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The effects of Uranus square Pluto are clearly being felt around the world. The Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 1960’s was the seed moment that started this process. This square had been mainly looked at as representing political change, but I also see it as a sexual revolution as it was in the 1960’s with the advent of the pill. In the years ahead we must watch out for triggers from either Mars or Lilith as this will certainly show women being far more militant than they have been in the past and I think this will be more apparent in the middle east. It has to represent some form of feminist uprising. Women have been far more active in the recent civil protests in Egypt and Libya.

Islamic Feminism states that for true liberation of these Arab states, women must also be free from oppression. Much headway has been made by the Muslim nations in this regard in the last 20 years. But it would be wrong to think women in the West are so far ahead with their brand of feminism. In someways I think we have gone backwards. In 2016 Uranus forms a conjunct with Eris. The potential here is great for breakthrough thinking and enlightenment regarding equality of the sexes, enslavement and whether we bow down to God/Authority. Are we going to live in a fools paradise, or exile ourselves like Lilith?


Ekhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, maintains that enlightenment for the whole of humanity is in the hands of women. On Page 194 he talks about the collective pain-body where women need to stop identifying themselves as victims, move on from blame and take control. This is the story of “The Fall” really. In biting Liliths apple, Eve reclaimed her sovereignty and also that of Adams. It’s interesting that it is always the female who rebels, like Pandora and her box. Integral to the emancipation of women in the Islamic world is how the Qu’ran is translated. How on earth can society move forward while their “Bible” condones the beating of women. This is the impression we have been given. But if you actually read it, it goes like this:

The official Arabic translation of Surah 4:34, “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).” [2]

It’s not SO barbaric. You get a chance to repent at least. A telling-off and having to forsake a shag first. Only then you get some light beating. For some couples this is foreplay… In classic Arabic, “Beat” and “Go away” are the same word. Islamic feminists translate this paragraph differently, replacing “Beat” with “Go away”. Meaning one should leave the wife. Feminists also state that there is nothing in the Qur’an that mentions the strict wearing of the burqa or veil. It just mentions that women AND men should dress modestly. It looks like the Qu’ran is no different from the Bible. Both have been warped and been used to manipulate.


Sexual Astrology

Uranus with Pluto can be sexual revolution. But it could also be cyber sex and internet porn. How many men have become addicted to this erotic junk food? Like plastic milkshake it’s OK in very small doses. But how many women feel they have to behave like porn stars? That they are prudes if they don’t dig anal sex. And it has now reached the stage that a furry “cat” is consider abnormal. I find it ironic that while our Muslim sisters are encouraged to cover up,  western  women are stripping off to painful extremes in an effort to please their men.

While a Muslim womans chains are the burqa, Western women are chained to the obsession with being “hot”. This means watching what we eat and being gym slaves to the treadmill.  We have burnt our bras and no longer have to wear constricting corsets that made our Victorian great-grandmas faint. Instead we  are corseted by the vision of a size six skeleton on a magazine cover. You could argue that the burqa is almost liberating, at least we could indulge and not worry about our guts hanging out. I am playing devils advocate here. No question it’s great to be fit, love your body and walk around in summer shorts without being spat on. But I do think the West has gone way over the top with narcissism and objectifying womens bodies.

You can understand why a Muslim father may not want the Western brand of feminism for his daughter. It’s not a great example is it? I cringe when I see the overtly sexual music videos on MTV and wonder how this will effect my seven year old daughter. Will Katie Perry make her feel empowered? Well it could do if you look that good. But what if you are spotty, fat or have no boobs? Some stats from the Object website which challenges “Sex object culture” [3]:

  • Over half (54%) of all women around the world say they first became aware of the need to be physically attractive between 6 and 17 years of age.
  • Eating disorders are as common amongst women as autism.
  • 66% of teenage girls would consider plastic surgery and 20% would do it right now.
  • Polls suggest that 63% of young women aspire to be glamour models or lap dancers.
  • One in three people believe a woman is responsible for violence committed against her if she is wearing ‘revealing clothing’.

From a feminist point of view Western women are liberated (stripped of their clothing) and Muslims are oppressed ( smothered by their clothing).

I would like to compare two forms of imprisonment. The woman in the Burqa and this one of Paris Hilton that I objected to so strongly when Jamie Partridge did a post about her chart. Google ads have made me take off the picture of her as it is deemed lewd! Here we have the subliminal suggestion of bondage with the chains around her neck. What is this image saying to us? Is she chained to her desires? Does she feel empowered there on that table on her knees? Is this sexy and if it is why? It suggests executive desk-toy to me. I find it really disturbing. Like there are a gang of businessmen encircling her as if she is a wild animal about to be poached and then made to submit. Then we have the Burqa. In this society I can utterly see why some women would choose to wear them. In contrast to Paris looking extremely exposed, these offer protection. The one above looks like armour.  Sometimes it’s nice to be invisible and not have to put up with jeering workmen.

