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Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Neptune ~ Jellied Jesus

Moon conjunct or quincunx Neptune conjures up images of nocturnal sea mist and inky black oceans, infinite and unfathomable. It is the ethereal mermaid, slipping in and out of the waves, impossible to catch. The moon glistens over her tail as she flashes in and out of view, tantalising, teasing, just out of reach.

One can only navigate by sound and feeling because it’s hard to trust your eyes here. Neptune is musical, but Moon/Neptune plays a haunting tune. It takes one into another world, of eerie whale song and moaning sirens. One feels euphoric and merges with the landscape. Moon conjunct Neptune has problems with boundaries, so they are a psychic sponge. This of course this makes them super-sensitive to their environment.

These folk need to be quite reclusive since they are just too stimulated by everyday life. People may find it hard to trust Moon/Neptune as they are so hard to pin down. Both the conjunction and quincunx have the most wonderful imagination, but sometimes it comes so easily that they may not actually realise it, consequently it is hard for them to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Great inventions that dissolved boundaries seem to feature with the quincunx in particular, the TV and the invention of the telephone are good examples.

Jellyfish Jesus

Story tellers abound too and also the ability to dissolve boundaries into mystical realms. Maybe this accounts for what seems to be inspiration from a higher consciousness or genius ability. Tapping into the future is also a feature too. These folk work as channels for ‘God/dess’ energy which accounts for the great imagination they often possess. They can also be quite fluid in the way they change from one personality to the other, as seen in some of the actors. Gaudi’s amazing architecture almost looks it lives underwater, with no harsh lines and dissolved edges. The building seem like they are formed like driftwood and tumble stones, craved straight out of the oceans waves and currents.

This aspect is so good at challenging the perception of reality of course there is the great danger of lying and creating very convincing illusions. Those with Moon conjunct or quincunx Neptune will probably do very well in the fields of advertising and propaganda. Photoshop was invented for Moon/Neptune and they make great use of it. It is interesting that George Orwell has the conjunction. His prophetic novel 1984 gives a great insight into mind control and those all powerful monitor screens. Like in 1984, the TV now watches us! Google has records of our Youtube history. They are not called monitors for nothing…

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  1. Prince had Full Moon (exact) transit of natal Neptune (12th House) when he passed away. Check out his Mars, Venus & Mercury natal placements – sign rulers all in the 1st decan. Not to mention accidental dignity all over the place, & a super heavy midheaven. Talent +.



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