????????

    Whoever reaches the life raft first, light a flare will you please haha!

    1. Debbie

      ps Im without my own place to live but couch surfing thanks to generosity of friends since october, so i totaly get what you are saying uberqueenofwands, it would be very easy for me to be in that state of mind just now.

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