Moon Square Lilith

Moon square LilithMoon square Lilith is one of the most challenging Black Moon Lilith aspect you can have, but it is ultimately one of the most powerful. The subject will go through life facing constant intense triangular relationships that will either make or break them. They may be asked to choose between mother and spouse, child and lover or family and spiritual path. Exceptional demands may be made of them to make heartbreaking decisions, which in the end may exile them from their family. They need to learn that they can’t please everyone and to own their Lilith sovereignty. With this set up they will always end up hurting someone so they might as well pick the solution that makes their soul the happiest. They may break under the pressure of this aspect and succumb to the temptation of Lilith’s forbidden fruit in the shape of sex addiction or drugs. If they manage to come through then these subjects are a fantastic example of the Phoenix rising from the flames. The valuable life lessons they have learnt from their traumas become an inspiration to those still caught up in the darkness.

Moon Square Lilith Celebrities

Moon square Liliths are passionate and react quickly from the gut. Their sexuality is unusual and a big issue since the square is a sexy Mars aspect. Lilith squares will give them an unlikely sex appeal, despite or sometimes because of some eccentric physical feature; Short height, (Fox), big boobs (Parton) or scary looking (Lee). On the outside they may have the countenance of a naive child while on the inside lurks a demonic brat or it can be completely the other way round. They can also be externally very masculine, internally feminine regardless of their actual sex and vice versa. Whatever way it falls, moon square Lilith is often the very opposite of what it first appears.

Mean Liliths: Willem Dafoe, John “Paradise lost” Milton, Jimmy Hoffa, Spike Milligan, River Phoenix, Tina Turner, Osho, Alanis Morrisette, Sarah Aldrete,  Mia Farrow, Helen Keller, Christopher Lee.

True Liliths: Olivia Newton-John, Michael J Fox, John Inman, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Maria Carey, Emperor Akihito, Noel Coward, David Essex, Giorgio Moroder (& Mean), Yoko Ono, the planet Neptune.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. My son, who is playing with fire (Sacred Plant on three presentations) has this square. His Lillith is on the 2nd aries (I´m a 3rd. Dec. Aries). And his moon is on the 6th H. in cáncer.

    Is funny and I just can´t figure out why he has a NN 10th H. conj. Antares (where my moon is). So! Of course I´m trying to show him some ways out of the maybe dangers he could face.

    And I sure understand that he might be willing just to walk away from us, pursuing his NN. He always says that he lives here because he has not other option (c´mmon! you do, I say inside me though he seems so very in his confort zone over here… lol!).

    I´m sure he´ll find his way (bright and inteligent, hard working also; a Virgo)… but if he´s to get into substances, he may not count on me. What I´m sure trying to do is to pave for him a way he might understand him self better (or so I hope! It is what I would do for myself, anyway. I would never know if *right* or *wrong*. At least, I do care!).

    What I have told him is that he has 3 or 4 years to live the house and to live on his own. One, to start college. Two to get used to university environment and to start working and three to get a scholarship or a work. Once he has one of the two, he might walk away from us. To let him have some instruments.

    I kind of *know* that I might do some savings in order to allow him live his dying-flaming-phonix thing when the time comes (so, I´m trying to work hard).

    I´ve seen around -and Reading Jamie´s posts- that forbidden fruit is… forbidden. And that we should not play with it (because is not a toy… and harm is OMG!).

    Keep observing!


    I hope I´m loving… because I´m tough (rude arian 3rd dec. with plenty of unmanagable waters, lol). I accept his criticism the best way I can… Mhhh!

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  2. This describes me perfectly. I appear soft and childish, do my very best to appear girlish and fragile but in reality I’m quite aggressive and posses many masculine traits despite my feminine appearance. I don’t want to be a man, but I want to dominate men like a 1950’s greaser lol.

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  3. BML is transiting square my Moon, exact the day after my birthday this Saturday, so its part of my Solar Return 😛 Saturn is also transiting opposite my Moon, exact next month, not happy :( Thank goodness Jupiter is transiting my Ascendant.

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  4. Marina,
    Where may i find/look for more information on this aspect?

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