Mercury Retrograde 2016 ~ Bedazzled!

Mercury Retrograde 2016 ~ Bedazzled!

Mercury Retrograde 2016

The current Mercury retrograde 2016 dates are from 28 April to 22 May. Mercury travels between 23º Taurus back to 14º Taurus. The retrograde starts dramatically with Mercury stationing in alignment with fixed star Capulus. Found in the slaying arm of Perseus, Bernadette Brady says Capulus is overtly male sexual energy and very phallic. It’s a kind of nemesis brother star to Algol in Medusa’s head which Perseus holds in his other hand.

Capulus isn’t a very bright star, but it’s mythology is strong and adds to our understanding of Taurus decan 3. Mercury retrograde doesn’t go back as far as Algol at 26º Taurus, but get’s close! Capulus can be the mirror of Algol, so there will be quite a bit of projection and demonising going on. On May 9 there is a nice respite from the Mercury madness. A grounding grand earth trine with Sun cazimi Mercury at 19º Taurus.

Mercury Retrograde 2016This could be quite an auspicious moment and I like the other legs of the trine too. Pluto on Vega at 17º Capricorn and the North Node at 18º Virgo. Jupiter happens to be stationing direct on that day too, nearby at 13º Virgo. A pyramid of pentacles for some perhaps? Jupiter trine Pluto is said to be the millionaires aspect and reminds me of the Ace Of Pentacles card, so it could symbolise a reward, promotion or even an engagement for Earth decan 2 signs.

Mercury Retrograde 2016 Journey

In Taurus Decan 3 ~ 28 April to May 8 2016

“Learning from ones mistakes” and the “uncomfortable truth” just about sums up Mercury Rx here. Those aspected by this will find they are constantly faced with intellectual opposition and therefore will have to develop witty deflective responses and a thick skin to criticism at this time. However this enables much wisdom to be gathered because every theory will be put through the wringer in debates. Ideas will have to be validated the scientific way, so generally the mass media will not get away with misleading reporting or unsubstantiated statements.

Every story the media comes up with will have to be proven. Mercury here is forced to be totally honest, because a lie will be picked upon mercilessly. If those touched by this retrograde do happen to turn to anything shady, they will soon learn to remain silent when questioned. This is not a time for idle gossip, discussion is serious and joking around might even be dangerous. Those interviewed will feign frivolity only to effectively slice the questioner down with a savagely sharp sentence later on.

Mercury in this decan works like a canary in a coal mine, messengers are in tune with the consequences of actions and karma, which might mean there is a lot of bad news in the media, but the reality will hurt. Mercury Rx in Taurus 3 can bring out gritty, hard-edged communication styles which are not popular. However, later down the line we will realise this brutal honesty was actually needed.

In Taurus Decan 2 ~ May 9 to May 22 2016

My research list for Mercury Taurus 2 included natives such as Bettie Page (Fetish Model), Marquis De Sade, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Sexually abused a maid), Dave Lee Travis (Sexual assaulted women at BBC), Madeleine McCann (Abducted aged 3) and Madeleine’s Abduction.

Mercury Retrograde 2016 It was uncomfortable to re-read Taurus decan 2  after looking at that list. ”there is the sacrifice of a child in order to get ahead. Bondage, pain and sorrow can play a part in this decans life lesson in a nod to Taurus’s opposite sign of Scorpio.” Mercury rules children of course so this only accentuates the Ceres/Persephone themes that come out strongly in this decan.

Child abuse is the very worse manifestation of Mercury in this position, even if this is the Virgo decan of Taurus, which Mercury rules. But the ‘sacrifice of a child to get ahead’ could force some people to delay having children in order to focus on career. Children might be the subject of review for some couples at this time. On the positive side, those touched by this Mercury Rx will find they suddenly possess fantastic story-telling ability and are endowed with an almost magical power of speech. So get scribbling or podcasting.

Mercury also gives healing hands and manual dexterity here. There is a very fluid feeling about this decan, which can make us extremely adaptable and fleet footed. We are able to think on our toes, but it can also create fantastic liars.. Cassiopeia’s influence can make this a time when we are quite boastful and critical of others. Mercury here is not the most tactful and has opinions that can upset people. Those who are in the public eye could get involved in media scandals due to their own loose tongues.

Mercury Retrograde 2016 Fixed Stars

Mercury stations direct betwixt two contrasting stars at 13º Taurus just 05′ apart. The lovely Almach in Andromedas foot “is supposed to give a cheerful nature with a liking for change, diversion and amusement.” while Robson credits Almach with “ the nature of Venus. It gives honor, eminence and artistic ability.” This star is is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the sky since it is a triple star that glows orange, emerald and blue. With that one can imagine the princess’s colourful painted toenails.

Mercury Retrograde 2016After that foot fetish, Mercury becomes serious again when we hit Menkar in Cetus, a bright orange star in the mouth of the sea-monster. With Mercury Menkar brings “Difficulties through writings, difficulty in payment of mortgages, ill-health to marriage partner or relative, destruction of crops” Cetus was actually sent to devour Andromeda by Neptune, but she was rescued by heroic Perseus. Hurrah!

So we end this retrograde period with mixed feelings; Are Andromeda’s pretty toes a distraction from ugly bunions! Is dashing young Perseus too good to be true? Is the glittering prize of the pyramid of pentacles worth being chomped by a bellicose whale? With this Mercury retrograde the truth is staring us right in the face, but it will be hard not to get bedazzled by the glitz around it. Ripping the picture out of its gilt frame might be quite a shock, but it’s the only way to see things clearly.

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Picture credit: Perseus freeing Andromeda. 1865, Emile Bin.


  1. Yay for more 8º stuff! I don’t have anything at 8º Leo, but I think I have something around 8º in every other sign. Thankfully thinking with the right side of my brain is no problem at all, but in my 9th house? Hmmm…

  2. Marina!

    Thankyou! I love the way you write. You put all these images that for me are so clear and that I am so able to recall! I love your writing style.

    My Persephone lays on 19° Leo, on my 2nd House, in Leo.

    You always talk about this tight grades, so I should feel free because there are nothing I may notice in my chart.

    Nevertheless, my karmic thing is getting in these little triangles, starting with my father. I have been back and forth seems like forever looking at those and trying to heal them (and NOT acting them, mainly…).

    My Inner Child is so full of energy and lust and love for life. Thus, acts pretty much like a Persephone. She is very vivid to me. This is a set alarm for me (because of the scientist I many times cited, who “ows me one”).

    I really pray Godess/God to help me, in these times. And -yes- I always blamed my father and other men. But it was always ME! So I can use my otherwise clever and mature Saturn (opposing my Venus and Sun in Aries in the 10th, and quadrating my ascendant cancer), to learn more about my impulsiveness!

    Nice to have the info now, so I may reflect and act otherwise than Lillith cutting beautiful flowers with Persephone, eating the cherries and finding my self on a vertiginous trip to the Underworld.

    I wish me luck, really!