Learn Astrology, Links & Resources

Learn Astrology, Links & Resources


links and resourcesWhen beginning to learn astrology, reading stuff online can be a bit like the wild west. It’s best to start with basic books by respected astrologers. Once you have a good foundation, then you can dismiss or accept online material or not. Astrology to me is a language, but it should not be taken as gospel. My site is my interpretations of my own empirical research.T here are many different approaches. It’s all about you and what you resonate with. If an astrological interpretation or technique rings true for you then use it. If it doesn’t, then don’t. I have a book list of material I have found useful over the years. I started from a psychological perspective but I have started to include more material from traditional astrologers. Most traditional books from ancient astrologers can be very archaic and hard to read, so I have only included the more contemporary writers. Here is my Astrology reading list and here are more esoteric/”spiritual” type books. I just found Red Ice Radio’s book list and it’s got just about every occult/taboo book you could ever wish for!

Traditional, Magic & Starlore

Constellation Of Words ~ The ultimate source for the fixed stars, referenced constantly on this blog. Skyscript ~ History of astrology, fixed stars and important astrologers through the ages. Demetra George ~ Fantastic blend of archetypal astrology with traditional. Ben Dykes ~ Traditional, philosophy and hermetic magic. Renaissance Astrology ~ Astrology and magic. The Tarot & The Decans. Decan interpretations. Mapping The Heavens ~ 17th Century Ignace Gaston Pardies’ beautiful star and constellation maps. Urania’s Mirror ~ 32 constellation cards by Samuel Leigh 1825. The Astrology Podcast ~ Chris Brennan interviews a great selection of guests and his website Chris Brennan Astrologer.

Modern, Psychological & Archetypes

Cyberworld Khaldea ~ Humanistic Astrology by Michael R. Meyer. Fantastic resource with free material from Dane Rudhyar. Online books and an amazing library of articles. Janet’s Planets ~ Archetypal Astrology, Mythology, and Jungian Psychology. The Inner Wheel ~ Love Dawn’s synastry articles here. Lynn Koiner ~ A fantastic all round site. Great info on retrogrades and new discoveries. Roman Oleh Yaworsky ~ Great articles that go deeper into the meaning of freewill V fate and connects Astrology to other spiritual systems like the chakras. APA ~ The Huber School Of Astrology. Spartan Life Coach ~ Help with Pluto/Eris/Ceres issues. (Ie: Abuse from parents or partners with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.)

Mystery, Occult Knowledge & Enlightenment

Pyreaus ~ A great general enlightenment site covering divination, archetypes, starlore, religions, truth theory. Bruce Lipton ~ The Biology Of Belief. Awaken In The Dream ~ Paul Levy’s work into the shadow and Weitko. MrAstrotheology ~ Santos Bonacci connects the zodiac with the bible and our physical bodies.  The Library Of Alexandria ~ Online! Multiversity ~ Rise is a global education & research project created in response to the challenge of reclaiming what is Sacred with our Mother Planet. Metahistory ~ John Lash’s site. Gnostic wisdom. A story to guide the species and align one person at a time to Gaia, the living planet….  Veil Of Reality ~ Bernhard Guenther’s very well researched site that examines hyper-dimensional realities and the shadow. Montalk ~ Superb site jam-packed with info, especially good metaphysics and gnosis section. Red Ice Radio ~ Dispelling the mythmakers. Dreamtime Healing ~ Understanding man’s internally created realities and the clearing of inter-dimensional interference. Philip Shepherd ~ The importance of Embodiment. Bringing clarity to a chaotic world. The Pleiadians ~ Channelled material, so therefore listen with caution, but I resonate with this because Barbara Marciniak cites astrological events often.

Centaurs, TNO’s & Dark Goddess

The Dreamweaver ~ Zsuszanna Griga’s Karmic astrology. Good reference for the centaurs and Lilith. Kelley Hunter ~ The cosmic feminine & Lilith specialist!  Juan Antonio Revilla ~ Lilith  and Centaurs research. Philip Sedgewick ~ Trans – Neptunians and new discoveries. Sera Beak ~ Red, Hot & Holy. A Heretics Love Story. Exiled? ~ Asperger traits in females. Oversensitive/Melancholic? ~ The highly sensitive person. Empathy Persephone? ~ Heidi Sawyer: Why are you so sensitive? Midlands School ~ The Dwarf Planets. BlueprintForLove ~ Dr Cha-zays great youtube channel focusing on the real meaning of twin flames and sacred sex. Eve Lorgen Love Bites ~ Persephone Myth from an psychic vampire/archontic parasite perspective. Illuminating The Shadowlands ~ Sienna Lea gives self-help tools to expose the hidden alchemy to regain the energy and ability we have lost.


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Astrology Tools

Arabic Parts Calculator Asteroid Ephemeris *Astrodienst Free Horoscope *  Configuration Hunter *AstroGraph Astrology Horoscopes * Swiss Ephemeris * The Fixed Stars in Longitude Order * Midpoint Calculator * List of Named Centaurs * Meanings of Minor Planet Names