Islamic feminists want the right to work and have control of their own finances. Once you have that you really can tell an abusive husband to pack his bags. At the same time, women in the West also need to fight for the right NOT to work.  A lot of the time women are being forced to work because one income is no longer enough to support the modern family. In reality women do tend to pick up most of the domestic duties so do end up doing two full time jobs for half the money, with all the stress that goes with it. How liberated is that? It would then make being a “kept woman” look quite appealing.

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1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology,Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.196.
2. Islamic Feminism – Wikipedia.

416 thoughts on “LILITH REVOLUTION

  1. uberqueenofwands

    This is an excellent article and so many brilliant responses! I noticed a few days ago a Muslim man in the USA had been convicted of an “honour” killing of daughter. So called honour killing within the Muslim community is too common in the UK and needs to be rooted out of all societies.
    In SOuth Africa where I live most of the time, there is a sexual assault against a female somewhere between every SEVEN and TWENTY SECONDS. – depending on the source of the stats.
    Where in the west we can analyse with a toothpick, our relationships, its worth remembering that in some places there is something seriously wrong with the male of the species.
    The wider effects of these assaults are devastating. Teenage pregnancy is rife, robbing girls of education and the chance of work and creating a life of dependency on charity or poverty for mothers and children. A vicious cycle repeats over and again.
    One of the saddest things I have seen are the Baby Drops – these are wooden sheds on the roadside with a hatch. An unwanted baby can be deposited through the hatch and charitable hands receive it on the other side. It is better than abandonment or murder. I know of two such drops in Kommetjie, CApe Town. There are plenty more.
    Alas what I have never seen in Cape Town or anywhere else i have travelled in SOuth Africa is a poster or advert to remind men to be civil to women or to use birth control. I have never seen this aimed at men or women.
    So what’s the deal? I know SA has many problems but this is SO FUNDAMENTAL and with the idiot polygamus president Zuma fathering at least 25 I have to question what is the entitlement of the African Male to treat his female counterpart so badly.
    This is not a racist point, it is a cultural observation. This same attitude spreads through rap culture and infects budding understanding of young men to young women. Its incredibly sad.
    MAybe under this conjunction its time for females to put their feet down. ANd I mean feet, not stilletoes.
    How can we create heaven on earth when so many women are in a living hell?

    1. Marina Post author

      Oh my god that is completely awful about South Africa. I had no idea. The rap culture thing is kind of where all this booty, porn bitch came from. And it does annoy me that I think a lot of people are afraid to criticism it for fear of being called called racist. The estates in london overrun with gangs of fatherless boys are a direct result of this mentality. Then the single mums get the blame each time..

      Talking stilettos, I saw a programe about how deformed womens feet get as a result of wearing high heals at an early age. The X rays where scary. It’s almost barbaric like foot binding, but we just don’t think of it that way. It’s freedom!!! Not free to run very far hey…?

      1. uberqueenofwands

        The western media is terrified to tell it like it is in SA – murder and rape centre of the world. But I notice in one of the grids in David Hatcher Childress’s excellent book Anti Gravity and the World grid that where the Kabbalah is paced over Africa (I can’t recall why this is done though!) the base chakra falls in Zimbabwe… so maybe this region is processing the deepest base chakra issues.
        I have to say that so many of the women in SA bear their fate with such enduring dignity. I employ a lady in her early forties, a grandmother and mother and she is the sole breadwinner. Of course the men are largely absent. There is a culture here amongst young men which says the gang rape of girls/women is part of a boy’s initiation… They don’t ever consider what it does for the victim. Hopefully Uranus (electric media) might very soon highlight what PLuto gets up to in the Rainbow Nation. Up in the eastern Cape, Muti – the use of body parts for medicine is not uncommon, This is well worth a look Marina if you have time. I know it will touch your noble Aquarian sensitivity for justice.
        I suddenly realise here is in fact a small expression of Uranus and Pluto – the exposing of this dreadful activity via the internet!
        Hopefully Uranus is going to drag the seamier side of PLuto out into the glaring light and action will take place.
        Re stilettos – absurd! About the same as bound feet. Sigh! Human nature….

