Predicting Marriage in Astrology

By | December 15, 2010

Some astrologers suggest we should use electional astrology to determine the best time for important events like getting married. For example, a waxing Moon and Venus in a good sign. I don’t agree with using electional astrology and prefer to put my faith in fate alone. I suggest you act on your instinct and trust in love. If the relationship is meant to last then it will. I’ll use our engagement horoscope and our marriage horoscope as examples.

I didn’t check the transits before I proposed to Marina. I did chose the day because it was Christmas day, but the time simply depended on when we had all the kids around us without any yelling. As it turned out the chart was bloody horrible (engagement horoscope), however it very accurately described the term of our engagement and we always knew it would be a very testing time as we live in different countries. Moon opposite Saturn for the separation and delays, emotional frustration. Made all the more intense with the Sun Pluto conjunction squaring Moon and Saturn, making a T-square.

The wedding day was also chosen by anything but astrological factors. We had a six week window when Marina and her daughter were visiting. This was reduced to a three week window based on the celebrant’s schedule. Marina’s dart fell between nine and ten on the calender, so she asked her seven year old daughter which number she preferred. She held up nine fingers which confirmed it would be December 9. The time of the ceremony depended on the tides as the wedding took place on the beach, and this was delayed by half an hour because the girls took so damn long at the hair salon.

My brother took a video of the whole ceremony with the timer on so we played it back to determine when the exact moment should be for casting the marriage horoscope. We compared various moments to our own charts and the relationship charts. One moment stood out, not the “I do’s”, or the signing of contracts, but the “I now pronounce you..” directly followed by the kiss. It is the kiss that seals the deal spiritually more than legally, and this is the moment that people applaud.

The Wedding Chart

The all important Sun was shining for us, no clouds after months of rain, and it started raining again two days later. The Sun sextile Saturn was also fortunate and well described our commitment, patience and working relationship. The delay at the hair salon also turned out to be most fortunate. This gave us Sun trine Ascendant, a confidence boost which suggests success and happiness. Saturn on the Descendant reinforces the commitment to the relationship and working together. We have Saturn conjunct out composite chart Ascendant, and in our Draconic charts, Marina’s Ascendant is conjunct my Saturn, and Marina’s Saturn is conjunct my Ascendant. In relationship astrology Saturn is glue, all this suggests we are stuck together for the long haul. The strong Saturn theme in all these charts is also an indicator of a karmic union.

Mercury sextile Venus is a nice aspect giving open and loving communication. This fits very well with our relationship as we both feel comfortable chatting about anything and everything. Working together we do debate and discuss things deeply as shown by Mercury conjunct Pluto. Asteroid Urania conjunct the Midheaven by half a degree is a nice touch for pair of astrologers.

Our Transits

Jamie’s chart – I had a good feeling we would tie the knot in the second half of 2010.  The July solar eclipse was conjunct my Descendant (partner). Excellent for my growth and happiness as I have Jupiter trine Ascendant. The wedding chart Midheaven is also conjunct my Ascendant. The Moon was trine my Sun and the timing device, the Vertex was opposite my Vertex. Marina has informed me that Juno was conjunct my Pluto, I think that’s good! Now I’ll hand over to Marina to talk about her transits and how the wedding chart aspects the relationship charts.


Tranists To Marina’s Chart

Over to Marina now: I had the New Moon widely conjunct my Descendant (DC) four days before the wedding. I hadn’t taken this into account. It wasn’t planned that way. The New Moon was also sextile my Midheaven (MC) by 20′,a much tighter orb and shows the change of status to being a Mrs. The lunar eclipse twelve days after I married is on my Part Of Fortune (The souls luck and happiness). I married two months after the last Lunar eclipse on this very same spot ten years ago.  Like Jamie, I found eclipses to be indicators of a marriage depending on where they hit your chart. For some people it may be their Venus or DC like Jamie. For me marriage obviously is important in bringing me luck, stabilizing me financially and bringing my soul happiness. It was certainly true for my first marriage. So for me the POF is the indicator.

The Solar eclipse in June aspected my grand cross tightly, sextiling my Uranus/Pluto 36′ and trine Chiron 29′. Both Chiron and Pluto/Uranus square my AC/DC, the relationship axis. This nice aspect from the Solar Eclipse calms that angry grand cross. Although I wanted very much to marry Jamie I have a big problem with surrendering sovereignty  and being the traditional wifey. This was amplified by transiting Lilith opposing my Pluto 27′ and squaring my AC/DC 20′. I have always seen Jamie as my Pluto and the fact the wedding chart Juno conjuncts his Pluto on the day rather confirms it!

What I love about the wedding chart aspects is the meeting of opposites, male and female that we are getting with the luminaries. I get Moon conjunct my Sun by four degrees on the day while Jamie had that wonderfully tight Moon trine his Sun by only ONE minute! The Sun was conjunct my DC (64’) which again is part of that grand cross I have. The Sun signifying the man in a woman’s chart knocking at the door of my marriage house.

