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Moon-phase-diagramThe cycles of the moon are integral to our daily lives, as are the cycles of the pagan seasons. Older cultures in tune with the earth, respected these cycles. Rebirth takes place at the New Moon and the northern spring equinox. The dark stage is necessary to decompose and replenish the earth in preparation for rebirth.

It’s unnatural and exhausting to live in an eternal summer. All living beings need hibernation time, just like women need to respect their menstrual cycle and moods. Ups and downs are normal. Unfortunately expressing wild and raw emotions are deemed to be unacceptable in current society and are often levelled out via pharmaceuticals or suppressed with alcohol or illegal drugs.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars…”- Og Mandino

Moon Phase Cycle

It was the ancient astrologers observations of the moon across the constellations that enabled them to make their predictions. You cannot stargaze in sunlight obviously. In sidereal astrology the Moon is placed above the Sun in importance, the moon is the closest planetary body to earth after all.

Which brings me to the dark goddess. Black Moon Lilith is the position of the Moons apogee when the Moon is furthest away from the earth. The moon is bigger and brighter when it is closest to the earth. These are known as “super moons”. The apogee is more like super elusive. By being further away from the earth, she is reflecting less solar energy back to earth. The Black Moon is aptly named then, representing the darkest, bleakest, but potentially the most magical Moon phase. The Black Moon, like Hekate the witch, is the threshold between worlds.

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  1. Dear Marina,
    I haven’t heard from you for a few days although it feels like ages. As I have mentioned elsewere on DarkStar I have had and still do have a close connection with my mother who has been in a nursing home for more than 10 months now. Among other points in the synastry that we both share is that when I was born neptune was conjunct her sun and her pluto was conjunct my ascendant. On the practical level this has meant that she has been a mother to me for more than 53 years of my life. As I was born severely disabled mother’s intution told her that I wouldn’t be able to handle a sexual relation ship like an average working class Australian but having said that the bond that exist between us is stronger than anything that can be expressed in words easily,

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    • Hi Will,
      I’ve been up in a plane for the last 2 days! My daughters Pluto is on my DC. Have you looked at the Ceres connections? I have some freaky synastry with my Mum in that regard.

      Comments a bit scarce from both Jamie and I lately and most probably will continue to be that way for a while. We are both recovering from a rollercoaster of a Christmas and now have a mountain of work to catch up on.

  2. Dear Marina,
    With all that has been happening to you at the moment thanks for dropping a line. How old is your daughter and what are her chart details?

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    • Hi Will,

      Here’s Stella’s chart. Poor Kid has Saturn opposite Chiron square her Sun. With Lilith on Algol I think she is going to be coming up against patriarchy quite strongly. Her Moon/Uranus/Mars is bang on Jamie’s daughters Moon/Uranus. They are a year apart in age. Stella is 7 now. s62.photobucket.com/albums/h83/aquacaruso/?action=view&current=SFPage.jpg

  3. Enjoyed your article about KEEF and Sir Mick. ‘Life’ is a great book, and Richards is amazingly articulate considering how pickled his brain cells are. He has a great quote about libraries. I’m a musician and a bookseller.

    I Googled your site about the Jupiter/Uranus conj. I’m a double Skorpion (so my 5th house is affected), and I’ve been having issues with my long-distance (like you and Jamie) relationship with an M2F (you’re LGBT-friendly). Today after 3 months (September!) I had a positive resolution!

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    • Thanks Vallin, Nice to meet you.
      Long distance huh? I sympathize!!, its been rough for most relationships right now since the ball breaking eclipse. Even harder when apart and communications can go awry. I’m looking forward to the Eros Eclipse 2 moro. You just got it early. Nice one :)

  4. Hi, I know young woman who has a triple conj. of Lilith R conjunct Ascendant & Saturn in Virgo. Young life held a lot of trauma, including a close girlfriend who was kidnaped and murdered. Then several friends have died by accident or suicide. She is young adult now but the scars are there. I thnk there is “medicine” for everything. Capricorns Sun. Leo Moon. I’m wondering if anyone has an insight on this Lilith R conj 26 Virgo Ascendant conj Saturn- all in Virgo. What I have seen is her effort to put these dark themes into creative work, but still a suffering.

