JUL 2 Mars square or opposition Pluto marries sex with power, since the dynamism of the hard aspect will pull out these planets most domineering qualities. Negatively this aspect makes the bully or ruthless dictator. However in an otherwise sensitive chart, Mars/Pluto hard aspects will give the subject steel guts and the deep courage of a survivor. Negatively these folk may harbour vengeful thoughts or be sexually jealous, but they will never show this on the outside.

Mars Opposite Pluto ~ July 2 2017
Mars Square Pluto ~ November 19 2017

Mars square or opposition Pluto is the classic predator aspect, they will quietly stalk their desires skillfully in very much a ‘softly, softly, catchy monkey’ manner. They excel in sports because of their clever tactics and huge reserves of energy. Mars/Pluto’s stamina is unrivaled and they also have the ability to dice with death too. Like the conjunction, these folk are the phoenixs who rise from the ashes time and time again. The hard aspect really gives them the edge for it seems that every accident or emotional wound just makes Mars/Pluto even stronger, like some sort of hydra. You really don’t want to attempt to cut off their heads!

Protector Or Predator?

Mars square or opposition Pluto thrives on danger and trauma, the adrenaline runs like petrol through their veins. They are fantastic to have around in an emergency situation, but can also seem at times that they prey a little too much on other peoples life-dramas. The perfect career for them would be kind of bungee-jumping, sex-therapist. One who fearlessly plunges into the dark dungeons of other peoples perverted fantasies without a second thought. They find it all fascinating.

One thing’s for sure, you will never feel embarrassed confiding to Mars square or opposition Pluto. They have no shame and expect you not to have either. Sexually this is a bit of a humdinger; they really need to channel this furious energy into physical exercise if they do not have a partner. But even if they DO have a partner, one may not be enough. If they have a very fiery chart generally then Mars square square or opposition Pluto is going to make them even more sexually voracious. If they find a partner with an equal libido though, they will be fine and can use this incredibly potent energy to transform and reform. Mars square or opposition Pluto does best as a political activist. Higher vibration types have transmuted their wilder instincts into the ability to see danger coming and become great protectors of those who would otherwise suffer abuse.

Mars/Pluto ~ Hard Aspects

Mars Opposite Pluto

Mars opposite PlutoJoseph Stalin’s name actually means ‘man of steel’. He rebelled against becoming a priest and became on of the key players in the Russian revolution of 1917. Stalin became the supreme leader of the Communist party and ruled over the then Soviet Union for 25 years. Stalin brought rapid industrialisation to Russia, ruthlessly inflicting targets onto his factories which workers found impossible to fulfil. Under Stalin millions of Ukranians starved to death in an imposed famine. “Now, 75 years after one of the great forgotten crimes of modern times, Stalin’s man-made famine of 1932/3,…it was a deliberate policy aimed at the entire Soviet peasant population – Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh – especially better-off, small-time farmers. It was a class war designed to ‘break the back of the peasantry’.” Daily Mail.  Stalin ranks number 2 as one of the most murderous dictators in history.



  1. I have Mars Square pluto (0 orb so its exact) and my mars is in pisces 7th house. I used to be abused from family members and others in general as a kid.i always feel like i have enemies to crush to keep my position. Now that im older, ive been domineering and power-hungry as a person. I do have problems with anger and i usually lash out whenever i dont get my way. My girlfriend says im too controlling and with trust issues but i cant help it, my pride goes within my ability. Are these traits from my mars/pluto square? My girlfriend has a moon/pluto conjunction.

    • Hey dude, it’s good that you’re aware of all this. Traditionally, Mars square Pluto people could be seen to be jealous and untrusting, but that all stems from your own insecurities. The message from Pkuto is that we have to love ourselves regardless of our dark side. We must love ourselves unconditionally. As someone with this in your chart, you’d be one dor radically transforming your actions and perspectives whenever you are hurt and angry, so I’d like to think that by now you have come to understand how to love yourself fully (as you would have a deep well of wisdom and unconsciously would strive towards what Pkuto wants, especially after periods of pain). I’m trying to say that you instantly rise like a pheonix from the ashes after every hurtful time, and so learn to strengthen and protect yourself. The key way to transform is to love yourself fully. As, if there’s no enemy within, then no enemy on the outside can hurt you. I was born with this, and my moon is conjunct my Pluto, so your gf might have also suffered from a domineering mother or parent. But don’t dwell together on your misfortunes. Grow together in unconditional love for each other and within yourselves dude. Good luck, hope this reaches you!

  2. I have Mars square Pluto. My Mars is in Gemini (H7) and closely conjunct my Venus (-2 degree orb). Pluto is in Virgo (H10). Since I was a little kid I hated manipulation– I realized the difference when people did things out of manipulation or the heart. It’s only real and true when it comes from the heart and you can’t force people’s hearts.

    I have Neptune conjunct my ASC though– so that’s probably the “otherwise sensitive chart” you mention?

    Time and time again, I have found myself with power mad, micro-managing, manipulation masters in my work places. Without trying I seem to threaten manager’s sense of self security???


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