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  1. I have deliberately avoided any topics at this site that are of a political nature. So, I’m listening to the
    lunar eclipse video & there it is…
    The electoral college can easily be bought off by a billionaire & have money left over. Can’t do that with each individual voting citizen.
    I don’t know enough about the middle eastern migration so I’m not going to comment on that specifically but I don’t have a problem with Latins coming into the US because a lot of them have native blood of the Americas in them. I feel they have more of a right to be here than the full blood Europeans. Jeez, the tiny little island nation of Britain conquered what is now Canada, the US, Australia & South Africa. But it hasn’t stopped there. The West is culturally influential more & more in other parts of the world. That is some Extreme Aggression! They greedily took over healthy thriving peoples & all but destroyed their cultures & raped their lands & replaced it with their inferior way of living all the while proclaiming their superiority. It irritates me to no end to hear their spoiled descendants cry about “their” lands being invaded & their way of life being eroded.
    After the Financial Institutions collapse for the last time then we can break off into small tribes again & the ones that are inclined can have a king (personally i would pass even then). But for now the US is too large & diverse to be ruled by one person.

    • Yes I believe Trump is part of the same cabal that have tentacles in both the left and right. I think every ethnicity should have a homeland where they are the majority. That’s only fair. Even the 14th Dalai Lama said that!

      Your view of history has been skewed by the government sponsored cultural marxist educational system, run by the left wing arm of the cabal mentioned above. Tiny little nations can do a LOT of damage can’t they? But Britain is not the only one.. There were 5 other Rothchild brothers. I love the way wiki has them as “The Rothchilds Of England” like they are some kind of British aristocratic family. Their father was a German Jew! It’s also Hollywood’s trash that is culturally influential over the rest of the world. Again run by the same cabal.

      Your language is very offensive. “spoiled descendants” of whom? The Rothchilds? The International bankers? Are the cockneys who are now extinct in their native East End “spoiled”. Did they deserved to be displaced? I hardly think so.

      So you are saying basically ALL Europeans are ‘greedy’, ‘culture destroyers’ and ‘rapists’. My dear, you sound just like Trump!