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    • Yes I have seen quite a bit of Lilith in aspect to Saturn lately and it seems to be the most harsh out of all the Lilith aspects. I just think the planet of patriarchy does not do well in hard aspect to the arch-feminist. Somehow it has abuse tied to it, much like Pluto/Mars. With the AC is going to be even worst because its the body.
      Yes creative work, possibly like sculpture or anything that crystalizes and brings to form the darker energy, that would be cathartic.

    • do you think that pluto/mars in “hard” aspect conjunction/opp/square is tied to abuse? I’m not trying to imply that you’re saying that. I’m just wondering your thoughts in relation.

    • I’ve seen it in a few charts where there was sexual abuse, just like I have seen a lot of alcohol problems with Moon/Neptune or Mars/Neptune.

      But of course it doesn’t always mean that. It seems to be extremes though. The Neptunians who don’t do drugs or drink seem to go completely the other way and are very healthy eating, tee-totallers. Pluto/Mars could be a powerful athlete or incredibly ambitious and successful in the business world also.

    • i wrote b/c my son has a lot of benefic aspects BUT i have been obsessed lately by the ones thought to be less benefic: venus opp. neptune, MARS OPP PLUTO (as a sidenote: he has the most unflappable energy i have ever witnessed in a human being), neptune conj. asc, venus sq. ceres… all under 3 degrees. i worry for him, mostly because i distrust my aptitude as a mother, i guess. i don’t want him to have to do battle with neptune and pluto. i would appreciate it if you glanced at his chart for a moment. if you don’t have the time, i understand. anyway, his birthdata is: sept. 27 2007 at 4:28pm in Visalia, California, USA.

    • Your Sons Chart Darkstar Style

      No wonder he has so much energy. His Mars is on Betelgeuse!! Great stuff.
      Now you don’t have to worry about that Mars opposed Pluto because its not that tight and also he has a really nice tight trine from Mercury to that Mars anyhow. Pluto is going to give him protection as its on the stinger of the scorpion. Brady says this is “Enduring attacks but success.”
      The way I draw charts is so that the tightest aspects are thicker lines. And you can clearly see that all the thickest lines are all nice triney blue.

      His Part Of fortune is on Regulus. Fab too. Ceres on Capulus will mean he will be able to take care of him self. Its the male Lililth.
      He has loads going for him. I like his Minor grand trine with Betelgeuse Mars in the creative 5th trine Mercury in the philosophical 9th to the very lucky part of fortune on Regulus in the 7th. He should marry well I reckon. Venus in the 7th too. Nice.
      Oh wow. Jupter sextile the AC. He has even more protection. The solar systems bodyguard.. he will need it with sensitive Neptune rising.. Moon/Eris trine Venus too. Very nice! That should override the Venus/Ceres square. And we all need some squares any how, they give us some oomph. You have nothing to worry about.

    • Hi Margaret – Saturn cycles and their stages (7years) are going to bring out the Lilith Lunar energy one way or another. possibly as crisis points, but, this can be worked with consciously – Saturn cycles every 28 years (or so), Lilith ties in the Lunar cycle which is 28 days (or so) + they both emphasise the quarters (surprisingly, there are actually other ties between the two as well, but, will try and keep this short!) – wondering if there are Womens medicines relating to the Moon cycles that you work with that will help her, especially if she can turn Saturns influence into cyclical structure, rather than stifling rigidity, ie. to her advantage

      this strikes me as a woman who has come to give shape to her deep feminity, and learn how to use this as a power in the world; with Cap Sun it should come naturally, but Leo Moon is less demonstrative, so it does need a safe learning environment and strong holding (ie. won’t come naturally with Leo Moon, but, will with Cap Sun – another contradiction) – but, she needs to slowly feed the inner discipline tied in with her deep passion to manifest Saturns high side, without it becoming an inner battle reflected outwardly – her friends losses will feed into this so, Medicine Ceremony to honour them as well as her own feminity wil help her find this, ground it and her memories and move on, step up

      Leo Moon can also be very creative, but, needs a safe environment in which to let rip – and, although I agree with what Marina is saying about the sculpture, I can’t help wondering if dance and voice work (where are you based?) will help her ground and express the Lilithian energies and marry it with the Saturnian structure in more fluid and dynamic ways, ground it in the body…..having said all that, without seeing the chart its hard to say!

  5. hi Marina,
    my birth date is 3rd jan 1989 im a capricorn…
    is there any good news for me this year 2011 specially about love ????
    please please reply

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