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Moon-phase-diagramThe cycles of the moon are integral to our daily lives, as are the cycles of the pagan seasons. Older cultures in tune with the earth, respected these cycles. Rebirth takes place at the New Moon and the northern spring equinox. The dark stage is necessary to decompose and replenish the earth in preparation for rebirth.

It’s unnatural and exhausting to live in an eternal summer. All living beings need hibernation time, just like women need to respect their menstrual cycle and moods. Ups and downs are normal. Unfortunately expressing wild and raw emotions are deemed to be unacceptable in current society and are often levelled out via pharmaceuticals or suppressed with alcohol or illegal drugs.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars…”- Og Mandino

Moon Phase Cycle

It was the ancient astrologers observations of the moon across the constellations that enabled them to make their predictions. You cannot stargaze in sunlight obviously. In sidereal astrology the Moon is placed above the Sun in importance, the moon is the closest planetary body to earth after all.

Which brings me to the dark goddess. Black Moon Lilith is the position of the Moons apogee when the Moon is furthest away from the earth. The moon is bigger and brighter when it is closest to the earth. These are known as “super moons”. The apogee is more like super elusive. By being further away from the earth, she is reflecting less solar energy back to earth. The Black Moon is aptly named then, representing the darkest, bleakest, but potentially the most magical Moon phase. The Black Moon, like Hekate the witch, is the threshold between worlds.

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  1. My daughter has Lilith at 0°48’17” Capricorn conjunct her moon at 29°41′ 3″ Sagittarius in the first house (Sagittarius rising). Pluto transited this conjunction the last few years was very harsh experience for her. I wonder if the experience would be less severe if she doesn’t have Lilith conjunct moon. That started around 2007 and she was in High School then. She has Taurus Sun at 12 degree.

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  2. i know lilith is a personal journey, but like you spoke of in your womens’ uprising post in terms of uranus conjunct lilith, she feels like she’s coalescing on the personal AND large scale right now. transiting mars is on my natal mean bml right now and i’m feeling it much more in the mean sense that you’ve spoken of…. distilled magic focusing where it was once in its true form wild and osculating. for me this would be working backwards b/c my true is at 11 taurus and my mean is at 0 taurus. i am feeling turned on to lilith in a different way than i had. i wanted to be in peace with her but she wouldn’t let me rest. now i feel like i’m finally sitting on a diamond, so to speak. i wonder if other women feel the same sense.

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  3. the July 1st eclipse is conjunct my natal BML by a 1 deg orb. any thoughts on what it might mean? anyone?

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    • by the way, it’ll be in my 5th house.

    • Funny Jamie had the same thing but it was also square his Moon and that was with the June solar eclipse/ It wasn’t much fun for him to be honest, but if yours is not afflicted by any harsh domestic aspects then you could have a great 6 months of sexual illumination and/or rampant creativity!

      It’s a very Dark Goddessy Moon anyhow, so a potent time, but probably not without some drama and intensity. Hold onto your hat!

    • the closest aspect that is somewhat negative is square my natal chiron in Aries (my 2nd house) with a 2 deg orb. other than that, there’s no other harsh aspect.

      6 months of sexual illimination…that’s sound absolutely awesome to me, LOL!

    • elimination can be illuminating!

    • LOL! don’t know if I can eliminate sex though! it’s the only good thing I have right now!

    • I’m contemplating more on what you stated regarding “rampant creativity.”

      as I’ve posted on a different thread, I have been selected for a new job (although still pending background check)…a teaching job. one task that the principal ask me to do is to teach the internet to a bunch of youngsters without any internet connection (the school is within a juvenile hall/prison for young female offenders).

      needless to say, that my new job will require a lot of creativity on my part in order to teach technology without access to the same technology that I am tasked to teach.

  4. didn’t quite know where to post this, but – I have transiting Neptune conjunct progressed BM Lilith at the mo with tr Nept trine natal/prog Neptune – all fogged out on this one, but, it feeeeels dead weird – any insights Marina?

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    • Transits to progressions is stretching it a bit in my opinion Rob. I’m with Jamie and Hassan on progressions these days. I think the only progression to worry about is the progressed Moon to natal. Just keeping an eye on transits is enough. Progressions are the soul unfolding, but its transits that show how the cosmic weather is going is going to shape you and set off that which is in your natal.
      You will be foggy enough as it is with Tr Nep trine natal Nep, so don’t complicate it further. Another thing though. Neptune transit trines don’t really DO much either. More dreaming. Good for meditation I guess..

      Oh just a thought. Weird health symptoms are very Neptune transity.

    • All fogged out – that’s it!

      Actually, I’m wondering about transits to progressions – its more visible with a stellium. I have Ac, Sun Mercury all pr into Libra – in my 2nd house with tr Saturn almost on the pr Ac.

      Rob – you’re asking the BM Lilith expert to explain a foggy question… about your Neptune and BM… fractals fractals fractals….

  5. actually it is more a ‘what about Neptune conjunct BM Lilith’ question than whether transits to progressions are worth taking into account – I have my own views, but, as you say UQW, I am asking the ‘expert’ – would appreciate an answer to the conjunction – thanks

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    • Lilith conjunct Neptune is so the forbidden fruit. Its psychedelics and wisdom from earth medicine. I’d only repeat what I wrote here. Did you read it? http://darkstarastrology.com/neptune-conjunct-lilith-june-2010/ Then you also have to marry it to what Neptune means in your own chart. Aaah! you have Neptune opposed Mercury natally, but you are not a crook, but a bit of a rook…No wonder you like the trickster archetype.

      We have Mercury opposing Neptune in the sky today anyhow. I’m feeling foggy too, cannot trust and what is real or unreal? I think its just today, Mercury is slooooowwwwing down. This is a dangerous time. To me everything is surrreal and slow motion. I just came back from a 3D film with my daughter, my eyes feel really odd, very Neptune.

    • many thanks Marina – I really appreciate your insights on this – I did read it but the fogginess is affecting my ability to make the connections personally, so, feeling a bit rudder-less – its one of those times when the wise words of a trusted guide make all the difference and give the third point of view that helps get a bearing – with the Mercury opp it also sometimes seems I can come acropa from that tricksy element within myself – thanks for lending me your Sun-stone!

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