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Mercury Retrograde 2016/2017 ~ Fakes

Mercury Retrograde 2016

Mercury retrograde lasts from December 19 2016 to January 8 2017 (15º Capricorn to 28º Sagittarius.) Mercury will station retrograde conjunct Pluto! This is a very exciting and dramatic period which is less about the usual travel and communication problems and more about deciphering secret code. There are also two stunning aspect patterns, the Cradle and the Yod which are explained in more detail later. Summary is at the end of this post.

Mercury’s journey through the three decans should reflect the decan’s themes into the news. Mercury is stronger in some decans than others and may not mute or repress the decan’s qualities in the way you might think. Instead Mercury could make the decan feel hyper-real, or surreal and dreamlike. Check for echoed fate on the fixed star dates below. Retrograde hits are in purple.

Dec 19 to 26 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde Capricorn Decan 2

14º Capricorn on Vega in Lyra the harp. Mercury will hit this star three times Dec 17/Dec 19 Rx/Jan 27 and gives: “Suspicious, reserved, bitter, thwarted ambitions, double dealing, secret enemies in influential positions, trouble with the mother, loss in business.” [2] “Euphoric news, or news that cannot be believed.” [1b]

12º Capricorn on Nunki in the vane of the archers hand, Sagittarius. Mercury will hit this star three times Dec 13/Rx Dec 24/Jan 25 and gives: “High government position, popular criticism, wealth, anxiety on account of illness to wife or mother.” [2]

Mercury here is good for giving strength to tough, amazon types and super-nannies. It is a no-nonsense position, not a smooth-talker and reserved in speech. However in its silence it is as strong as an ox and will support you more than any flowery language can. Mercury here heals and nurses in a very hands-on way.

Mercury Retrograde 2016
Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Practical magic is also another manifestation of this position. Here is the pagan who works in tune with nature. It is the robust work-ethic of a farm hand. Responsibility for children is emphasised here. School teachers or headmasters are in the news. But what Mercury Capricorn 2 really excels at, is organisation. It has the technical ability to know ‘who’ to slot into ‘what’ type of position. When Mercury is closer to Vega it has a more artisan bent. Fine craftsmen can make beautiful, solid objects that are also functional.

Dec 27 to Jan 4 2017 ~ Mercury Retrograde Capricorn Decan 1

8º Capricorn on Facies, the nebula in the Archer’s face, Sagittarius. Mercury will hit this star three times Dec 9/Rx Dec 28/Jan 22. The Dec 29 New Moon on Facies will amplify Mercury even more. It gives: “A gift of prolonged and intense mental focus. A pessimistic attitude, or one who is judged, or speaks harshly. News of aggression and harsh actions” [1a]

Mercury Retrograde 2016A penetrating, inquiring Mercury is found here, one that can get to the core of an issue. This will make those touch by this retrograde period obsessive researchers who are ruthless in pursuit of the solution to the puzzle. However they may offend many in their quest for the truth as they won’t be very tactful. Forensic detectives can have Mercury here and also people who like to pull apart quite gruesome subject matters in order to solve a crime. Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘A headless body’ which is fitting for the decan’s creepy associations. This is especially relevant when child murderer (Mercury is children) Ian Brady and serial killer Harold shipman (A doctor) have Mercury here.

This position suits surgeons as Facies is so focused and precise. Mercury here is quite fascinated by the flesh, blood and bones of the human body, so would not balk at a Post-Mortem. This is exactly the type of Mercury position that would support a really indepth investigation to the PizzaGate allegations concerning pedophilia among the elite. Currently investigations are happening in the UK looking at young boys who have been sexually abused in various football clubs.

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