August Horoscope ~ 2 to 12

The monthly cosmic report looks at the Sun and Mars through the decans and the most important aspects of the month. As we are in such discordant times, Mars’s movements should point out when the peasants are apt to revolt or when the globalist/STS* Elites act in a particularly revolting manner. We start the month with the Sun in Leo decan 2. This is not a shy Lion! The flamboyant side of Leo comes out blazing here. At this time we love a mission, and need to channel our egos into some great project. Leaving a big golden paw mark on planet earth is important to at this time. If that is not possible though, resentment can brew into something quite ugly.

Disrespect certain groups at your peril, for that is when tyrants can erupt. On the other hand, bosses who are appreciated for their good work will really blossom. Leo decan 2 genuinely does have a big heart and is very generous with its patronage. The protective-parent influence is fierce, so leaders have to be careful that they don’t imprison their cubs out of fear, therefore stunting their development. Aug 1 to 4 Mars continues through Leo decan 1. A highly courageous position with no fear. Fights and conflict happen very easily. The size and power of the adversary does not serve as a deterrent, in fact it just makes people puff themselves up even more.

Aug 5 to 12 Mars enters Leo decan 2. Mars in Leo 2 is about as defensive as you can get. This is patriotism that boils over into true xenophobia. Defending your tribe and homestead is indeed necessary if invaders are a threat to your culture, but at this time both STS elites and common folk take it too far. The problem comes when Mars Leo 2 goes on the attack and thinks that their morals and way of life need to be imposed on less civilized ‘others.’

Full Moon ~ Aug 7 The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius. This lunar eclipse brings up themes of being brave, but in hidden or alternative realms. The internet allows people to speak out anonymously, so it gives courage that one may not have in the real world. Feelings are able to be expressed straight away published through this new technology. During this Lunar Eclipse expressing ourselves online becomes a sort of therapy.

Highlights ~ Aug 1 Mars in Leo decan 1, Mars on Praesaepe Aug 4 Jupiter square Pluto. Aug 5 Mars into Leo decan 2. Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse 15º Aquarius Aug 10 Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sextile Jupiter. Aug 12 Venus trine Neptune, Venus conjunct Ceres, Sun trine Lilith.

Aspect Of The Month

Aspect Pattern of the Month

Aug 15 Half way through the month Jupiter is really busy at 19º Libra. If you have anything around that degree then you shall be just as busy! Jupiter is the apex of a dark-cupid T-square and mediating between the very feminine, soft and naive Ceres/Venus conjunction opposite by a vampish Lilith/Pluto conjunction. The polarity is very stark, mother opposing the harlot, or the family man opposing the ‘bad-boy’. Jupiter is also the peak of a minor grand trine, sensible justice from Sun trine Saturn. This is a nice harmonizing and balancing energy. This referee will be much needed due to the Mars being in such feisty and passionate decans this month. (I just noticed the Sun happens to be on a fixed star that a friend bought me as a birthday present! Nice :))

August Horoscope ~ 13 to 22

Full Moon January 2016Sun in Leo decan 3, means the theme of these 10 days is power and authority. Regulus officially entered Virgo in 2011 (I talk about this move in more detail in my Regulus post.) However this most important star was still in Leo decan 3 when most of us were born so we cannot ignore Regulus’s effects for this decan. Of course then these felines were born to rule, so leaders and sovereignty make the headlines. Physical prowess and animal magnetism are important at this time.

Sun Leo 3’s sex appeal is legendary, but can also become an obsession. Sex addiction is a danger at this time if we have no other outlet for our fertile creative expression. (Both Bill Clinton and Madonna have this placement) The Sun is at its most theatrical in Leo and desperately needs to create or pro-create. ‘Drama queen’ and ‘diva’ are cliché keywords to describe the Leo archetype, but it is never more true than in this decan. Sun in Leo 3 helps us work well under pressure and our heroic side rises superbly to the occasion if we are suddenly thrown into a crisis.

