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Moon Opposite Lilith


Moon opposite LilithMoon opposite Lilith can work really well if the balance between the mother and anti-mother is worked out. Like the other Black Moon hard aspects, there is a degree of virgin mother V whore here. The subject swings between wanting to mother, or be mothered and then abruptly breaking away from family ties. The same ambivalence can be found with their views on sexuality.

Sex and libido can be a big issue, sometimes veering from nymphomania to celibacy over night. The control of sex is really the key. The subject needs to be their own authority on how they display their sexuality, very private or very public as long as it’s their call. If Moon opposite Lilith is not in control of their own sexuality they may need to be in utter control of somebody else’s. A career as a pimp or madame would suit.

Because the Moon and the Black Moon are such polar opposites, in an opposition they could actually end up cancelling each other out. A successful balance of these two would mean that the domestic moon can restrain Lilith from going too far off the rails and wild Lilith could break some of the moons stagnating habits. The bad side of this aspect could be projecting the attraction for the forbidden fruit onto partners by falling for addicts.

One could be playing either side of this opposition, the loving supportive moon or the vampiric Lilith who bleeds their partner dry to feed their addiction. On the plus side this is potentially a greatly creative aspect with the dynamism of the opposition creating a magnetic energy. This is more subtle than the magic wand of the Sun opposite Lilith, it is more like an invisible undercurrent of intuition and animal instinct running through the subject.

Moon Opposite Lilith Natives

Annie Sprinkle turned the big Mummy ‘madame’ and the whore into a career. She has been a prostitute, stripper, porn star, TV host, sex magazine editor and porno film producer. Sprinkle has made herself an authority in sex education, gaining a degree in human sexuality. As a performance artist, Sprinkle’s best-known show was called “Pubic Cervix announcement”. No boundaries here as she allowed her audience to supposedly “celebrate the female body” by viewing her very own cervix with a speculum and torch! Sprinkle also performed a masturbation show on stage also.

True Liliths: Lennon/Ono Davison (09’), Eric Burdon, Rowan Atkinson, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Bruce Lee, George Clooney, Annie Sprinkle, John Dee (& Mean), Lady Gaga, Harold “Dr Death” Shipman, Jack Karouac, Keanu Reeves, Natalie Cole.

Mean Liliths: Cynthia Payne (09’), Bill Haley (22’), Mother Theresa, Benjamin Netanyahu, John “Elephant Man “Merrick, Yehudi Menuhin, Chuck Berry, Vilma Espin, Blake Fielder-Civil.


  1. Lilith could relate to the Mary Magdalene theme, right?
    Look what i’ve found!
    She is the actress/singer performed Mary Madgalene in Jesus Christ Superstar with the divine song “I don’t know how to love him”. Lots of Lilith energy i think…

    Yvonne has a Moon Capricorn opposition Lilith Cancer in her chart, even i don’t know the time of birth. But this opposition is all day when she was born… (except if she is in early Moon Aquarius, but the opposition is still there i think)