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Learn Astrology, Links & Resources

links and resourcesWhen beginning to learn astrology, reading stuff online can be a bit like the wild west. It’s best to start with basic books by respected astrologers. Once you have a good foundation, then you can dismiss or accept online material or not. Here is my Astrology reading list and here are more esoteric/”spiritual” type books. The enlightenment section below has grown to include info on the globalist agenda. I have just posted my personal favourites. Since about 2014, I realised cannot ignore the threat of the new Dark Ages and what it would mean for pagans and polytheists. Religious ‘Death Cult’/Alien agenda fundamentalism is a real threat to astrologers and healers in the 21st century, as it was to the witches/druids of the past. Families and individual cultures are deliberately being destroyed and races pitted against each other, while a mono-culture is rammed down our throats through the media. Some of links are quite controversial and I do not agree with 100% of their info, but it’s very important to hear points of view from all sides, which are being increasingly censored in the controlled mass media.

Deep State, Occult Knowledge & Enlightenment

Lada Ray Futurecast ~ Geopolitics and quantum calibrations. Politics & prediction. Free Hermetic Audiobooks ~ Manly P Hall etc. A fabulous resource. Iben Thranholm ~ The sociology of religion. Dreamtime Healing ~ Clearing of inter-dimensional interference. The Pleiadians ~ Channeled material, so listen with caution, but cites astrological events often. Millennial Woes ~ Through the eyes of the Saturn/Pluto generation. Black Pigeon Speaks ~ The Globalist agenda. Semiogogue ~ Alternate news and symbolism. Tree Of Logic ~ Insights from the ‘hood. Brittany Pettibone ~ Divine feminine & traditional values. New Earth ~ Our Atlantean/gnostic history. What On Earth Is Happening ~ Satanism, natural law and mind-control. Cutting Through The Matrix ~ Good for global warming hoax and geo-engineering. Awaken In The Dream ~ The shadow and Weitko. MrAstrotheology ~ The zodiac & the bible.  The Library Of Alexandria ~ Online!  Age Of Transition ~ One of the few Astrologers looking at geo-politics. Great Recession Blog ~ Economic predictions, news, insights & humor. Teach Me Tarot ~ fantastic free tarot card site that I link to my decan posts.

Negative Alien Agenda & Dark Goddess

The Dreamweaver ~ Zsuszanna Griga’s Karmic astrology. Good reference for the centaurs and Lilith. Kelley Hunter ~ The cosmic feminine & Lilith specialist!  Juan Antonio Revilla ~ Lilith  and Centaurs research. Philip Sedgewick ~ Trans – Neptunians and new discoveries.  Exiled? ~ Asperger traits in females. Oversensitive/Melancholic? ~ The highly sensitive person. Empathy Persephone? ~ Heidi Sawyer: Why are you so sensitive? Midlands School ~ The Dwarf Planets. BlueprintForLove ~ Dr Cha-zays great youtube channel focusing on the real meaning of twin flames and sacred sex. Eve Lorgen Love Bites ~ Persephone Myth from an psychic vampire/archontic parasite perspective. Illuminating The Shadowlands ~ Sienna Lea gives self-help tools to expose the hidden alchemy to regain the energy and ability we have lost.  Lisa Romano ~ Co-dependency & narcissism. Multiversity ~ Reclaiming what is Sacred with our Mother Planet. Veil Of Reality ~ Hyper-dimensional realities and the shadow. Montalk ~ Good metaphysics and gnosis section. Astrosavvy ~ Asteroids galore including all the dark goddesses.

Traditional, Magic & Starlore

Constellation Of Words ~ The ultimate source for the fixed stars, referenced constantly on this blog. Skyscript ~ History of astrology, fixed stars and important astrologers through the ages. Demetra George ~ Fantastic blend of archetypal astrology with traditional. Renaissance Astrology ~ Astrology and magic. The Tarot & The Decans. Decan interpretations. Mapping The Heavens ~ 17th Century Ignace Gaston Pardies’ beautiful star and constellation maps. Urania’s Mirror ~ 32 constellation cards by Samuel Leigh 1825. The Astrology Podcast ~ Chris Brennan interviews a great selection of guests and his website Chris Brennan Astrologer.  Pyreaus ~ Divination, archetypes, starlore.

Modern, Psychological & Archetypes

Cyberworld Khaldea ~ Humanistic Astrology by Michael R. Meyer. Fantastic resource with free material from Dane Rudhyar. Online books and an amazing library of articles. Janet’s Planets ~ Archetypal Astrology, Mythology, and Jungian Psychology. The Inner Wheel ~ Dawn’s synastry articles are good. Lynn Koiner ~ Great info on retrogrades and new discoveries. Roman Oleh Yaworsky ~ Articles that go deeper into the meaning of freewill V fate and connects Astrology to other spiritual systems like the chakras. APA ~ The Huber School Of Astrology.


Stellium Astrology * Natalie Delahaye * Jade RabbitAstrology King *  Divine Harmony Lua Astrology * MoonPluto Astrology * The Dream Astrologer * Nick Dagan-Best * Astrology Expressed * Child Of Bones * Cosmic Tuesdays *  Kairos AstrologyLunar Planner * Root Medicine * StarcanaThe Astrology of Austin Coppock *  Bridget Healing Center * Beyond The Stars Astrology *

Astrology Tools

Arabic Parts Calculator Asteroid Ephemeris *Astrodienst Free Horoscope *  Configuration Hunter *AstroGraph Astrology Horoscopes * Swiss Ephemeris * The Fixed Stars in Longitude Order * Midpoint Calculator * List of Named Centaurs * Meanings of Minor Planet Names



  1. Thank you for the links. Yes I am terrified actually of what the current wave of christian fundamentalism might mean. Currently I am being shunned and given the “word salad” treatment by people who I do not know. There was even one individual (quite obviously a conservative thinker if not also a fundamental Christian) who said to one of sons, right in front of me, “I’ll save you from your mother” …. what the proverbial!?!?!
    I think that the intolerance and bigotry currently being perpetrated is disgusting. The Australian Human Rights Commissioner was on the radio this evening and the sheer frustration in her voice is palpable AND concerning. If the Human Rights Commission can’t even get our government to consider doing the right thing in accordance with UN human rights treaty obligations then what hope is there?
    Reading through the articles on Saturn sq Neptune and praying that we humans make it through to the other side in one piece, preferably with deeper levels of empathy and compassion for all peoples and most definitely via peaceful means, although my heart is already breaking from how many deaths are yet to come.
    Feeling deep despair.

  2. Marina!

    It is very good to reinforce what we are. Nevertheless, we should not even look at these people. The will die at their own time because this is not their age. They were strong then, but not now. Being optimistic, ah? Then, I sometimes think that they are also evolving, so we should not act as their punching-bag. Any attention from our part would only give them strength and none will sure debilitate them.

    Things that bother me the most are when these “enemies” act under the cover: they seem friends and -at the end- act like real ocult enemies (… or is it all I have in my 8 H, maybe?). We really should look close to discern and pay attention not to them, but to the things they DO. Maybe, this will help.

    The State, all-in-all seems stronger (though, we all know the whole structure trembles). We civilians/pagans, being so close to Earth and Magic, should not be near all those who kick and cry their last cry (… though, this last cry may well last 150 years, ahead).

    Thankyou very much for these valuable information.

    M. del Rin.


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