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Moon Quincunx Saturn

Moon Quincunx Saturn

Moon quincunx Saturn is the quintessential eccentric headmistress or master. They command respect because they carry a rock-solid air of authority and a stoic approach to life. What the quincunx adds to this aspect is a sense of humour and an unusual approach to problem-solving. Moon quincunx Saturn may seem to take the traditional approach to management, but they have the knack of throwing a curve ball into situations which throw people sideways.

Their employees/children quickly adjust themselves when Moon quincunx Saturn gives them a beaming smile combined with a “you will obey” stare. These folk have a great technical ability, they are natural scientists and methodical in every thing they do. This is an unexpectedly creative combination because Saturn crystallises the Moon’s imagination through the adjusting and juxtaposing energy of the quincunx. It had a very sculptural feel about it, intuition forms matter.

Moon Quincunx Saturn Natives

Erin Brockovich
(07’) former shop-assistant and beauty-pageant winner turned legal clerk. Despite lacking a law school education she was instrumental in bringing litigation against Pacific Gas and Electric for contaminating water supplies. The 2000 film “Erin Brochovich” starring Julia Roberts, tells Erin’s rags-to-riches rise towards being an activist and educator. Erin continues to fight on behalf of the people (Moon) in her participation with other lawsuits against big corporations. (Saturn). Moon/Saturn can beMoon Quincunx Saturnabout health problems too. As a single mother Erin had to badger people to help with childcare while she worked long hours constructing her case against PG & E. Her dogged Saturn determination reaped rewards in the end. Erin’s book ‘Take It From Me: Life’s a Struggle But You Can Win’ is a best seller. The productive,  creative struggle of Moon quincunx Saturn is described nicely in this book title.

More Moon Quincunx Saturn: Jacob Moreno (09’), Willie Nelson (11’), Jerry Hall (13’), Joseph Massart (14’), Bobby Brown, Burt Reynolds, George Peppard, Gertrude Stein, Helen Mirren, Jackie Chan, J D Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, Leonardo Di Vinci, Liv Tyler, Lyndon B Johnson, Mark Knofler, Mike Barson, Pablo Picasso, Steve Nicks.


  1. How would this aspect present in synastry? Would it bring an unusual way to the couples ability to relate and handle responsibility? Would the Moon person become submissive or repressed by the Saturn person? Would the Saturn person give the Moon person structure or focus?


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