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Lunar Eclipse December 2011 – Turn On!

The Lunar Eclipse on 10 December 2011 is at 18º Gemini 10′. We have the Eclipse (Sun opposite Moon) making a T square to Ceres and the Moon is quincunx Venus. Moon is on Rigel on Orion, the Sun opposition comes from Sabik in Ophuichus famous for it’s “success in evil deeds”. The South Node conjunct the Moon makes it a total Lunar eclipse. In a total Lunar eclipse the earth gets in-between the Sun and the Moon and totally blots out the full Moon, beforehand the Moon will turn a blood red. We have our body interrupting the flow of the ego to the emotions. This as a great opportunity for healing. Any physical symptoms that come up at this time are telling us blatantly what’s up with our minds. The Moon is conjunct the centaur Thereus which emphasizes the Centaurs dilemma of whether to listen to to the beast or the man.

December 2011 Lunar Eclipse Aspects

The closest aspect is the Moon quincunx Venus, “wants everyone to be happy, loving and congenial, but they can be obsessive in their pursuit of fairness and perfection. Because of their perfectionist quirk, these subjects.. get far too upset too easily, which draws them into very un-peaceful fights.” In the next six months we could be reviewing our paradoxical nature, our saying we want a fairer, peaceful and equal society while still coveting luxury items like the latest android phone or ipad.

We have an eclipse T-square. This aspect pattern seeks stability, so it will over overcompensate by leaning even more heavily on the apex planet, in this case is Ceres. What does this mean for the planet?! Over-farming, GM foods, clambering for yet more material goods? Or will we start to value the other side of Ceres, which is a respect for nature and the appreciation of the treasure we have in our families. There are two aspects in the T-square:

Moon square Ceres “They must be careful however that their saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex, as when this aspect warps, it warps big. The subject can either be the “smothered” or the “smothering”  Sun square Ceres is easier; “The dynamism of this combination yields a large selection of successful, hardworking and prolific subjects…. There seems to be a theme of loss, abuse and pain. These people seem to triumph over adversity.”

The feeling from the whole set up seems to be a desperate need to make things right. There is a real reforming spirit from that Moon/Venus which shows a need to create a peaceful Utopia and I think this T-square with Ceres as Mother earth being at the Sun/Moon midpoint mirrors beautifully the actual physical event of a Lunar eclipse.

The  Moon is conjunct Asteroid Thereus. Thereus can be a bit too eager to prove how butch he is, just like some women can go completely overboard with mothering (Ceres) or peacemaking (Venus). These extremes of polarity and disconnection are an ongoing human dilemma. The centaurs are yet another expression of the divided soul. As a centaur, Thereus seems to show the widest gap between the two sides, but they are also very clear-cut.

Lunar Eclipse on Fixed Star Rigel

This is generally a really lucky star giving glory, riches, fame and happiness. But with the Moon, Rigel really stinks! “Much worry and disappointment, injuries to life and fortune, sickness, ill health or death to wife or mother. [2]

BUT… here is the big but. Didn’t we just say right in the beginning, that the Earth/Ceres blots out this malefic influence and stops this Moon being lit up by the Sun? So it’s like the Sun, the ego, is inflaming the situation. Earth/Ceres does her job of mediation, cooling the angry red moon down. Since the Sun is on venomous Sabik we don’t want any of his “Evil deeds” being activate anyway. Ceres brings the much needed balance. Nature corrects herself. The death of the mother could be literal, but most likely it will mean death to bad habits, ingrained family programming, acting on auto-pilot and the sheep mentality that allows us to carry out the Sun’s “Evil deeds” without awareness or question. The Moon rules the public.

“Injuries to fortune”? Read, injures to our technological chattels perhaps? Ceres steps in to break the circuit, the TV transmissions that keep us asleep. The incessant buzz of technology and Wi-Fi is off so our brains can switch ON. Rigel is on the foot, the part that was stung by the Scorpion.  Legend has it that Gaia the goddess of the earth sent the Scorpionic punishment because Orion boasted he could exterminate all the creatures on earth. Again we have the theme of nature correcting exaggerated pride and extreme behaviour.

