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Lilith & The Taboo

I labelled this section Lilith as it is the best title for all topics that are labelled taboo or politically incorrect. Lilith is the name given to the Lunar Apogee in astrology. The Moon represents our memories, instincts and ancestry. When the Moon is closer (as the Lunar Perigee) we are closer to our ancestors and we try to re-member who we are. But there is something strange about the Moon, it’s like it has been hacked.

Black Moon Lilith, the Lunar apogee (When the Moon is furthest from the earth.) is the anti-Moon, the breaker of habits, maybe the breaker of the hack? But Lilith is a double edged sword, as the anti-moon she is also anti-family. Positively Lilith shows the way to re-membering and healing ancestral karma.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars…”- Og Mandino


  1. Dear Marina,
    With all that has been happening to you at the moment thanks for dropping a line. How old is your daughter and what are her chart details?

    • Hi Will,

      Here’s Stella’s chart. Poor Kid has Saturn opposite Chiron square her Sun. With Lilith on Algol I think she is going to be coming up against patriarchy quite strongly. Her Moon/Uranus/Mars is bang on Jamie’s daughters Moon/Uranus. They are a year apart in age. Stella is 7 now. s62.photobucket.com/albums/h83/aquacaruso/?action=view&current=SFPage.jpg

  2. Enjoyed your article about KEEF and Sir Mick. ‘Life’ is a great book, and Richards is amazingly articulate considering how pickled his brain cells are. He has a great quote about libraries. I’m a musician and a bookseller.

    I Googled your site about the Jupiter/Uranus conj. I’m a double Skorpion (so my 5th house is affected), and I’ve been having issues with my long-distance (like you and Jamie) relationship with an M2F (you’re LGBT-friendly). Today after 3 months (September!) I had a positive resolution!

    • Thanks Vallin, Nice to meet you.
      Long distance huh? I sympathize!!, its been rough for most relationships right now since the ball breaking eclipse. Even harder when apart and communications can go awry. I’m looking forward to the Eros Eclipse 2 moro. You just got it early. Nice one 🙂


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