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New Moon August 2015

New Moon August

The New Moon August 14 is at 21º Leo and in Leo Decan 3
The Divine Right Of Kings. Rulers Mars & Mars. (Aries Triplicity)
Deity: Serapis. (Greco – Egyptian Resurrection God.)

New moon AugThis New Moon is always right, it’s rule is absolute, any challenge to this Moons authority is seen as betrayal. Loyalty, loyalty and more loyalty, this is the number one demand of this New Moon. In return for its devotion to you, (and by golly this Moon is totally devoted), it expects you to defend the values of the pride to the nth degree. Any deviation is a sign of rebellion and must be crushed. This Leo Moon will give you the strong leadership you desire, but only if you submit to it’s authority 100%.

9th Lunar Mansion
Al Tarf ~ The Glance Of The Lions Eye

“When the Moon is in this mansion, sow no seeds. Take no journey. Borrow no thing, procure no man no harm. Enter into ship for you shall hastily go and return. Be in fellowship. Shear not your hair. Wear no new clothes lest you be drowned in them (Good grief!). Make strong your gates and locks. Remove your grain from one place to another. Put in order your beds and also your curtains.” *

Aspects: Moon conjunct VenusMoon trine Uranus. Fixed Star: Merak in Ursa Major

Harmonious Days: August 19 Moon sextile Sun. August 25  Moon trine Sun.
Disruptive Days: August 22  1st Quarter 29º Scorpio. August 30  Moon opposite true Lilith.

*Medieval Lunar Mansions taken from Ashmole 396 a medieval manuscript. Using the sidereal positions.

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  1. Oh: Today was a wonderful day, miraculous! I was in yoga – wonderful. I was sweating like I had been in a very hot sauna. I do not normally do so much. After the lesson I enjoyed the hot day drinking cold coffee and looking life around me. On the way home I decided to stop by in an art gallery. In a gallery I met a man, with whom I talked a long time about art pieces, especially about one work that name was “The Mirror of my Soul”. The man said to me: “I can see part of you and part of myself in this mirror!” Only later I understood, what it might meant.
    When I got back home I was truly wondering the feeling I had. In the evening I went out to eat and I was just wondering, that it seemed that I was like a magnet, people came close to me. and talked with me. One man sat just beside my table and stared at me. That is not normal, I do not look special, in my opinion. I payed my bill and ran home, because that was weird.

    This was somehow a very interesting day, unusual. That’s why I looked my astrology map and reallized, that the New Moon in Leo today is in exact conjunct with my AC!

  2. Jupiter conjuncts My midheaven of Leo on 30/08/2015 what specifically does this mean for me?
    Lets say your North node is in Virgo does your south node have to be in the opposite sign like Pisces or could it be in Aries ?


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