Lunar Eclipse Tarot – Wheel Of Fortune

It is quite strange synchro that I picked this card when the preceding Solar Eclipse November 25 is conjunct Asteroid Fortuna and has a very strong Jupiter influence. I guess that means that the theme of fate continues and with Ceres it is still about “what ye shall sow, so shall you reap”. The Wheel Of Fortune, Jupiter and Orion all talk about the meteoric rise to fame which can very often test our integrity, we must always remember to keep one foot on the ground and remain centred and focused. Otherwise like Orion, a wee Arachnida will come and bring us down a good few pegs.

Lunar Eclipse December 2011 Keywords

Pennies from heaven, the penny drops, bravado, poncing, pouncing, custody, custard crème, sickly sweet, sentimentality, Rom-coms, Rambo’s, he-men, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, booby traps, booby jobs, gold-diggers, gold miners, golden time, mommy dearest, smothery love, Brother Lee Love, Cupid Stunt, death by chocolate, death by Sting, we are spirits… in the material world, Eye for an eye, Eye for an iphone, going off grid, ecological activists, active ecoli, injures to fortune, injuries to itune, turn on – tune out, fleeching, fleeing, cellphoning cell phonies, radio active meat, GM foods, technology gone mad, entrepreneurs, conspicuous consumption, junk-food obesity, edible plastic, living in the plastic age, revenge of the nerds, revenge of the earth, angry mother, earthing oneself, lessons in humility, plant wisdom, connection with nature, breaking the circuit, turning off the program.

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  1. So, I’m a Gemini, the moon will conjunct my north node, the transiting NN will conjunct my South Node and opp my NN, hence the transiting SN will conjunct my NN (talk about confusing) – Mars will be on my MC, Mercury opp my Sun, transiting Sun opp my NN conjunct my SN, Venus opp my Saturn – my Capella is conjunct my NN and with all the other fixed stars in there maybe I should stay in bed that day? It’s very mentally disturbing reading ‘death of the mother’ in this post, especially when I suffer from panic attacks. I sure as hell hope that part is blotted out in my chart, I have too much to do in life yet

    • Leone, I thought it wise to unbold “death to Mother”, because it does look alarming and people can read it too literally. I really do think it means death to habitual behaviour and negative programming FROM the mother. Not all of us have had easy childhoods so to be honest, I would rather like to see the end of some inherited behaviour and fearfulness that have not been helpful. Bad habits like smoking and addictive behaviour I would really like to see the death off, and can come from our parents. So breaking the umbilical cord isn’t such a bad thing. Thats why I chose to emphasis it. Lilith that I am!

      An eclipse on the North Node is exciting, I have this one on my AC! See if you can look back and see what happened the last time an eclipse fell on your North Node. The last time this happened on my AC was BIG for me, 2 months after the eclipse my sister and I sold and moved out of the flat we had inherited, it represented the last piece of our family left in the UK. It had been in the family for 60 years. The time before that I think I moved into that very flat. (I move very rarely).

      So you are not alone in worrying about this eclipse when it hits such a sensitive point. I’m always positive that if we have been living the right way, it can only be a good thing. If we havent, it will sure as hell let us know, which is also good! The Universe and the planets only want the best for us, even if it sometimes seems its really NOT the best at the time.

    • Marina, So so sorry…I guess I was the one who brought up the passing of a mother and only meant it in my life because it is a possibility for many reasons. I apologize if I was unclear in my reference.

      This particular eclipse will hit my venus (1 degree)..sextile uranus in leo

    • Diana, don’t worry, it doesn’t take much to panic me, I’m a panicaholic, like a horse – my mother died last year so I wasn’t worried about her, but my mare has foaled and I feel like the baby’s human mother so I was fearful for myself because I have to bring him up! All fears gone, for now…

    • Oh, Marina, thanks so much for taking the time to alleviate my fears. Yes, I’d sure love to shed all the negativity I’ve inherited from my mother. Now I’ll go searching for the last time the North Node hit my North Node…I believe in The Universe’s goodwill towards us, thanks for the reminder


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