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New Moon April 2013 – Fast Love

New Moon April 2013

new-moon-april-2013The New Moon April 2013 on the 10th is at 20º Aries in Baten Kaitos the sea monster’s belly. Wow this one is going to be fierce because the new Moon falls slap bang into a stellium containing Eris, Mars and Venus. What a flaming pile-up! To add to the orgy we have Asteroids Melpomene, the muse of tragedy and Asteroid Valentine. Yep, it’s Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Well, we know how melodramatic Aries decan 3 can be. Prepare for some very hammy actors and camp villains. Let’s do the time warp again…

The full moon had us yearning to set sail for exotic destinations. For those that actually did run off and join the circus, the clowns may be starting to look like nightmare ghouls now the greasepaint has worn off. Venus was opposite the Moon then, far off in the mist and looking rather fetching. But now she is up close and personal! If we have been realistic in our plans, then it’s not going to be such a shock.

However if we have had too much rum on our voyage then be prepared for a frightful revelation. It’s rather like when the bandages come off after a nose job and the doctor assures you the monstrous swelling will goes down. Don’t worry, you will get your lovely Venus…in time. At least with this New Moon the action is all in one place. There is none of the mess of the last full moon. This period we have focused, searing, penetrating passion. There is a chance that Decan 3 Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn may get struck by the thunderbolt of love in a very, very dramatic way. With Mars conjunct Venus may have to fight for your beloved or there maybe a painful choice to be made between two potential partners, just like the Lovers card in the tarot. The cupid in the card is above pointing his arrow, like the glyphs of Eris and Mars who both have penetrating arrowheads.

New Moon April 2013 Aspects

Moon conjunct Venus “are hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible at all times… but can sometimes attract violent behaviour from the outside as it goes about trying to bring fairness to situations.” Moon conjunct Mars; “They wear their heart on their sleeve and it is healthier for them to share how they feel. In fact they may find it difficult not to let their strong emotions out, which has given this aspect a reputation of giving emotional rashness and a hot temper.” Moon conjunct Eris seems to bring out an intense drive for perfection and great innovation due to relentless pursuit of ones passions. These people are hyper-focused and are sometime accused of being psychopaths, megalomaniacs and dictators just because they are so obsessed with their interest.

New Moon in Aries decan 3 is very phallic and sexual. It’s northern spring and rutting season, the sudden surge of hormones make us do, out-of-the-blue, impulsive things. The fact this decan is ruled by Jupiter, again means you might just want to jump on the next plane out. If you were just thinking about travelling at the last Moon, at this one you might actually do it. The sensitive Moon is rather besieged surrounded by all those fire fighters, so she might just grab Venus and flee somewhere romantic.

New Moon April 2013 Chart

If you look at the chart there is a discourse happening between this spicy stellium with Black Moon Lilith and Mercury who is fresh out of the shadow zone. Lilith is sympathetic to Eris atleast, so all in all this is a great period to embark on a passionate affair or to start a war.New-Moon-April-10 Now it all rather depends on what type of war us started doesn’t it? We could have a war on terror-rising instead of terror-ism. With the learning triangle*, the conflict starts with Lilith square Mercury which can bring caustic speech, bitter messages,  and curses. Mercury can negotiate with the melodramatic new Moon stellium. The resolution is brought about by Lilith getting her dark moon sister Eris to forgive Venus for exiling her and convincing her she doesn’t always have to side with her violent twin (Mars/Ares). Decan 3 Pisces and Gemini will need to take the roles of mediators at this very potent new Moon.

New Moon April 2013 Keywords

New MoonApril 2013Melodrama, bad romances, passionate flings, sex with strangers, orgies, slutty behavior, femme fatales, studs, painful love, fighting for your relationship, crimes of passion, plastic surgery, revenge on bullies, starting a war, exaggerating, drama queens, tragic kings, scary clowns, rocky horror, stabbing, penetration, lovestruck, up close and personal, up close in an alley, unforgiving close ups, caked on make up, melting greasepaint, being direct, no pussy-footing, brazen actions, holiday romances, sudden departures.


  1. This New Moon got me my full blown Kundalini awakening. I had a major fight with my family, they came to the city where I lived to “bring me back on right path” meaning back to the family pathology which I had worked so hard to step out of – years of therapy, self-discovery and several months of meditation. When our argument escalated, they just left my apartment I felt tremendous unexpected peace.

    Half an hour later I was on the phone with a friend, walking around the apartment, when Kundalini started rising up my spine. I had no idea what was happening. It got stuck in my lower back and I just felt it pushing upwards. I was trying to sit but I couldn’t. It lasted for about half an hour and then suddenly it found its way up my spine all the way to my head. It really hurt, but for a short time, and then I felt so dizzy I lost my ground and fell on the bed. At the same time it was a very orgasmic experience, plus I felt so many emotions all at once.

    Anyway, I couldn’t move from where I fell. My friends came and we called the doctor. My back was paralyzed because the force of the energy blew one of my spine discs out of its place. (I hope I am clear enough here, English is a foreign language to me and I am not familiar with medical vocabulary).

    So for the first several days I couldn’t move. A nurse came every day to give me some shots. My dad came to be there with me for a while.

    After 7 days, I was able to get out of the bed on my own with the help of some silly mechanism we made on my closet next to my bed, so my dad went back home I went back to work. I couldn’t sit yet, but I could stand, so I worked standing. It was really painful. I was really stupid and didn’t take care of myself. I was only concerned with keeping my job, not because I loved the job (I hated it) but because I didn’t want to lose my autonomy and I didn’t want to go back to my family.

    The astrology of this event for me:
    Lilith in this New Moon exactly conjunct natal Sun , opposite natal Neptune, trine natal Pluto
    New Moon stellium in the 8th house
    I think the square to Mercury Rx in Pisces also had impact because it squared my Sun and Neptune, and I am a Virgo rising, Gemini Sun and I am sensitive to Mercury transits

    By progressions:
    Progressed Ascendant at 29°4′ Virgo square natal Lilith at 29°24′ Sagittarius
    Progressed Sun at 23°20′ Cancer square natal Pluto at 24°13′ Libra
    Progressed Mercury (rules my Ascendant) at 12°47 Cancer conjunct Waldemath Moon at 12°20 Cancer + conjunct North Node at 13°29 Cancer + opposite Osc.Lilith at 12°39 Capricorn (which is conjunct my South Node)

    I am going to share my experience here Moon by Moon because this website was about my only lead and clue of what was happening in many many difficult moments. And I am very grateful to Marina for that 🙂


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