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Lunar Eclipse June 2010 – Praying to Aliens

The Lunar Eclipse on the 26th of June is at 4 Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Kaus Medius. I wanted to look at it from the psychological angle and include the Moon’s parallel (which works like a weaker conjunction) to the star Facies.

This will amplify Pluto’s ruthless nature in those that hold power and create self-victimisation in those that do not. These people could fall victim to negative thinking as Mercury the underworlds messenger is opposed this Hades Moon.

All this forms a T-square to Jupiter. Mercury square Jupiter is very tight indeed.(02′) This will amplify the negative thinking. This could come from the fear mongering generated by the impending “Cardinal Crisis” I think there will be an increase in fear-inducing propaganda generated through the mass media (Mercury) by big business, power structures and religious organizations (Jupiter) because they feel their power is slipping away.

Don’t be surprised if we see an influx in the reports of knife crimes and doom stories of families loosing their homes in the recession. Not that these won’t happen, I just think they will be exaggerated and sensationalized, which will fuel negativity. Melodramatic news reporting causing fear, which does a very good job controlling a population. Mental abuse=Mercury/Pluto.

Tune In & Drop Out

While this is going on though, hopefully people should be awakening to the fact that the media IS lying to us. Lilith is on her way to join a retro Chiron at 0 degs Pisces with Uranus is at 0 Aries. The “Guru’s” are plugged into Uranus’s antennae (On Scheat.) They are receiving messages from somewhere. From whom? Star beings in the constellation Pegasus? Will there be alien contact that is hidden from us even!?! Hmmm…

Chiron/Lilith are 4 degs off from sextiling the Moon also. Last New Moon was all about the “Wake Up” call. The internet the sharing of knowledge is quickening our spiritual evolution (Mercury square Jupiter) We are starting to sift through the abundance of information at our disposal. Why do we need to watch scary regular News? There is so much alternative coverage out there. Thanks to broadband, podcasts, youtube and Google video we don’t even really need a TV anymore.

The Moon on Facies I think will make the powers that be quite ruthless with their scare tactics. But the populace (Moon) must not play the victim. Remember that it is these fat cats who have the problem. Most of us have already got used to living on a shoe-string. The next thing they will be saying is there are food shortages… And freaking us out about all-out anarchy and people shooting each other for a loaf of bread!!! We had food rationing in the war for god sake, people pulled together then. There is no reason why that can’t happen again.

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Eunomia (42′) The Goddess of good order and lawful conduct. It doesn’t suggest raving anarchy or civil unrest to me. So I don’t think we need worry about shootouts in Tesco. Having said that it is also conjunct a disobedient Saint.

Asteroid Euphemia. (48′) A Greek Orthodox Martyr who refused to take part in sacrifices to the current Pagan god Ares. She is usually depicted surrounded by lions holding a wheel, the instrument of her torture. I see Euphemia as representing those who opt out of watching Ares violence on TV and sensationalist news reporting. People who stand up for unconventional belief systems and reject the current, organized religious perspective. (Moon square Jupiter)

We could now have a time where radical new ideas and concepts come in, ones that are alien to the mass population. Often those who expose these truths feel “alienated” themselves. Indeed they are usually called “Space Cadets”.  This coming lunar eclipse I think, (well I hope) might well reveal that some crazy ideas and stuff thought of as “conspiracy” could actually have some truth and validity to them. At the very least we should see some interesting crop circles this summer, if not any actual UF hOrses!



  1. @Marina Funk
    Fantastic stuff.. I’m sorry I didn’t read this the other day.

    As far as Chiron opposition Pluto/Uranus squared your Asc. I would think it makes you painfully aware of what we collectively have to deal with, even if you personally don’t get these energies being expressed personally in your own life, you are AWARE of them (like the square aspect suggests the key words “awareness” and “confrontation” a “harmonic” aspect such as a trine or sextile may be not have the drive to fight, nor need it since its sometimes easier for such energies to go with the flow instead of against it it seems.

    They say sometimes people with these lovely grand trines (and very few dynamic aspects) like other people can become for example addicted to drugs or drink, but never really become called into action to confront it or become aware of it.. same thing is true of any addiction, including our “media addiction” (collectively speaking)
    It truly is at this moment in time like a 3 ring circus! Information on the other side of it may seem surreal in comparison, but definitely not “soul killing”.

    Thanks again for bringing into awareness another side of information 😀

  2. @Alteregotrip. Oh yes that is very true of trines and addiction. I can think of quite a few people I used to know who had that. I remember when I was still a novice thinking these people have all these wonderful gifts of grand trines so why aren’t they doing anything specail?

    If I relocated to Oz I loose that grand cross. Its been useful to get where I am, but my lovelife has suffered.. (DC!) It would be nice to chill in my older years.


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