Moon-phase-diagramThe cycles of the moon are integral to our daily lives, as are the cycles of the pagan seasons. Older cultures in tune with the earth, respected these cycles.

Rebirth takes place at the New Moon and the northern spring equinox. The dark stage is necessary to decompose and replenish the earth in preparation for rebirth. It’s unnatural and exhausting to live in an eternal summer. All living beings need hibernation time, just like women need to respect their menstrual cycle and moods. Ups and downs are normal. Unfortunately expressing wild and raw emotions are deemed to be unacceptable in current society and are often levelled out via pharmaceuticals or suppressed with alcohol or illegal drugs.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars…”- Og Mandino


It was the ancient astrologers observations of the moon across the constellations that enabled them to make their predictions. You cannot stargaze in sunlight obviously. In sidereal astrology the Moon is placed above the Sun in importance, the moon is the closest planetary body to earth after all.

Which brings me to the dark goddess. Black Moon Lilith is the position of the Moons apogee when the Moon is furthest away from the earth. The moon is bigger and brighter when it is closest to the earth. These are known as “super moons”. The apogee is more like super elusive. By being further away from the earth, she is reflecting less solar energy back to earth. The Black Moon is aptly named then, representing the darkest, bleakest, but potentially the most magical Moon phase. The Black Moon, like Hekate the witch, is the threshold between worlds.

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Cyberworld Khaldea ~ Humanistic Astrology by Michael R. Meyer. Fantastic resource with free material from Dane Rudhyar. Online books and an amazing library of articles.
Janet’s Planets ~ Archetypal Astrology, Mythology, and Jungian Psychology. The Inner Wheel ~ Love Dawn’s synastry articles here. Lynn Koiner ~ A fantastic all round site. Great info on retrogrades and new discoveries. AstrologyKing ~ Jamie Partridge’s horoscopes by decan and fixed stars astrology.

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  1. M. del Rin.

    Hi Marina,

    I can´t find any comments or knowledge related to Lillith Conj. MH! Can you give me some advice? Thanks! :)
    M. del Rin.

  2. true seeker

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    2. remarkable the name witch signifcant in the ancient time : priestessesses of temple highest women skill and her development of scriptures and medically informations ?
    3. remarkable women of the ancient called also oracle for the kingdoms ?
    4. remarkable how manny time generations by generations male decline the women roleplay to lowest level ? easy sum men are afraid for women divinity life force !
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    7 free sharing is freedom who are hidden informations for you and you ? guess what male busness traders and pc systems technology modern weapon illuminatie …

  3. yes

    as per lilith synastry. there is this man i know. his chiron is conjunct my venus-bm lilith in my 8th. his true lilith is in my lilith corridor and my true lilith is in his lilith corridor. he is sag, and i am a gemini. i don’t feel love for him but a sense of destiny, like that of true node but with a fiercer edge. i look and see his NN conjunct my pluto. i don’t know his birth time; we are 8.5 years apart. it has been difficult and definitely a learning experience. we both have capricorn moons; knee jerk formality and unrelenting awkwardness. i am waiting for it to end.

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