Madeleine McCann Abduction

By | April 16, 2011

madeleine-mccann-abductionIn May 2007 four year old Madeleine McCann disappeared from her Portugal hotel apartment while her parents dined in a nearby restaurant. Kate and Gerry McCann were part of a group of professional parents who regularly holidayed together and who all left their small children alone at night in this manner, checking on them regularly. The whole case was suspicious and strange right from the start. Four years on this crime remains unsolved. Madeleine’s parents insisted immediately that she had been abducted by a pedophile. Other astrologers have looked at this, seen Ceres’s involvement and assumed this to be true. But it’s not that simple as you will see.

It all really boils down to the word of two British doctors against the “incompetent” Portuguese police and a couple of cadaver dogs. Gonçalo Amaral headed the investigation, he concluded Madeleine died in the apartment, his book was banned in Britain because the McCanns have deemed it libellous, but you can read the ebook here online [1]. Now approaching the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, the McCanns are about to release a book of their own.

Let’s first have a look at the chart for the supposed “Abduction”. This is the approximate time of when a guy carrying a child in pajamas was witnessed by one of the “Tapas Seven” (as the McCanns dining partners came to be known). I don’t really believe this sighting, but the chart could be revealing. What I find amazing is we don’t even have a time for when Madeleine was last seen alive from anyone other than her parents and one member of the “Tapas Seven”.

The Disappearance

The chart itself below shows a great big fat grand trine containing Ceres and Saturn (Mother and Father), a reoccurring theme as we shall see. Ceres and Saturn also share the symbol of the scythe. Jupiter on the fixed star SABIK in constellation Ophiuchus completes this grand trine “unseen dangers, enmity and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and held to rule medicines.” [2] Very interesting these being doctors and there were rumours of the kids being sedated since they slept SO well.

What I find chilling is the quincunx/opposition triangle pointing to Venus in the Eighth house of death which I see as Madeleine. Venus is on AL HECKA in the horns of the bull. I don’t like this at all. It gives violence, male violence and danger of accidents.“[3] We have a Hades Moon, (01’) searing into her. A Hades Moon is a phrase coined by Judy Hall, she writes,“A Hades Moon is when Pluto is aspecting the Moon, a Scorpio Moon, or a Moon in the 8th house. Although the positive of a Hades Moon includes the empowering and cathartic mother, often the archetype is darker, more destructive, the dominating family matriarch who can devour one’s sense of self…. Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house also have to do with abandonment, rejection and betrayal. “[8]

That Hades Moon is conjunct TOLIMAN in the Centaur “secret bad habits, excessive drinking” [4] This is particularly bad for women, relationships are “spoiled” according to Elsbeth Ebertin. Once more we have to wonder about the sedatives, for this Chironic constellation “ is said to give hard-heartedness, inclination to vengeance, It may be connected with poisons.” [5] To cap it all Pluto is super nasty on ACUMEN, the stinger of the scorpion suggesting a hypodermic needle. The Grand Trine there looks like it’s protecting those doctors, this is when they can be “Evil”. In aspects I wrote “Trines are not a force for change. They don’t like to rock the boat and that’s the negative side of a trine. There are cases when the trine could be facilitating an undesirable situation.” There is another tight trine from Lilith (Child stealing) to Neptune.(Sedation)…

More interesting features are the Sun and Mercury conjunct in the sixth house of health. This describes the united front of the two doctor parents, again Mercury is the symbol of medicine and these are both sextile the North Node, very fated. Mercury/Sun is on MENKAR in the sea monster. With Sun “Great trouble, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money,” [6] I see this as the Madeleine fund. And with Mercury “Difficulties through writings, difficulty in payment of mortgages, ill-health to marriage partner” [7]

So despite these two being doctors I suggest they were in financial difficulty, especially since it seems they couldn’t even shell out for a baby sitter. They have raised approximately 3 million since 2007. If the rumours are true, their coming book will be serialised in “The Sun” which should also be a nice little earner. “legacies attended by much evil”? I think this will backfire on them. They seem to have released this book out of desperation for cash. If they really believe Madeleine was taken by a pedophile, wouldn’t the logical course of action be to reopen the investigation?