*There can be benefic STO elites, those who are in service-to-others. Unfortunately, they are very few and far between due to the ‘Power of the Ring’. It is only this level of human who can free humanity from its enslavement. Democracy is failing us, since too many humans are content voting for instant bread and iphones, rather than long term stability for their descendants. (I talk more geo-politics on my YouTube channel.)


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  1. August 5-12.. ‘patriotism that boils over into true xenophobia’ Well Done Marina. That was certainly on show in Charlottesville! Mars certainly came in to Leo decan2 without doubt. (Even if the PTB allowed the x right wing to hold a mass demo,allowed the x left wing to counter…with very minimal police presence until anarchy ensued…then declared a state of emergency with riot police & the national guard waiting just around the corner.Convenient eh!)

    • Hmmmm. Yes another, so called ‘far left’ V ‘far right’ narrative. zzzzzzz. But it is a distraction from the very REAL demographic replacement going on in Europe.

      I still think it is amusing that white people peacefully walking with torches is seen as scary and something that should ‘not be allowed’. Couldn’t that be xenophobia? Any other race doing the same thing would not get such a strong reaction. Reverse xenophobia? But actually that is not accurate to describe what happened in Charlottesville.

      The definition of xenophobia is “dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.” So it’s not about race. True xenophobes would hate to travel, because they would then meet those nasty foreigners!! If foreigners move into your country and not assimilate could that be xenophobia? Because they want the perks of the country, but are not willing to take on its values, or in some cases laws!! Another example of this is what happens in Spain, where the Brits retire there but keep their own Brit communities, hate Spanish food and don’t even bother to learn the language. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, but it happens everywhere. Most people like to keep their own culture wherever they go. Does protecting your own culture mean you hate other cultures, no, it just means you prefer your own.
      Humans have survival instincts, no one wants to be ‘replaced’. It’s just nature, and nature can never be ‘wrong’.

    • Uh oh!! Sorry I just caught up with the news. So it started peacefully and then degenerated into violence as it always does. The chaos though is always coming as a response to Alt Right/Lite, non-violent defiance and totally out of proportion to the ‘provocation’. Pretty sure these so called ‘far left’ groups are Soros funded agitators. I think most true liberal Lefties are peaceful hippies and certainly not rock-throwing yobs. *Sigh* 🙁
      Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

  2. Sorry, I didn’t elaborate; I was just making comment about ‘August 2017,cosmic report’ & how spot on it was!

    Then… This Charlottesville Incident. This being a complete hijacking of the truth… We’re actually on the same page Marina!
    The alt right were due to hold a legally sanctioned gathering to express their opinion & Yes they were provoked,harassed & violently abused & then retaliatied against their agitators from the fake(Soros)left….
    This ambush(against them)was then used against the alt right,as the usual suspects ‘mainstream media etc etc’ then put to blame the alt right as the cause of the whole incident!!!
    I spent hours this morning looking at different perspectives and noticed that 3 different journalists reported verbal & physical assaults all directed at them from ‘the anti fascists. The provocation from the so called left,blm is obvious if you read neutral journalist’s reports & look at the tvs footage.

    It all just stinks & we are being fed untruths once again….
    BBC’s narrative is focusing on D.Trump’s non condemnation of the alt right when he’s actually condemning all violence from all sides!
    Sh*t there’s a heavy frequency on this planet at present?

    • The Paed-BC are just in their own insanity bubble. Thanks for elaborating! I think this is a stunning demonstration of how so called ‘White supremacy’ is far from supreme in 2017. How ‘supreme’ are white nationalists if they get persecuted every time they stand together in one place!! How dare they 😉 Red Ice’s website has been hacked too.

      Back in 1919, the British (In India) banned Indians from gathering in large groups. 15000 Indians gathered peacefully and 400 were killed. Churchill condemned the Jallianwala Bagh massacre as “monstrous”.

      Now in 2017 on a much lesser scale, instead it is the peaceful protesters (With permission!)that are being condemned. And Trump is supposed to blame the protesters!? What a turn around. If we flip it, that would be like Winston Churchill blaming the Indians for protesting without permission. Mad!


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