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Moon Sextile/Trine Pluto ~ Love Bites

Moon trine sextile pluto

Moon in sextile or trine to Pluto seems to have much more sinister undertones than one would expect from a soft aspect. This is still a Hades moon after all and Moon/Pluto aspects are never easy going. The sensitive moon combined with the sometime hellish transformation of outer planet Pluto is going to be hard for an individual to carry on a personal level.

What the harmonious aspects can do however, is at least channel this intense, penetrating and occasionally ruthless energy into something creative. The artistic products are not going to be light hearted or bubble-gummy.

Moon sextile or trine Pluto subjects will always have the tinge of the underworld about them and sometimes their work will make powerful political statements. The art will be profound and involve deep exploration of the shadow. Sometimes there will be a obsession with taboo sexual practices either as a proclivity or as something they need to expose as corrupt.

I also think this combination can be very successful in the advertising industry since it involves the creative use of sorcery. These natives have a natural ability with psychology, and use it to understand and negatively to manipulate base human instincts. The creative force of the sextile and trine can utilise this knowledge in the marketing of products.

Where the creative outlet is blocked we can get into trouble however. In some cases (See examples below), the subject needs to raise to a higher vibration through much soul searching to find Pluto’s buried gold.

The list of sextile examples strangely, include a disturbing amount of serial killers and sex criminals, and also occultists. Some are a bit of both Ie; Crowley. One thing that Pluto inspires above all, is awe and power, the sizzling sextile and the mysterious nocturnal world of the moon make it all the more magical and spellbinding.

If this aspect involves affliction from a malefic then it will show a more obsessive edge, since the Moon rules habits and compulsions. It also carries the devouring mother archetype,  which the trine in particular makes rather insatiable.  Moon trine Pluto subjects can play their cards very close to their chest. They are survivors. Pluto trines can inflate the subject’s sense of power and here we can get the tyrant.

Moon/Pluto Natives ~ Soft Aspects


  1. I also have this aspect but do not really feel the intensity of Pluto that much. My moon is in 6th in cancer trining pluto in scorpio in 9th house. I do believe this aspect is felt less in my case due to the fact my natal moon is heavily aspected – I have it opposite Neptune and Uranus, and also square my natal mars. From the combination of my aspect I believe it should be felt stronger in workplace or educational situations, which I can relate to more, but I didn’t really consider it to be that strong. Which is strange to me when I think about it now. I have a really thight orb with this aspect and a more wider orb with moon – neptune/uranus opposition, and I do believe I feel oppositions more than a trine aspect with pluto in scorpio.


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