There is a telling Uranus/Mars conjunction in the fourth house. A fatal accident in the home? The dogs found the scent of a cadaver and blood (Mars) in the McGanns apartment. The North Node is in the fourth too, which is also the house of the father. The blood may have been from some domestic violence unrelated to the death that occurred that night. Forensic Astrology think that Gerry McCann hit Madeleine, but did not intend to kill her. Gonçalo Amaral thinks she fell behind the sofa and died there.

Synastry to the Abduction Chart

So let’s look at the relationship between the natal charts and the “Abduction” chart. Starting with Madeleine McCanns Horoscope. The “Abduction” Venus, which I identified as Madeleine is sextile Madeleine’s natal Venus, so both Venus’s are making a Yod to her South Node which is being transited by the Hades Moon. The “Abduction” Sun/Mercury (Her parents.) were conjunct Madeline’s Lilith which is square her Mars natally. It is suggestive of abuse, but I’m not really convinced it is sexual. It is more likely she suffered anger from men as a result of her rebellious and feisty nature. With a Mars/Jupiter/Lilith T square I’m sure Madeleine was quite a firecracker.

“Abduction” chart with Kate McCann’s Horoscope.  All the action is the transiting Yod to Madeleines chart. The parent’s Neptune falls on the Yods apex 2 degs off the Hades Moon which is also on Madeleine’s South Node. Was Madeleine throwing a tantrum, wouldn’t go to sleep just when the McCanns wanted to go out? Maybe then when the Moon was nearer to the parents Neptune, they decided to administer a sedative.

Transiting Lilith is on Kate’s South Node. Past life karma involving child stealing? The abuse of a rebellious young lady? Witchcraft? I’ll leave it up to you to decide. This whole thing with the Nodes is eerie to be sure. Especially when the Moon is highlighted anyway with that poisonous Pluto. (Kate has a Yod to Pluto in her natal chart and a Hades Moon. I could write a book on that chart alone) To cap it all Ceres is transiting both the parents North Nodes and about to hit Gerry’s Saturn Yod apex. We know Ceres is the archetype of mourning, abandonment, abduction and vengeance.

So I do think there was an “Abduction” of sorts, but who was the abductor? Shockingly in the 85% of cases where a child under 5 dies, the fault lies with one of the parents. Hades Moon..! Only 4% of time is the killer unknown to the victim. A paedophile abduction is actually very rare, despite what the scaremongering media reports. Statistically the Portuguese police were right in making the McCanns prime suspects.

Gerry McCanns Horoscope is the most interesting of the lot as we have a time! Like his wife he has a Yod a stunning one with Ceres opposed Saturn at the apex. He is born close to Kate, so his North Node is also conjunct the  “Abduction” Ceres. Transiting child stealing Lilith is on his Ceres on lucky Arcturus. Getting away with it? His MC at the midpoint of the fourth house Uranus/Mars conjunction. This connects him to whatever accident might have occurred.

The McCann family charts are all very tragic and sad, I have commented on them individually on their respective pages. Reading up on the case has left me with too many questions. The McCann’s and the “Tapas Seven.” are definitely covering up something. I don’t think the McCanns deliberately killed their daughter, but the Astrology for me seems to suggest they are responsible for her death somehow. I find Gerry & Kate to be both pretty dark individuals and it’s hard for me not to keep objective as a parent myself. I shudder when I hear the woman who stayed above the McGanns apartment witnessed Madeleine crying for her father constantly, around 11pm the night before she disappeared. Her parents were out.

I also think its strange that Madeleine was calling for her father given the very tight synastry between mother and daughter. Looking back at the “Abduction” chart again that night Proserpina (Madeleine) opposed the Moon (Mother).  Kate’s possible Moon on Capulus looks like it could be conjunct Madeleines Ceres if she is born around midday. Kate’s Pluto is trine Madeleine’s Sun/Lilith conjunction. So their synastry is pretty intense. Jealousy, possession, obsession…Maybe Kate regarded Madeleine as a rival for Gerry’s affections, who knows.

It will be interesting to see how well the book is received. And wether it will address any of these questions: 163 questions the McCanns should address in their “very truthful” book. I agree with Forensic Astrology [9] where I also think one of the“Tapas Seven” may well blow the whistle after this book is released..

1. Fixed stars and constellations in Astrology. Robson pg 54, pg 125, pg 149, pg 37,pg 176,
8. Melody Zindell review of the book Hades Moon.

