Moon Square Pluto

Moon square PlutoMoon square Pluto is probably one of the most intense and hungry moon aspects you can have. This is the raging Kali archetype par excellence. Moon square Pluto can be the product of an obsessive, possessive mother or be obsessed with being a mother. In some cases (The West’s, Kenisha Berry) the mother as destroyer can be literal. The moment HMS Titanic struck the Plutonic iceberg the Moon was square Pluto (63′). How symbolic of this aspect, the great ship weighed down by her treasures, plunged deep into the underworld with the loss of so many lives.

Moon square Pluto throws itself into the deep end when it comes to its emotions also. They experience relationships, truly, madly and deeply, but they can also easily freeze over in an instant if someone else tries to dominate, manipulate or control them! The Moon square Pluto is extremely sensitive to seething undercurrents in a domestic situation, and in childhood may have been the receptacle for all the poisonous and unexpressed family grievances. They learn to bury these feelings, only for them to explode volcano-like at a later date. The tension generated by the square in this Hades Moon is tough, but creates black-gold which then fuels immense talent. The subjects feel compelled to purge their long suppressed rage and emotions creatively, which can bring them power and success.

Moon Square Pluto Celebrities

Elton John (04’) has amassed great wealth over a four-decade career and is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. He is famed for his lavish parties and diva behaviour, but he has also raised a huge amount of money with his AIDs foundation. His mother and grandmother mainly raised Elton, since his father was distant from his son, rarely at home and when he was there caused many distressing arguments. Fame obviously had its price for Elton, he kept his homosexuality a secret for years, battled a cocaine and alcohol addiction and later became bulimic. These days however Elton has found serenity with his long time partner David Furnish, is godfather to many celebrity babies and has been knighted.

Also with Moon square Pluto: John Edgar-Hoover, Bette Midler, Jim Morrison, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, George Washington, Dolly Neimans, Maximilian I Holy Emperor, Titanic Hits Iceberg, Port Arthur Massacre, Keith Haring, Fred/Rose West Davison, Burton/Taylor Davison, Kenisha Berry, Morrissey, Liv Tyler.

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. One astrologer said we still dont truly know what pluto is about, seeing as it haunt even travelled all the way around the zodiac wheel since it was discovered..
    It takes time to know a planet, and pluto is no exeption..
    But it sure has a rather cool repetitivt I must say ;-p

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  2. Two points of comment on this interesting article. First, I wish these sick criminals had been referred to by their full names or last names only. Referring to them by their first names somehow makes them seem like people we feel friendly towards!
    Second, Quote “I am struggling to understand why an intelligent, obviously talented and artistic man would find it so hard to control his animal nature”. This seems to imply that “desires” towards the very young or/and very vulnerable are something most people face in themselves and deal with. I do not think that “desires” of this sort are normal. I also think that they are not issues everyone has to deal with.

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