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What do Lilith Transits represent? Is Black Moon Lilith instrumental in epiphany moments? It seems to behave like a faster moving Pluto with a flash of Uranus. Hades is known as the great transformer and the planet of death, Uranus is enlightenment and sudden thunderbolt change. Both these outer planets transits are usually the big life changers. Pluto can be likened to “ a Tsunami traveling at the speed of an iceberg” to quote Benjamin Bernstein. Lilith cannot compare with these two heavy weights outers, but she is still worth looking at. Like Mars, Lilith is like the igniter, the kindling to the big bonfire of transformation.

Lilith transits correspond to the Tower card in the tarot. They are a transformative “death” and also an awakening at the very same time. The French call the orgasm.”La petite mort”, which is a perfect description of a sexy Lilith transit. I As I have said before the Lilith corridor is like a cross between the 8th house and the 12th house. The 8th house is sex and death and the 12th house is wanting to merge with something greater. The 12th house is also the house of self undoing…how very appropriate.

Black Moon Lilith Transits

For transits I would only look at the Black Moon Lilith, the lunar apogee and I would only use the Mean version as the True is too fast and erratic to be meaningful. Transits to the Liliths are rather different, and this is where the Lilith corridor is useful because it is here that I have found there to be correlations with epiphany moments and Kundalini experiences.

Pluto is sexual energy, and Lilith in her tantric role resonates well with Pluto here. Lilith transits can herald an awakening as we have seen by looking at peoples Kundalini. experiences. Lilith combined with the heavy weights Pluto and Uranus can give you quite a sexual shock.

Lilith transits on their own can be felt like a sudden jolt out of patriarchal programming, milder than the full blown outer transit, more like a mini cosmic reboot. Hard aspects can be experienced quite negatively, with treachery, manipulation and sexual domination weaved into the experience. The hurt and rage of female abuse goes back a long way, which is why Lilith transits,can be so difficult to deal with. The underlying motivation behind the vengeance of a Lilith transit can be hard to pin down. Who betrayed who? The battle of the sexes is where Lilith transits can do the most damage in unenlightened couples.

The rot started 2000 years ago, when Christianity took over what was essentially a pagan, goddess worshiping culture. It was replaced with a God-fearing monotheistic belief system. The connection to the magic of nature was lost, and it became something to control and fear. With this, sexuality also became separated from spirituality. Priests were supposed to be celibate. When the matriarchal line of inheritance was abolished, it became essential to be certain who had fathered whom. So strict controls on women’s sexuality were imposed and female promiscuity demonized. But of course patriarchy wanted their cake and to eat it, therefore, women were divided into mothers and whores……

Excerpt from forthcoming book. I look at Lilith Transits during 9/11, David Icke’s Ickes Epiphany and when John Lennon met Yoko.

*I have noticed a theme of either Chiron or Jupiter being instrumental in these awakenings, when they have entered the Lilith corridor. The triple conjunction of 2009 (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune) was responsible for some pretty intense “awakenings” in some people and I’m sure if these lot fell into your Lilith corridor you would’ve felt it! I definitely had one of these and would be interested in hearing from anyone else who had anything similar.

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  1. SCR

    Here is my Lilith story: my father was driving me to a writer’s residency when I had a major panic attack in the back of the SUV. I begged him to pull over to the side of the road, as I felt like I was having a stroke. I lay curled up in the foetal position on the side of the road while he screamed expletives at me, called me names I don’t care to repeat here, and accused me of faking the whole thing as a way to sabotage this wonderful opportunity for my writing. He suffers from bipolar disorder, and my mother had just gotten through chemo for breast cancer, so I suspect his meds weren’t high enough to withstand the recent turmoil in our family (spring itself is also a difficult time). He essentially threw my luggage onto the ground, not even bothering to drive me to the center, told me that I was dead to him as far as he was concerned, and that my dreams of being a writer were pathetic. For the next couple weeks I was in and out of hospital due to a rash of panic attacks, but was able to slowly heal myself within the supportive community at the retreat. The day I had the first panic attack and one of the worst fights with my father in memory, transiting Lilith was exactly conjunct my natal Chiron in late Gemini, Saturn was smack dab on my natal Pluto, and the transiting Sun (my ruler) was opposing transiting Saturn and my natal Pluto (my father is a Scorpio, by the way, and I have Lilith conjunct my Sun and Venus natally). Pretty much a perfect storm, and probably one of the hardest days of my life, as the confrontation released repressed feelings of hostility toward my father, and emotional slush from a difficult childhood. The release of emotion was so swift and powerful that my body literally felt it cracking apart, the panic attacks like a series of small deaths… However, as difficult as that time was on my mind body and soul, it signaled a turning point in my life. I started meditating, practicing yoga, cut back on drinking, and began seriously pursuing poetry again, my true passion. I apologize for the intensity of this post, but I thought it could shed some light on the interaction between Chiron and Lilith.

  2. Dan

    The Nodes of the moon are pairs. They are not separate. In fact all signs and house cusps are pairs. I think it ignorant of my fellow astrologers and astrologists to ignore Priapus in study of Lilith. What relationship do I want to improve that seems to run away. Or rather dealing with the dross or simply the cost that comes with what I seek, what I am inclined with which to MERGE. Only when we cease to refresh our minds with outdated ideas as Priapus as rapist and BML as bitch do we begin to deal truly with the energies within represented.
    As of this date transiting BML is 5+ degrees behind my natal Venus. I was born with BML less than 2 degrees behind the mean north node. S.P. Venus is half sqare s.p. BML(and Uranus) and thus sequestrate Priapus. I dare not see one and not the other or surely the lesson will fail.
    Perhaps by Autumn! S.P True north node conjunct radix BML and transiting BML conjunct mean north node exact on the day that secondary progressed ascendant by progressed MC of Day method is trine to it at 24 Sagittarius . By then transiting Jupiter with be conjunct my natal moon, so hopefully I will make pleasant.
    That pair in my minor progressed chart has Priapus less that 2′ arc applying to midpoint to Jupiter/Uranus. It never catches the exact midpoint due to speed flux. It does make it to 46″. Essentially it is within minutes for years.
    Who knows what the transits combined with deliberate action may bring.
    That is perhaps by Autumn I may have an understanding through experiences shareable.

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