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Moon Conjunct Uranus


Moon conjunct Uranus types veer between the kooky, crazed lunatic and the unconventional rebel. Some have a pathological need to shock and outrage, but they are surprisingly often shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behaviour brings them. Moon conjunct Uranus can be branded attention seekers, when all they are doing is simply being themselves. The roots of this seemingly bonkers behaviour very often stems from their upbringing. The mother was either a genius, a very eccentric individual, really spaced-out or totally absent. Whatever the case, the mother was just not the same as other mothers so these kids grow up feeling that they are unusually special or that they not worthy of normal parenting because they are freaks. Sometimes there is an odd mix of the two which leaves them feeling very insecure.

Another manifestation of this is that the mother was more of a best friend than a nurturer, so that the child grows up too fast and sees or hears things that were far too adult for them. This can make them childhood prodigies or overly precocious. Some of them reclaim their lost childhood as adults, and are accused of living a fantasy existence. At least this naive fascination with life enables them to think anything is possible and they are often incredibly inventive, ingenious and imaginative. Moon conjunct Uranus can also describe a shock to the infant at a very vulnerable stage in their development, this can leave them feeling rather unhinged. These individuals come across as exciting, electric and quite chaotic unless they have more stabilizing factors in their chart. Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, their emotions often change in a flash.

Moon conjunct Uranus Natives

David Icke is a great example of the strange childhood, shy misfit and controversy this placement can bring. David’s upbringing was of such poverty that he was told to hide by his mother when the rent was due, except she never explained they were hiding from the landlord they owed money to and not the boogie man… Instead young David would cower under the bed not knowing why this strange man was knocking and peering menacingly through their windows. Icke says he still gets a shock (Uranus) if someone knocks at his front door (Moon). At school he was a loner, nervous and shy to the point he used to feel faint at assemblies. As a footballer and then sports reporter he had a period of conventionality, but that was only until his enlightening experience in 1991. After this episode he constaintly wore turquoise, allegedly said he was the son of god and then was publicly ridiculed for saying so on the Wogan show in front of millions of viewers. The eccentricities continue, he is famous worldwide for “out there” conspiracy theory and lizards.

Woody Paige (11’), Cornelius Krieghoff (20’), Francis Newton (22’), Keith Emerson, Jodie Foster, David Icke, KD Lang, Olivia Newton-John, Jessica Savich, Richard Carpenter, Van Morrison, Christine Keeler, Violette Szabo, Dmitri Shostakovich, H P Lovecraft.



  1. I am a Moon/Uranus person, in Scorpio nonetheless (6th house), & my mother was a semi-spaced out eccentric genius. It’s also a very musical frequency. I was a piano prodigy and Condoleeza Rice was also with her Moon/Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer (6th house again). Neither one of us did anything particularly life altering with the talent outside of (her) playing in prestigious venues & (myself) playing in many groups & competitions. We both focused on music earlier in life & moved on to other things later. But she obviously went on to achieve great prestige in other areas of life whereas my Moon/Uranus is hardly all music & skill.
    I referred to my mother earlier. She’s very eccentric & highly intelligent, also where my musical gifts came from. But the Scorpio influence seems to have made it very much like a predator/prey type relationship. I’ve grown to be flat out terrified of her after a lifetime of emotional shocks to the system courtesy of Uranus.
    My only sister has the opposition in her chart, Moon/Chiron conjunct in Aries/Taurus opposing Mars & Uranus conjunct in Scorpio (across houses 2 & 8). There’s Scorpio preying upon her own children again. And the destructive over mothering of Moon/Chiron. She & I support each other like POWs who suffered under the same authoritarian regime.
    I do bear all the iconoclastic attributes of a person who will not conform to emotional or nurturing norms. And I think it can help describe a person’s sexual preferences as well. I’m bi-sexual & I’ve known many Moon/Uranus types who were either utterly disgusted by ‘different’ sexual preferences or were openly experimental.
    Whatever Moon/Uranus brings it brings it with intensity!!

    • Interesting as my daughter has this in Pisces and I guess I’m her Uranian/Astrologer Mother. I’m not sure about her sexuality yet as she is only coming up to 13. My daughters early years were full of change, travel, divorces and astrology since that is when I started building up Darkstar. I had her quite late and an early menopause, so she had to content with that ‘change’ also.