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Mercury Retrograde 2017 ~ Angry Damsels


Mercury Retrograde lasts from April 9 to May 3 2017 and travels from 4º Taurus back to 24° Aries. Even though Mercury retrograde starts in the beginning of Taurus, the whole retrograde period has a fiery Aries theme as Mercury will spend half the period in Aries and will ignite heroic themes of courage and rescue. This is because the major star being activated will the ‘damsel in distress’ star Mirach in princess Andromeda’s girdle.

Perseus, rescuer of the princess is an Aries archetype in that he is heroic and brave. In the Greek myth Andromeda’s father agreed to sacrifice his daughter to Poseidon in order to save his kingdom. (What is it with these Neptunian gods always demanding child sacrifice?!) It looks like this Mercury Retrograde will start off extremely challenging with Venus retrograde square Saturn. Saturn is on a poisonous star too. Etamin in the right eye of Draco the Dragon is associated with the scattering of poison. (In modern days this could even be chemical weapons.)

Mercury Retrograde Journey

If that wasn’t enough, there is a cardinal T-square with Jupiter retrograde (Religious zealots) square Pluto (Globalists) square a Sun/Eris/Uranus stellium. (Persephone child abduction theme overlaps child sacrifice theme.). Mars is conjunct Ceres (The rape of mother earth and pagan principles.) in a decan hotspot that contains stars Algol (Medusa’s head) and Capulus the slayer.

Damsels In Distress

When this Andromeda Mercury goes retrograde then, we have an opportunity to do in-depth research in this very volatile area that it travels through. Facing the disturbing topics of child sacrifice and abduction is unavoidable. All news and alternative media will become super-dramatic, and the themes mentioned in this post should play out, whether they are truthful or not! Mercury is one of three visible planets that are retrograde at this Mercury Retrograde 2017time which makes it even more challenging. (At least until Venus turns direct on April 15.).

Mercury Retrograde April 2017 ~ Dates & Times

March 27 ~ Mercury Pre-Shadow Period starts at 24° Aries.
April 9 ~ Mercury Retrograde at 4° Taurus.(11.14 pm UT.)
May 3 ~ Mercury Direct at 24° Aries. (4.22 pm UT.)
May 19 ~ Post-Shadow ends at 4° Taurus

Mercury Retrograde ~ April 9 to 19

In Taurus Decan 1 ~ RAGING BULLS. In the personal realm, those touched by this retrograde will either talk until the cows come home or be very reticent. Much depends on how confident they are feeling. The shy ones might become surprisingly chatty after a few glasses of wine. Words could get them into trouble.. a lot. Mercury in this decan creates terrible gossips and brings out tactless behavior. There are rousing speeches however, but a need to temper getting carried away. Overconfidence leads to moving towards Taurus decan 1’s dictatorship potentials. It will be hard to contain political rants and protests. Having said all that, Mercury is very powerful here in terms of its dignity as it rules this decan in the Chaldean system. This position, even retrograde, can assist merchants, orators, singers and writers. Use this time to prepare for an important business meeting, interview or public performance.

Video Version contains Addendum (At 13mins) with Trump’s transits and the gas attacks in Syria. Bad Mars!



  1. The ridiculous ‘fake news’ that Russians hacked Podesta emails. Julian said a 14 year old could’ve done it. Podesta’s email password was ‘PASSWORD’! with his own name as username. What a bloody joke! This ‘evil Russia’ narrative is just so last century…

  2. I am the damsel in distress… Since mid FEbruary I had a climax in the hostility from Landowners’ Association (a common thing in America, HOA or LOA tyrants which home or land owner is forced to be a member of, because of subdivision that your land is part of)… now they charge me $50/day fines because I have not completed stucco’ing my rammed earth tire walls (landscaping)… they call it a fire hazard (not)… but they really want me out to stop them having to snow plow in future if the property becomes a residence, and there is a hate thing against me intuitively as a Celtic pagan female… very chauvinistic LOA manager… but after demanding immediate remedying of walls, they then move the goalposts and order STOP WORK and reapply permit… today also posted STOP WORK sign there without speaking to me, in my presence… maybe has to go to court… Mercury is retrograded over my natal sun at 2deg Taurus… my sun sign’s ruler planet Venus today went station direct… it’s also lord of my first house, Libra… I bought a lot of gemstones to help me… The man who broke my heart at the time I bought this property tells me (from his home overseas) don’t buy gems, give me money… bigots sit in judgment all round…


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