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Moon Sextile Neptune

Moon sextile Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a utopia. There is a budding saviour quality about it. This aspect is in tune with the common peoples hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the moon can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world. Neptune’s self sacrificial tendency is very much at home here and the sextile brings a lovely flowering of affection and care towards those they feel are depending on them. But there is a deceptive side of Neptune as well, so these people can came across as the holy rescuer only to shatter their disciple’s dreams when they show they are merely human.

Moon sextile Neptune doesn’t generally go out of its way to con, its just the mystic of Neptune’s fog combined with their willingness to become what other people want them to be can be a recipe for huge disappointment. The fault may be more with their fans then themselves. Moon sextile Neptune often feels very responsible for its worshippers and is genuinely upset when they don’t match up to the expectations of others. Guilt may show up as illness, since their emotions are so sensitive to the public’s projections. Moon sextile Neptune may also self-medicate to blot out other people’s energies. Sometimes a stern exterior may betray internal emotional turbulence, as they are constantly guarding their gooey center from gushing out. Moon sextile Neptune can also hide behind a myriad of personalities for the same reason.

Moon sextile Neptune Natives

Barbara Cartland gushed her way to success with her world famous romantic novels. She refined over time her risqué earlier novels to the perfect formula that are still popular today. These later novels are much tamer, with virginal heroines and stereotypical chivalrous Neptunian saviours. True to Neptune’s perchance for swooning and unrequited love, there is very little down-and-dirty action in Barbaras books. The setting of the novels are usually in a misty historic past where chastity was prized and purity believable. Part of the novel’s charm is that they transport you away from nasty modern and sweaty sex with its threat of venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies. A vision in pink, Barbara was always dressed in her trademark fantasy fluffy gowns and sparkly jewels.

More Moon Sextile Neptune: Princess Anne of UK (07’), Sandra Bernhard (10’), Henry Ford (12’), Jeffrey Archer (24’), Johnny Depp (26’), Julie Andrews, Karen Carpenter, Sheena Easton, Brian Eno, Ennio Morricone, Edith Piaf, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, George Bernard Shaw, Marie Stopes, Kenneth Branagh, Igor Stravinsky, Michael York, Valerie Solanas, Charles De Gaule, Thomas Edison, Derek Jarman, Harriet Wilson, Salvatore Guiliano. Mother Teresa, Paul Weller.

Moon/Neptune Aspects

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  1. Interesting. How close an orb do you like it to be called in aspect in this case. My Moon is at 7Cap and my Neptune is 2Scorpio. In aspect?

  2. I am very used to being mistaken by strangers.
    “I thought I knew you”, and “You looked like a friend of mine.”
    I seldom appear with constancy in photographs.

    That manner of being a mirror of projection, becoming what people want me to be is very strong here. My Moon at 7:48’Cap and Neptune at 10:54′ Sco. In aspect?

    My case is exaggerated by Jupiter trine Neptune from Pisces(10:14′), also sextile Moon. So now the gooey center from a Capricorn moon becomes really creamy-foggy-misty with a already stern or, “nutshell”, disposition perhaps nut in the greater size of coconut, though, not, “turbulence”. Stresses arise most often from first, being form to the external projection which can be out of my real charachter, and second, my awareness that I am responding to a projection that is out of my charachter. The later can set me angry so it may be a blessing I have no Mars aspects with Moon or Neptune.

    The aspect in general is further tainted by Pluto which generationaly has repainted Neptune for a great number of years. In my case with Pluto trine Moon, I am at liberty to exploit this, “mystic pothole”, if I choose. I don’t usually take this advantage with Humans but I do with animals.

    Saturn squared the Neptune from Aquarius, perhaps social reform exposes the potential quack, or places one in such social situations where hard retrictions in social-ability quell the mystified gazers into the looking glass. And before the Saturn return, “self medication”, yes.

    What is not mentioned is the lunar attraction to, “divinity”. With lives where such notions as, “psychology”, do not exist, Moon with Neptune in this way can open the door to the spirit realms. Heaven, Nirvana, Serenity, etc., take your pick. Also an apreciation or inspiration for fine art.

    My advice for anyone with this aspect is to live with the magic with grace. Avoid the temptations of confused people if possible. Perhaps just avoid confused people.


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