Moon Opposite mars

Moon in square or opposition aspect to Mars delivers a huge drive to succeed and the tendency to be competitive. The sexuality is a force to be reckoned and thrusts the subject like a rocket past all of its rivals. These natives are fiercely protective. Blood ties are extremely important to them and another spur for them to succeed.

Moon opposition Mars creates a dynamo of energy that needs expression in some physical action. If other factors in the native’s chart place restrictions on this aspect, then the frustration can become dangerous to others or become self-destructive. At its worst, the rage with the opposition can turn very bitter and vindictive. Moon opposition Mars is less tempestuous if it is allowed freedom, and it cannot bear to be hemmed in. Independent thinking and self -sufficiency is their number one priority.

On the whole though, Moon/Mars hard aspects are an extremely courageous combination and you would want to have this person fighting on your side. This aspect makes for very honest and direct dealings; their reactions are fast and instinctive. They are also fantastic in an emergency, sensing danger way before anyone else. Patience is not a strong point and they tend to want to start families very early in life because they have so much they want to achieve. They have very high aspirations so the earlier they can start the better, there’s so much they want to pack in!

Sex Dynamo

Moon square Mars is a highly emotional, combustible and passionate combination. The square brings such intense feelings and moods to crisis point, so these people more than most, need to vent this great energy into some project which fuses the Moon with Mars. This could manifest in a variety of ways; starting at the most base level would be sexual conquesting.

In a man they would have a great appetite for women, plain and simple. In a woman it would be a need to express themselves sexually, otherwise they may feel like they have permanent premenstrual tension. If the sexual expression is thwarted in any way, then of course the flip side is great anger and rage.




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