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Moon Square Saturn

Moon square Saturn

Moon square Saturn is an aspect that has to grow up quickly, therefore deep inside Saturn’s armour is a very soft-centred, needy child. The subject is loathed to show this very fragile side of their character, so most of the time they appear very strong, capable and most of all independent. The suppressed needs will very often come out as incapacitating illness or depression, that way they get the care they feel they don’t deserve to ask for. Moon square Saturn may have experienced their parents as quite critical, so this is what stops them from expressing their more needy emotions. They find it hard to be spontaneous, but are excellent planners. This aspect tends to attract wayward and irresponsible partners that they have to parent OR conversely, these subjects can attract older and parental mates that take on all the responsibility. If their mate is the boss then, the Moon square Saturn may play the rebellious child.

The main issue with Moon square Saturn is the premature requirement to be self-sufficient. The mother may have been ill or unavailable, so that the child had to parent themselves or younger siblings. Another manifestation of this aspect would be expressing nurturing in a more masculine fashion, practical, rather than emotional support. Growing up may have been very spartan, the home could be a place of work and have a traditional solid feel about it. However the emotional void might leave the child desperately needy and clingy in relationships, if they can bring themselves even to admit it. The inner needy child is most likely to come out when drunk or through illness. The aspect may be cold comfort, but its more positive side is that it will be reliable, generally financially solvent and always there for practical support. Don’t expect a hug, but Moon square Saturn will clear up your vomit!

Moon Square Saturn Natives

marilyn22Marilyn Monroe is a very good example of how much of a paradox this aspect can be. Her childbearing hips were anything but spartan, but they were no way maternal either. Marilyn is a good example of the “Trapped Child” that astrologer Sue Tompkins refers to in her aspect book. [1] Of course Marilyn had no proper mothering from her mentally ill mother and grew up in various foster homes. Her femininity is also strange, on screen she radiated sex, but it was such over-the-top glamour. This unreality begs the question of wether she was truly comfortable with her sexuality. The real Norma Jean was known to ‘switch-on’ Marilyn for her fans, which suggests Saturnian detachment. Marilyn shows all the vulnerability of this aspect and also the great need to conform and be accepted as a sexy, glamorous female.

Martin Sheen (03’), Lulu (16’), Kate Middleton (20’), Dorothy Parker (26’), Cilla Black, Michael J Fox, Judy Garland, Heinrich Himmler, Glenda Jackson, Chaka Khan, Karen Silkwood, Aaron Spelling, Joan Collins, Franz Shubert, Winona Ryder, Madeleine McCann, Dora Maar, George Grosz, Bruce Willis/Demi Moore Davison.

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1. Sue Tompkins. Aspects In Astrology. Pg 142.


  1. Saturn square Moon or Saturn oppose Moon; I’ve read the comments and they inspired me to register, log on and comment after years of enjoying Darkstar Astrology. How Saturnine is that? 🙂 The comments that struck me were about not understanding if we cause others to reject or dislike us, the childhood filled with stories of taking care of siblings because parents were working, not available otherwise yes, shite….so the cooking discipline and order had to come from the elder or more aware sibling, Saturn…fills the void, steps in and tries to manage some order. Later, the errant husband or mate who in one way or another, isn’t the perfect partner we wished for but instead is often the rebellious child, so now the count of children is the actual children + 1….Damn..I hope I don’t have this aspect in the next life.