  2. Charyl

    Wow, let me say here in Canada it’s still rape for many women. It’s still control of our behaviors.(women in parks being beaten or murdered.) It’s still a horror scene putting women on welfare or charity. There is still a housing problem. There is still a police protection or social protection problem. There is still an elite of educated, advantaged women and the lack of for the rest of us of the understanding and knowledge that could improve the quality of life for us. That education is marketed at a $$$ price. So unlike my mentor’s attitude and care for the women’s world. Her work for it.Our dependable role models are few and far between.
    Sara of Ravenwood I agree and yes have experienced what you talk of with women – recently. Our generation fought hard for the advantages which women have today and the passing generation doesn’t pull us up behind them/advantage us in return but ignores us. I see the sadness in many lonely senior women asked to babysit but otherwise ignored.
    Yes, what is freedom. To me it’s growth towards understanding our cosmic potentials far beyond what we were lead to believe we are.

    1. Marina Post author

      Feminism is like a dirty word now. And yes there are women at the top that then become like the saturnian elite and collude with them in maintaining this sick status quo. When I was saying things have gone backwards I didn’t mean women’s rights had, what I meant was the mass media has a far bigger grip on our psyche than it did even 20 years ago. So the propaganda is so much more sophisticated. I used to work in the graphics/advertising biz and I know how dangerous subliminal messages from visuals are. It’s that drip, drip, drip that is messing with both sexes minds and fuelling the sex war.
      That is why I keep questioning things, because although we are technically way more free than our Islamic sisters, I do think we may be bombarded with more junk culture than them. Maybe the only difference between us is that we in the west THINK we are free (relatively) and thats actually far more insidious.

      1. Charyl

        A few notes after watching the feminist show on CBC Friday.
        1918 we got the vote due to the suffer jets..
        1929 Nettie got women declared as Persons and into public office.
        Out of 308 68 are women even now
        the 50’s brought in modern appliances – “Pleasantville” DVD.
        the 60’s Germaine Greer an outspoken academic was made media target. The birth prevention pill was born in the USA. The fight on Abortion began. Role reversals began. Women in power began again. There were nervous breakdowns. Pot came in.
        Greer, now 70, says the definition of womanhood is in a muddle. She says to the 20+ not to ask her but to redefine themselves.
        The second wave was the 70’s and the backlash. Reagen was in. Naomi Wolfe spoke out on the myths about chasity, passivity and beauty. Women didn’t feel they had the right to criticize. The 70’s make policy not coffee, independence and education.
        The 90’s was the third wave. Race, gender, youth oriented, gay rights fight for acceptance. Opportunities and possibilities.
        Success outside the home interpreted as wanting to leave the home. Men were not integrated in the home in the same numbers.
        Equal pay for equal work. Sexist media. The Spice Girls and Zena, were strong sexy role models. Sexual power. Lady GaGa. There was a general consensus that with todays anti feminists that too many women forfeited their beauty for liberation. They didn’t want to look as haggard as Hiliary. Elle from Braveheartwomen felt that the last feminists used force and this web call for a international platform will be based on “love”, on collaboration, not competition. As far as I can see it’s very elite still with a heavy emphasis on marketing. So I prefer to think that there will be a generational rise granted by the cosmos to a higher level of awareness begun within.

  3. Shawn Cohen

    Ok, this is an astrology thread so bringing it back to that…I have always supported women and their needs. I am an Aries with Moon in Aquarius in the first house. I have run women’s workshops and taught them to love themselves and honour who they are, on a soul level…the rest comes from that. WE can support each other without the need for jealousy. What is jealousy anyway? It comes from insecurity and lack mentality. As if there isn’t enough love, men, nice clothes, youthful skin to go around! Ridiculous! You can only compete with yourself, at the end of life, when you see your whole life played out in front of you, it won’t be about someone else’s man or job or house but YOURS! These attitudes are all deemed from ignorance and lies. If one can see just how the mid east and in fact all the world is waking up from the many, many illusions and lies we are all spoon fed from the womb on, then we do have a great chance to make this world truely Paridise on Earth but it can never happen if we do not take on our own personal responsibility for chosing to be here, and within that context choosing to grow, develop and love…especially ourselves (as women) and then others as self. This is the great truth, the rest is how the drama of ego unfolds and it is not a nice picture. Look at Pluto for indepth experiences played out in drama, look at Uranus the rebel who awakens consciousness and Neptune for inner vision and true spiritual connection. They are all there affecting us all, so be a part of the experience and help one another to be free to choose within this dimension. Women are here to be loved, bringers of the the Divine Feminine, not just to reproduce, the energy of Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephony all have their Divine roles to play within the psyche of ourselves and men for thier own inner growth…how they love the 49% of themselves internally which is female is exactly how they love the women in their own lives externally!

    1. Charyl

      Right except maybe I love myself through the other and then myself as god or the divine. I catch glimpse of the oneness.

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