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Mars Square Saturn ~ Execution

Mars square opposite Saturn

OCT 11: Mars Square or opposite Saturn is most commonly associated with violence mainly because of the combination of the two malefics with the two most challenging aspects you can have in astrology. The native is extremely competitive, especially with the opposition. Therefore sports are a good outlet for this aggressive, yet potentially disciplined energy.

Mars Square Saturn ~ Jan 19 & Oct 11 2017
Mars Opposite Saturn ~ May 29 2017

Martial arts would also be a great expression of its focused endurance. Yes, this is a challenging aspect for sure, but it also has great courage and stamina. Those who work in the military will find this aspect useful in building willpower and also, to some extent, the ability to rein in their more bestial impulses. The paradox of Mars square or opposition Saturn, is that once its tendency to explode is mastered, as it can be extremely transformational and purifying.

It can also be a person who actually is able to tame wild behaviour, because of its very authoritarian energy. Mars square or opposition Saturn has the power of a steam roller. It make take a while to get moving, but once active will flatten all opposition to a pulp. When it has to it, this aspect goes in hard and fast. Mars/Saturn will then be ruthless and relentless until the bitter end.

“The Mars/Saturn person often finds it difficult to get angry, difficult to assert themselves, to go for what they want, without going too far. Like Mars/Pluto, Mars/Saturn can suffer great rage that they don’t know what to do with….once aroused Mars/Saturn can fly into the most terrific rages. It’s as if all the expressed hurts, angers and irritations get saved up.” [1] In the end Mars/Saturn will erupt and only explode when they find it really safe to do so, like a controlled demolition. Sometimes they will deliberately target a weaker individual or group guaranteed to never hit back.

Volcanic Executions

Mars square opposite saturnIt is very easy for Mars/Saturn to pick on a scapegoat to whom they can dump all their hangups onto. On the other hand, the native can put up with abuse for a very, very long time before they defend them self.

Saturn delays retaliation, so it is often the case that it will be a very tiny straw that finally breaks the camel’s back. To observers, the colossal response of Mars/Saturn’s revenge seems totally out of proportion to the provocation. However, deeply hidden will be the teasing, undermining and vampiric behaviour from the provocateur that will have been going on for some years. It gets to the point that either the Mars/Saturn native commits suicide or lashes out spectacularly. Survival instincts kick in very strongly with this aspect and the results are never pretty.

Mars is also sex and passion, so Saturn here can suppress that too. The result is often very steamy, like the workings of a pressure cooker. Push Mars down with any force and of course it is going to be explosive the moment it releases itself. The natives will either super sex-charged or celibate. Sadomasochism was made for Mars/Saturn people, as was the corset! If this aspect was a style of dress it would be Steam Punk, a kind of futuristic yet prim Victorian.

At worst, in the most repressive cases, depression and anger becomes self harm. Sometimes, the native experiences bullying as a child or even sexual abuse. Authority figures are both feared and admired. There can be great hero worship where the natives own sense of disempowerment is projected onto another who seems to have all the courage and ‘Alpha’ energy they themselves lack.



  1. I have the square in my natal chart from mars in scorpio to saturn in aquarius. On top of that pluto makes a conjunction to mars too. All within less than two degrees of orb.
    I used to lash out and throw tantrums a lot when i was a kid. Also i had to put up with some bullying too which i think made my anger build up like a volcano until it exploded, my parents said that i was almost like a different person when i raged. Even before i knew about astrology i’ve realized that behaviour was equal to shooting oneself in the foot so i’ve made it paramount to throw that energy away on doing something productive, excercize, karate, playing music, singing and now meditation and breathwork too, also to constantly assert myself [being kind of an arse sometimes] as long as it’s effective and serve my motives. The constant push pull in the psyche in the long run seemed to produce much more energy to work with also enough of a thick skin to assume a challenge, although i have to admit that my close relationships suffer constantly because of the way i behave sometimes, having a sense of humor and not to take oneself that seriously helps sometimes.
    Also i have other aspects going on that take away the weight of this aspect somewhat. But overall, yeah, it’s a challenging aspect to have, it makes me pretty frustrated and by consequence, restless.http://darkstarastrology.com/fixed-stars/
    As far the list goes, Hitler, Mengele, Sade, Nero, haha, you have your evil’s team right there. Although having read some of Sade’s writings, his work and thoughts stand on it’s own merits as great imo. Not that i condone nor promote his allegedly more sadistic and abusive actions in any kind of circumstance anyway.

  2. I don’t know what’s going on for me, but this week is off to a very creepy and bad start.
    I am in DC and a very excited for Inauguration Day.
    But I am also worried about protests going wild with crazies.
    This article makes me worry more.
    In my own personal life, I am Cap Sun, Sag Rising.
    Today all of my web servers have been hacked and no one can fix it yet.
    Plus my long term SO (Triple Virgo) acted rude and weird and is behaving badly all of sudden.
    Any insight would be appreciated ! Love your work!

    • Oh cripes! I kind of forgot this was happening before inauguration day. But we have to look at the positives.

      “It can also be a person who actually is able to tame wild behaviour, because of its very authoritarian energy. Mars square or opposition Saturn has the power of a steam roller. It make take a while to get moving, but once active will flatten all opposition to a pulp”

      I deliberately chose a provocative picture because I’m sure Hilerites will see Trump as the monster, while Trumpets see the opposite. If Trump is not controlled opposition then this is a really dangerous time for him no question. I still am not sure about him. His Gemini Sun keeps us guessing! But I’m pretty sure he is no executioner in the war sense. Certainly heads will roll if Trump truly has any integrity. They have to, if he really wants to drain the swamp.
      The monsters, as far as I’m concerned, are the pedophiles.
      COURAGE & STAMINA are needed and that’s what this aspect is to the core.


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