HOROSCOPES: Gerry McCann – Kate McCann – Madeleine McCann

347 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann Abduction

  1. lucy

    here is a person who is love personified….

    tammy feye baker…

    march, 7, 1942
    international falls, minnesota


    and she wasn’t boring!!!

    feel better

    tammy’s youtube documentaries cleared my head, (after watching madeleines)

    1. lucy

      explaned; Tammy in her make-up and wigs was real, expressing real love. The MCCains, kate in make-upless perfection, he in oh-la-la form is a lie! documentary dead, eyes void.

      and Tammy unknowingly exposed the whole god-biz for what it is, a anti-heroine, televangelism was never the same.

  2. Dee

    Hmm this is really disturbing and I think almost anyone who knows the case has had similar thoughts at one stage or another. I was a bit dismayed to be honest at the set verdict (I feel your passion in your conviction) but yet again I applaud you for your honesty and bravery in tackling a very difficult topic. My dismay made me question why I was so reluctant to be carried along with the conviction – Is it just so horrifc that I feel I cannot believe/condemn? Are SOME of the issues too close to some of the feelings many parents experience (sheer exasperation with crying children, feeling like you could lash out) that it strikes a chord? Whatever it is thanks for a thought provoking article.

    1. Marina Post author

      I know it is too close to home with some of us parents. I mean Jamie and I were talking about how guilty all parents feel when you kids are screaming like total brats and you are being driven so insane you just want to run away and hide in the garage. And I think we have all lashed out and hit them at some point. I smacked my daughters thigh while she was wriggling around and screaming like a mad person on the nappy changing table when she was about 1 I think. I’ll never forget the woundedness and shock off “you HIT me!” in her eyes, it burnt into me. I vowed never to do that again and luckily not needed to do anyway,she’s way too sensitive for hitting but some are just impossible and its the only way to get through to them so I can see why.
      It’s just the whole thing of leaving kids alone in the dark. Thats what most people are still so confused about. There will be no book signing for Kate McCann. Too may questions she cannot/won’t answer.
      This story hits hard on so many of us because if your kid had died and you felt responsible, what would you do? In the panic I think most of us would deny it happened and cover it up. Psychologically its like you are keeping her alive isnt it? I don’t know how I feel about the McCanns sometimes I do feel very sorry for them. Living with all that guilt. But for me I’d feel 100 times worst if the kid was alive and with some pedophile ring. That really doesn’t bear thinking about. I think I would actually kill myself.

      1. Uberqueenofwands

        In the wake of Madeleines disappearance there were parents whose kids had been abducted and after te years were still trying to find them. One couple who stood out had their son disappear from Portugal. They thought they had found a picture of him on a very suspect website. It certainly looked like him. But no one helped them. They and many other continue to search.
        Remember Ben Needham? He must be about 18 now? He disappeared off a building site in Greece where his family were building a home. He was playing. No one saw anything and he has never been seen in 18 years but no body found.
        Marina, if you have time it would be good to look at other unsolved abductions. Suzy lamplugh was a young woman who was abducted by a man whom called himself Mr Kipper. This was from a busy high street during the day. his photfit picture was a lover the British media for ages. He was never caught, or her body found. What is the astrology for stories like this, the common factor of mystery. Is it Neptune who pulls the wool over everyones eyes?

        1. Marina

          Yes I’m really getting into the forensic side of things. Love a good mystery. The difficult thing is finding a good timed chart for the actually disappearance. But looking at the charts of the abductee would be good to see how much Ceres is involved. At the moment I’m constructing 3 ebooks from the blogs I have already written, fleshing them out and rewriting. So looking at those missing persons would fit very well into my “Persephone Myth ebook” Not a bad idea!
          Btw I have Mercury (in the 8th) trine Pluto and sextile Neptune so I think I was made to write about henious crimes! Jamie called me a sicko last night for reading about the McCanns while he was snoring in bed next to me. My Pluto square DC….

          1. rob

            Marina: At the moment I’m constructing 3 ebooks from the blogs I have already written, fleshing them out and rewriting. So looking at those missing persons would fit very well into my “Persephone Myth ebook” Not a bad idea!

            “wow, it gets more interesting by the moment”

            Jamie called me a sicko last night for reading about the McCanns while he was snoring in bed next to me. My Pluto square DC….

            had to laugh at this…love you guys!

            with Neptune in Pisces it certainly seems to be bringing out the shadow side of Virgo – Neptune as the sleuths friend?!

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