The Vertex

The Vertex is important to me as it was right from the moment we met. The Vertex works like an alternative DC, sucking you into destiny encounters that can completely change your life. It has a compelling irresistible energy. The date and time on the first ever email Jamie sent me put the Vertex right on my Yod reaction point. Transiting Mercury (messages) was on Jamie’s Vertex at the time and my North Node. (More about that important synastry conjunction later.) So on the wedding day the planet of love Venus was conjunct my Vertex, very fitting. Wedding Vertex was on my South Node 47′, suggesting a repeat of a past life relationship. I think we were married way, way back. Despite my saying I would never marry again, Vertex/South Node means I’m totally comfortable with this.


My progressed Sun (the man in your life) is conjunct progressed Saturn (commitment), both opposing my Pluto/Uranus conjunction and conjunct Chiron (astrology!). This is the same hotspot in my chart that I was talking about earlier, the grand cross to my AC/DC. This progressed Sun is not exact until September 2011 when I hope Jamie and I will be living together permanently. Seems impossible right now, but we shall see.

Right now my progressed Moon is trine my progressed Venus. My progressed Moon was very instrumental in getting us together. It started traveling through Jamie’s stellium in Virgo when we met back in May 2009. When we decided to marry in the summer this year my progressed Moon was conjunct his Sun. When we married it was conjunct his MC.

Jamie’s progressed Moon is trine my Venus, one of the classic marriage indicators. His progressed AC is conjunct my Lilith. His progressed Venus is approaching my 7th house which bodes well for the years ahead, it enters there in late 2013. His Sun is applying  to square my Moon/Venus midpoint (they are conjunct in my chart), exact on the 18th of this month. Although a square it’s still a strong dynamic aspect and gets things done.

Wedding transits to the composite charts

I find so much magic in Davison charts and this is why. There is an important Sun/Moon opposition in the Davison, where our Vertex/north node conjunction in synastry falls on the Sun. The wedding Vertex is opposite that Sun while at the same time conjuncts the Moon. The Moon is part of a grand trine to Chiron the astrologer and Jupiter. So the conjunctions are:

Wedding Vertex conjunct Davison Moon
Wedding Saturn conjunct Davison Mars
Wedding Venus conjunct Davison South Node
Wedding AC conjunct Davison Lilith

It’s pretty neat that the wedding Vertex falls on the Sun in the composite chart. The Sun and the Vertex are important for us in both composites. So this point might be worth investigating. One of the stars here is also conjunct the Davison Moon and that is Yed Prior. It’s in the supposed thirteenth zodiac sign, the constellation Ophiuchus. The star is in the the left hand of the serpent bearer. I had to laugh at Robson’s interpretation. “Of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It causes immorality, shamelessness and revolution.” [Robson, p.218.] That’s us, some of the more conservative people might say, if you look at our lifestyles. But Robson is speaks from a 1930’s mentality. I find him rather sexist and stuffy generally. I take “revolution” as an asset in our line of work.

I like the constellation as a whole because of the dark healing quality. A small dose of poison as a cure. The way of healing by taking the hair of the dog that bit you. It is also very Chirotic as a constellation too I think, and fit’s with our astrological mission statement. The Sabian symbol for the wedding Vertex is “Two Men playing chess”. It certainly feels like that sometimes. The conjunctions:

Wedding Vertex conjunct composite Sun
Wedding Sun conjunct composite Venus
Wedding Juno conjunct composite Uranus
Wedding AC conjunct conjunct composite Lilith
Wedding Uranus/Jupiter conjunct composite Chiron, teaching astrology.

Its interesting that the Luminaries, Vertex, Venus, Lilith and Juno feature with both composite charts. To tie this all up I wanted to make my own comments on the Wedding chart.


The tightest aspects in the Wedding chart sum it up for me. Lilith sextile the MC I like since Lilith is such a big part of our work. I love Venus sextile Pluto, very Persephone. Passionate, sexy, intense and transformative fitting for a groom with Sun conjunct Pluto and a bride with AC square Pluto. The opposition between Jupiter and Juno perfectly describes our kind of marriage. We are both strong personalities and there will be battles between who gets to wear the crown. There are issues about feminism and Jamie has Moon square Lilith… Who is Juno and who is Jupiter here though?

I love Mercury conjunct Pluto next to the North Node, our mission and fits with “Setting light to Pluto’s Pit” Ceres conjunct the MC I like too. Venus in the seventh house is just perfect and all the planets are above the horizon bar Saturn who has just set. So his kinda forces us to be out there as a couple.  One spooky thing, I relocated this chart for London out of interest to find that wedding Vertex point was on the DC! Let the chess playing commence.

~ Marina

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