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November 28 Lunar Eclipse – Spicy!

November 2012 Spicy Lunar EclipseThe Lunar Eclipse on 28 November 2012 is at 6º Gemini 47’ in the stormy Hyades star cluster found dappled along the face of Taurus, the Bull. I think this is an extremely important eclipse due to the fact the Sun/Moon opposition forms the centre rod of a very destined Lilith Yod. There are conjunctions at each corner and they contain all the potent sexual planets. This eclipse will bring a sharp focus on soul mate and triangular relationships. Mars conjunct Pluto is on Facies, the penetrating, and sometimes ruthless stare of the archer.

This boomerang Yod then can be seen as an archers bow, and at the arrows point we have…a hand grenade! Is this is a lethal weapon, a poison arrow, or a cupids bow? The Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Urda, the Norse goddess of fate and the past. The Moon is more specifically on Prima Hyadum in the Hyades, a place I found to be highly sensitive to what is popular,  so many artists have this placement. It is also creativity tinged with sorrow though. Black Moon Lilith is close by though, literally on the Bulls left eye, which I did find to be rather treacherous, so possibly here we find the weeping eye of the tearful Hyades.

November Lunar Eclipse Aspects

It’s almost like there are two strands of fate here. If one has anything between 6º-9º, then you may feel like you are in the eye of the storm. This Yod has both light and dark to it. Venus conjunct Saturn speaks of solid love commitments while Mars conjunct Pluto is deeply erotic, earth-shattering, volcanic sex. Phew, all that shooting down to Moon/Lilith. That’s one hell of an orgasm. I think this eclipse will reunite soul mates, but not in an easy way at all. It could be fatal attraction, reconnecting you with an old soul mate who brought you pain and sorrow, but with whom one becomes obsessed due to the past-life recognition. With Lilith there is always the danger of triangular relationships, so for those already committed there could also be interference from an embittered third person who wants revenge for a past life betrayal. But we have to step off the karmic wheel at some point. Mars/Pluto on Facies has to be ruthless and cuts off the sapping briar that is preventing these lover’s roses from blooming.

Lunar Eclipse November 2012 ChartThis is a very complex Moon with so many aspects! Starting with Moon conjunct Lilith“This combination has to successfully merge the paradox of the virgin and the whore or the very worst manifestation of Lilith can surface. At its best this is sheer priestess and occult ability at the highest level…when it is good it is very good, but when it is bad it is terrible.” This is the perfect example of one dividing dependable spouse from exciting lover. Then we have Sun opposite Lilith“there can be an inner battle which is then projected onto “Boogie men” in the outside world. Identifying with the Sun can therefore result in being a shiny example of goodness as opposed to identifying with Lilith where you become an utter social outcast.”

Again there is danger of living out an internal split externally, represented by the spouse vs. forbidden-fruit scenario. I think it is very important during this eclipse phase to come to grips with our own shadow because this Yod, with all its duets, is so ripe for projecting and dividing people into angels or demons. We also do not need an excuse for a holy war either.

Karmic Adjustment

With so many planets in quincunx there is a great opportunity for karmic adjustment:

In the blue corner, Venus conjunct Saturn, the traditionalists, the married couples, the secure families…or are they? Moon quincunx Venus “ wants everyone to be happy, loving and congenial, but they can be obsessive in their pursuit of fairness and perfection.” Working alongside is Moon quincunx Saturn they “seem like they would take the traditional approach to caretaking or managing, but they have the knack of throwing a curve ball into situations which throw people sideways.” So on the surface these families may look quite uptight and upright, but really they are gagging for Mars/Pluto to come in and spice up their lives.

Lunar Eclipse November 2012In the red corner, the renegade warriors, sexual deviants and activists. Mars conjunct Pluto. “it takes quite an exceptional person to use this explosive conjunction in such a way that it does not self-destruct. It seems to be the proverbial phoenix from the flames..”and  Moon quincunx Mars “is passionate about protecting its family and those it loves… These people would be excellent in an emergency situation.” with Moon quincunx Pluto “Their sexuality is sultry, but eccentric and taboo in some way. They may have multiple marriages, same sex relationships, be very uninhibited or have some strange sexual fetish. Quincunx kinky!”

I actually like the balance between the two planets at each end of the sextile. I reminds me of something like “Wife Swap” where you mix up some Christian Fundamentalists with a Pagan couple. I am sure both sides will become better people as a result of the “karmic rebalancing” . This Moon could work miracles, bringing unlikely couples, or groups together resulting in a wonderfully creative and inspiring solution to problems.

Eclipse In The Hyades

This rebalancing will not be easy in the Hyades however. As you can see from the keywords these stars are “emotional, controlling, manipulative, cunning, sharp minds, strategic, strong passions, brave, daring, stalkers, obsessive, compulsive”. You will need to keep your wits about you. Try to let these bunny boilers down, very, very gently… but don’t be afraid to say no to them. Yes, there will be tears and dramas, they will try anything. The Hyade’s bull is going to snort, ram it’s horns into a wall and, if all else fails, gives you the sad, watery, guilt-inducing cow eyes. You will be made to feel utterly ruthless, even if you are just being fair.

Lunar Eclipse November 2012On the other hand, it may be oneself that ends up tearful and feels like they have been victimised by Facies’ penetrating stare. There are many roles to play in the eclipse. 6-8º Cardinal signs may have to be the ruthless ones. 6-8º Fixed signs may have to resist temptation and 6-8º Mutable signs, you’re left to negotiate peace with a psychopath. Enjoy. What is super interesting, is that the December 21st Jupiter Yod points to 8º Gemini, where Black Moon Lilith is in this eclipse chart and Lilith will swap places and be at 11º Gemini where Jupiter is in this eclipse chart. So it really is a bit of a “Wife swap” isn’t it? I’m thinking that if some of us feel we are in the wrong place during this Lunar eclipse, then by the 21st of December we will be certainly be in the right place! In the mundane world, this swapping could signify the deposing of a dictator, justice being done and the rightful heir taking the throne.

