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May 3 2011

The New Moon on May 3 2011 is at 12 degrees Taurus quincunx Saturn and sextile Ceres. Haven’t we just about had enough of these Saturnian Moons?  (The Full Moon April 18 was opposite Saturn) At least now Saturn has moved off fixed star ALGORAB, the Crow, so he is a little less manic. Venus is opposite this Saturn. And the Moon is on a fortunate fixed star. So a generally a more straightforward Moon than of late. Mercury will also be direct too. We can rev our engines once more.

Venus is also greatly aided by the newly direct Mercury, which gives her the gift of the gab and confidence. This is because Venus is on fixed star ALPHERATZ, which a retrograde Mercury was on at the last full moon. Alpheratz is in the head of the chained princess Andromeda, giving Venus a love of movement and freedom.

Remember I said we had the Andromeda myth playing out through the current Mercury retrograde and this is further emphasized by the recurring theme of Saturn being in aspect to the Moon as we had at the Full Moon also. Venus being the Princess and Saturn the rock she is chained to.

This time Saturn is quincunx the Moon rather than in opposition though. This makes Saturn more kooky and kinky. So it’s influence on the Moon, although less tricky or nasty (due to no crow influence) is still going to be rather unpredictable. I believe the quincunx has Uranian qualities, but the news will be more surprising I feel than shocking.

Venus is in a very strong position because of her liberated feeling and the fact she has support either side from Ceres (her grandmother) and the New Moon (her mother). Wow, that’s the three goddesses ganging up against poor old stuffy Saturn. The theme of the three seems to be important and we also have a really tight trine between the North Node and the Mars Jupiter conjunction. Together these two make a powerful commander. The North Node is on the fixed star RAS ALHAGUE at the moment which is in our favourite constellation Ophuichus. I think this is highlighting the best way forward in dealing with toxins in the environment especially in the wake of the Fukushima explosion. This a crucial time for diplomacy and the world pulling together to save the future of our planet.

Continuing with the theme of the three and triangular relationships. Jamie alerted me to the fact that this Moon is on a rather obscure star called BETA TRIANGULUM in the constellation Triangulum just to south of Andromeda. The Northern Triangle;

“It is said to give a just, companionable, truthful, righteous and benevolent nature, with interest in architecture and Freemasonry.” [1]

It’s history is interesting. It is said to represent the Trinity. Now Ceres (as part of our triple goddess line up) actually begged Jupiter for this constellation to be put up in the heavens as Sicily, which is triangle shaped, also known as Trinacria. This placing was made in remembrance of Cere’s lost daughter Proserpina who had been abducted in Sicily by Pluto. The star BETA TRIANGULUM actually falls on where Palermo in Sicily would be in the sky, and guess what was discovered in the city of Palermo in 1801? The Asteroid Ceres, and she was conjunct the fixed star Algol, Medusa’s Head. The flag of Sicily below shows the head of Medusa plus the wheat of Ceres.

Sicily is the island that connects both Saturn and Ceres and they are both connected to this Moon. “The Astronomical glyphs for both Saturn and the asteroid Ceres have a sickle; handle-down sickle is a symbol of Ceres; the handle-up sickle is a symbol of Saturn.” [2]


But what could this possibly mean in the great scheme of things? Well Saturn’s sickle is said to have fallen on the island of Sicily after he castrated his father Uranus. It is noted that the latin for sickle is “Sicilis”, Sicilia? It’s also strange that Sicily is associated with both Ceres, known for fertility and also Saturn’s instrument of castration. Impotence and fecund-ness (If there is such a word). That’s quite paradoxical.

So what is it about severed body parts and Sicily? Everyone remembers that horses head in the godfather. The beheaded Medusa is also on the Sicilian flag. Medusa of course is said to freeze, petrify, make impotent, men with her stare. Saturn is petrified…literally (Petra= stone in Italian) by these three Goddesses.

More spooky coincidences. The card I picked just now after writing most of this was the card 9 of Cups. In this pack it is called Andromeda! She is shown breaking out of the chains that have held her hostage which is another theme from the last Moon. The cards divinatory meaning is emotional fulfillment after the weight of the past (Saturn) has been lifted.

If we go back to this New Moon chart once more, is it just me or can we read this castration scenario into the visual of the chart? The New Moon and Ceres form the balls. The erection is the Venus/Saturn opposition and the severance is the thick blue North Node trine to the base of the member. The cutting edge is Mars/Jupiter. Ouch!

This New Moon we are starting anew by cutting off Saturn. Old ties, baggage from the past, old flames, the way we defer to authority, how we respond to our parents, how we parent our children? What ever we chop off, we will feel it liberating. With men it might even be abdicating the responsibility of always being Mr Saturn. Castrating can be a good thing if it allows you to be neutered and neutral. Like Mercury, he isn’t tied down by his sexuality and appears to be having a ball (despite not having them literally…), plus he gets all the ladies fawning over him. So Mercury in this chart is operating as Venus’s gay best friend right now.

This moon happens to be conjunct Asteroid Proserpina 26! (At 13 Taurus) Well that fit’s too snugly into our story doesn’t it? After looking at Proserpina’s discovery chart, I found her to be Persephone after Pluto had made a woman out of her. Through sexual enlightenment she has become Lilith. She seems to be our Andromeda also, breaking free from parental expectations and rules. The moon is also conjunct Asteroid Hera 103, most noted for being  Zeus’s (Jupiter) jealous and vengeful wife. She would be the archetypal evil-stepmother to his various bastard offspring. Zeus did also marry Demeter (Ceres) and sire Persephone (Proserpina).

Well, now we have both Proserpina and Hera conjunct on the Moon. This could be a reconciliation between step mum and daughter or really any mother/daughter relationship where they feel they are in competition with each other. In the wider world this could be the creation of alliances that were otherwise deemed impossible and the dispensing of old feuds that were keeping families locked in stalemate. Whatever happens, the benevolent and just influence of the Moon through its conjunction with BETA TRIANGULUM should see a fair outcome.

1. The fixed Stars and constellations. Robson p.64.
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronomical_symbols

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