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Your Libra Horoscope for May 2016 finds it hard to take any communication lightly, since Mercury Retrograde is forcing you deep into Pluto’s slimy pit. Events that occur will force you to get your hands sticky as you wrestle with the black goo of your psyche. You will be presented with some specimens of humanity that will cause your hair to stand on end in one way or another. Libra are likely to meet folks they immediately have very strong feelings for, or against. Watch out for people who make you behave in the most irrational and primal way, and say hallo to your shadow! This is the month where you slide down into the underworld and come face-to-face with dragons, demons and people that infuriate the most. You may be called to exorcise the meanest of them from your life, but don’t think that it ends there. You will also be forced to admit that these repulsive figures are just reflections of your disowned soul. So you might have to do some deep cleansing of your very own back passage so to speak… This colonic irrigation lasts until May 20 where you resurrect yourself as the phoenix from the flames and a fresh new, bouncing you. This would be a great time to plan a holiday so you can swim away the last dregs of the unfortunate deep-cleaning incident.

Libra May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

Mercury steals Pluto’s invisible helmet and goes deep into the underworld during this time. This might mean that you probe into the deepest recesses of your own mind or want to penetrate the psyche of a loved one. Be careful that you respect the boundaries of this other person because the questions could easily become an unhealthy invasion of their privacy. This transit can feel to others around you that they are being interrogated by the gestapo. Avoid this tendency by investigating the human psyche in general, rather than experimenting with actual human brains. You could feel unusually psychic at this time also, since the ability to effortlessly pass through different dimensions is enhanced. Everything you feel is deep, DEEEP and you are unable to take anything at face value. Sometimes things really are that simple, but not for you at this time! All communications are suspect, and there is a conspiracy at every corner. You are left feeling quite paranoid! A fascination with the occult and life-after-death will be very marked this time. Conversations with anyone will turn quite heavy to the point that it will be impossible to talk about the weather (unless a killer hurricane is on its way.) The world is a melodrama at this time, so you can either lock yourself in a dark cellar or join up with other folk who want to talk about taboo or apocalyptic subject matter.

Libra May 2016 ~ Emotions

It would be good to get away mainly because, during the May 21 Full Moon you will find it very hard to communicate and to put words to your feelings. This is a time for emotionally charged interactions with others, because you will find it hard to interact in a shallow, chit-chatty fashion. The Full Moon opens you up to feeling great empathy with everyone you encounter. This can feel too much at times as random people spill their heart out to you from every corner, including total strangers. It will seem like you have “Agony Aunt” tattooed on your forehead for the next two weeks. Another problem is that habits from the past and unconscious childhood conditioning bleed into your daily life. You might react with a strong gut feeling to usually insignificant occurrences, like to a song that wafts out from a passing car followed by a bus carrying a poster on the side that is highly symbolic. Connections from one thing to another seem loaded with emotional meaning like you are living in a French film noir. So if you find all this information overload is melting your brain, disconnect from modern life and sit in a forest. Trees are undemanding..

Libra May 2016 ~ Love

Love can turn into quite an obsession during this time. You might be pulled towards a totally unsuitable mate, but who nevertheless irresistibly pushes all your buttons. This could be because you have unconsciously attracted into your life someone to help purge out your repressed demons. This is also classic ‘Dark Cupid’ territory, so don’t be surprised if one of these fallen angels swoops into you life at this time. I might be just a passing fling that only lasts for 3 weeks or so, but it will still rock you to your core. You might find yourself obsessing over this person for months afterwards if you become sexually bonded with them. Think carefully wether you really want to put yourself through those intense, gut-wrenching emotions before you enter the underworld. It could be quite a struggle to get back up into the sunlight again. On the other hand sometimes, this is just what you need to rid yourself of deep down toxins that are really resistant to removal. Sometimes the body needs to be shocked into the healing crisis that is needed.

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