The Sabian symbol for the Lunar Eclipse is “An old fashioned well with the purest and coldest of waters”. This beautifully fits with the watery theme of the Hyades, the good side of it where tears are cleansing and healing. Wells were seen as gateways to the spirit world. They represent inner wisdom and the depths of emotion. Drinking from the well may take more effort, it’s not on tap, but the pure spring water, made from beneficial minerals that have taken many thousands of years to create is worth the hard work and patience. This well represents the Venus/Saturn conjunction in the sextile. Time spent nurturing a dream or an idea, and the commitment it takes to see it through to the very end.

Lunar Eclipse Key Words

Karmic rebalancing, stamina, courage, determination, feeling supported by the environment, crystallisation, faith, drawing on deep resources, pooling together, pure, clear thinking, keeping focused, resisting temptation, being ruthless, tough love, holding firm, penetrating stares, poison arrows, antidotes, deflecting attacks, psychic protection, being kept on your toes, getting into hot water, cooling off, refreshing, revenge, replacing, swapping roles, recognizing the shadow, exorcizing, exercising your rights, putting someone in their place, reclaiming your throne, spicing up your life.

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  1. This is so on the money.
    I know this is a long time ago but I still think about this time frequently because it has had such an impact on my life. (still obsessed) *sigh*
    I was in Australia on a study exchange in 2012, I was having a lot of Jupiter transits, I believed I was having some form of spiritual enlightenment (i didn’t know I was on these transits until after) I experienced so many symbolic dreams and feelings of sheer bliss and euphoria. The world seemed so beautiful yet terrifying.
    I was in a relationship (they resided back home) I felt she wasn’t right for me, and tried to break it off a number times but she wouldn’t accept it and I didn’t have to strength to insist.
    By the end of the year my sexual drive was unbearable, combined with my state of euphoria it drove me into sex addiction IVE NEVER EXPERIENCED such feelings like this, as though I NEED to while just walking down the street.
    I met up with a girl, we got on, we talked about life the universe, metaphysics etc, I talked to her about things I couldn’t tell anyone else, but she was young, she was 18 I didn’t feel sexually attracted to her hugely, but I cared about her, we remained just friends after being intimate once.
    My sexual drive was still on full power, I met this Australian woman, she was ten years older than me (I prefer older women) although she wasn’t my usual type, but I went on a date with her, I still didn’t feel much, we danced all night, she kissed me, and thats when the whole world collapsed and it was only me and her, it was somethings about how our energies combined, I couldn’t get enough of her, it was as though I wanted her all in that very moment, as though I’d waited 1000 years and I may not get another chance. I went back to her place, we didn’t have sex, I fell asleep on her in the taxi, I felt so comfortable with her YET TERRIFIED. I can not explain this fear I had, she terrified me. I woke up and turned around and spooned her as though we had known each other our whole lives.
    We met on the new moon, shortly after her birthday and we parted horribly and dramatically on the lunar eclipse.
    I was so addicted to her.
    I didn’t want anyone else.
    We had sex that lit my whole body on fire.
    She brought out a different side to me.
    I had no time to think.
    Just feel.
    I had to fly home, my term studying in Australia was over, and I was out of money, she asked if we could sit on the beach together and hold hands for the last time. but she came over to my apartment, she had a manic/desperate look in her eyes, she dropped to her knees and tried to have sex with me, I was wary of the time (my flight) but I gave in. Her eyes were different that day, as she asked me to come for a drink with her, she was smiling ‘please stay’. I said we can go for food nearby, she order the banquet (8 courses) in retrospect I see it was to stretch the time. I planned to get the coach to the airport but she insisted she’d drive me, I think I knew I’d never make that flight… you could say I wanted not get that flight, and she wanted me to stay.
    She found out I was in a ‘relationship’
    She changed from there after.
    She contacted the gf back home, I was glad, because I am horribly weak and can’t do it myself.
    I just wanted her.
    A lot happened in just a few weeks.
    I was staying with her at her apartment.
    I had no money left.
    It was dramatic.
    On the lunar eclipse she asked me to leave at 3am, with my suitcase and not a dollar to my name.
    She asked me calmly if I want to have a cigarette on the balcony before I go, we walked out in silence.
    I collapsed to my knees and buried my head in her lap as she was sitting on the balcony looking vacantly as she smoked her cigarette, I gripped tightly to her tights and thighs, I wanted to cry, but I felt empty.
    We walked out of the building together in silence, to collect my suitcase from her car, she looked empty too.
    I sat on my suitcase on the edge of the highway.
    I flew home the next day.
    And never saw her again.

    • What a story! Thanks for sharing. Good to know my post have relevance even years back. This was on my part of fortune. Looking back I think it was during this eclipse period that Jamie left Darkstar and it became a solo website. Initially I was really upset, but by January I realised I was super happy with having total control over my creativity. From the keywords “reclaiming ones throne” 🙂

  2. Wow, a very positive eclipse for you indeed. 🙂
    Oh I do apologise, I have to admit I was venting horribly, the story was lengthy with unnecessarily details, but I needed verbalise it, thanks for actually reading it! It has been swimming around in my head silently like a lost fish for two years.
    I know a fair amount about astrology but haven’t quite grasped the personal transits, *looking at the eclipse and my natal* – pretty sure the eclipse’s Gemini Lilith is squaring my 8th house moon in Sagittarius! Yikes.


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