Your Astrologer

Your astrologer

Marina MacarioMy name is Marina. I am a self taught Brit-alian astrologer and illustrator based in the UK. 25 years of working with symbols and archetypes form the foundation of my astrological approach.  For reading natal charts, my technique uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans and incorporating the fixed stars.

Aspect patterns are very important to me and represent the sacred geometry of ones soul. I recently completed an Horary course with Deborah Houlding owner of the amazing site Skyscript. ind I am moving more towards traditional techniques since they are based on natural law, visual astrology and make use of the fixed stars. Read more about my transformation…. Re-Learning Astrology.

Darkstar Astrology

The name of the site Darkstar, is an oxymoron and describes my approach to astrology and life in general. You can only see the stars in the dark of night and we can only become enlightened by going through the nigredo (Blackening) stage in alchemy. This means facing our shadow.

The Lilith (Dark Moon) archetype and Persephone’s journey to the underworld describe the alchemical process very well. The fixed stars take us away from the earth and into another dimension, but it’s important to keep a balance between the heavens and the earth. More about the Dark Goddess.

2016 Update

I continue to research for my future book on Lilith and Eris. I am glad now that I did not rush to complete it because I realise that the Dark Goddess archetype is far greater than Lilith. It is really all about the Persephone myth and what that means for humanity. In have since had quite an awakening in terms of the importance of defending Pagan lands and protecting witches and druids from death-cult, messianic Abrahamic religions.

Meanwhile the first stage of the decans is finished, but I have now decided that I will add the meanings for the personal planets to them. This is taking some time but some are already for sale. Work will continue in 2017.

A few people have asked about the illustrations on this site and yes they are mostly my own work recycled from when I was an illustrator. I create them using a mix of photoshop, collage and pencil drawings. Otherwise I use photoshopped screen shots, the art of Gustav Klimt, John William Waterhouse and Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations for the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

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  1. This site always offers a more insightful/less vague and imagery-lacking view of the cosmos and it’s relationship to us as a human race. I thank you and everyone responsible for the creation of this site. Love and peaceful vibes going your way ~~~

  2. What nice comments! I kind of needed to hear that as right now I’m having major stress with the website. Google has deemed some parts of my site, non ‘mobile friendly’ so because of that I am slipping down their search rankings. The weird thing is it’s just the horoscopes that aren’t ranking well. They are the very posts that bring in the most ad revenue which I need to fund the writing of the less commercial material. But I have to change my theme yet again. Hopefully my site will be more speedy in the next few weeks when I have set it up. I have consulted a webmaster to help me out, but I do most of the maintenance myself. Not very good at the techie stuff, but learning!