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Moon Conjunct Saturn

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Moon conjunct Saturn breeds extremely disciplined, organised and responsible individuals. They may have had to grow up very quickly due to the loss (Mentally or physically) of one of their parents. Those very young, developing shoulders would have had to take on heavy, grown-up burdens of which they were barely able to carry. By the time Moon conjunct Saturn subjects are fully-fledged adults however, they will have developed a backbone of steel and broad, sturdy metaphorical shoulders. Even if they actually are built like a brick shithouse, this sort of body is not one that easily adapts to new circumstances.

Moon conjunct Saturn is generally not fluid, dainty or light, unless other factors in the chart modify this. “Often the mother is on her own, perhaps weighted down with responsibilities, often working all day, seldom any spare time. Usually the child becomes extremely sensitive to her needs and learns how to react accordingly. The ramifications of this are that in childhood, the individual finds it very difficult to react and respond in a spontaneous kind of way because there is a constant, very often barely conscious, expectation of criticism” [1]

Armoured Protection

Most of all Moon conjunct Saturn then is functional and critical. They are not always your most adventurous or playful friend, but they will be your rock and anchor. It is extremely tempting to let Moon conjunct Saturn take complete control of your life, but if you do surrender to their efficiency drive, expect their command to be 100%. They provide protection and security like no other. However, if this person happens to be your romantic partner and there is synastry with this Saturn/Moon, the relationship will often feel too parental for comfort.

With age however, these folk mellow and begin to act more like teenagers. This is when Saturn become the devilish horny goat. Their life may often turn right around like the Roman rite of Saturnalia, where masters played the roles of slaves and vice versa. After a lifetime of being Mr or Mrs Sensible then, Moon conjunct Saturn realise they have earned the right to break all their rules.

Moon conjunct Saturn can therefore become charmingly eccentric after the age of 55. Women especially bloom post-menopause and/or after their kids have left home, leaving them to pursue all they dreams they had as teenagers. Watch out for randy goat men at this age too…they may abduct the maid, jump on a Harley and go find themselves in Bali.

Moon Conjunct Saturn Natives

Moon Conjunct SaturnJimmy Hoffa (01’) was a trade union activist who also mysteriously disappeared. His body was never found. The young Hoffa lost his father aged 7, and began full-time manual work to support his family at age 14. In the 1950’s Hoffa became the national Vice president of the IBT which became the largest single trade union in the USA. He had a major role in its development and success. However Hoffa also became involved in organised crime in parallel with his activist work so the darker side of Saturn came out towards his later years when I guess we could say he became more irresponsible. He was imprisoned in 1967 for attempted bribery and fraud. Hoffa only served 5 years of his sentence. President Nixon still banned him from Union activities upon his release. Hoffa disappeared in July 1975, his mob connections are thought to be responsible for his death. But his body has never been found and the case remains a mystery.

Jay Leno (13’), Peter Sutcliffe (15’), Lucky Luciano (16’), Alios Alzheimer (18’), Bob Dylan, Chris Evert, George Clooney, Joan Crawford, Liza Minneli, Sheena Easton, Sophia Loren, Herb Alpert.

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1. Aspects In Astrology. Sue Tompkins. Pg 123


  1. I have this aspect as does my son also. My childhood was marked by deep grief and responsibility. My mother was loving and affectionate but was emotionally unavailable for many years while she had an affair. I was deeply lonely at this time but always strived to protect and defend her.
    My own son was only four when his father committed suicide. Although I tried my hardest to hide my grief and sorrow from him, I know that I too was likely emotionally absent for some years. I was shattered and exhausted being a single working parent just trying to put food on the table. He was a serious child after the suicide of his father. I feel he was deeply impacted but he grew into a responsible young man. I wish his childhood could have been more carefree and fun but fate had other plans.


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