If you are going through the Black Moon Lilith, parental rage purging, make sure you are not projecting all your old wounds back onto your spouse and are demonising them for no good reason. Lilith transiting through this parental zone is very good at pulling family skeletons out of the closet. This is also good opportunity to heal toxic shame which may have come from a narcissistic parent.

Libra 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn continues rummaging among the roots of your chart. Saturnian type folk, (your real parents, grandparents or counsellors ) will dish out ‘tough love’ and train you hard, rather like a martial arts guru. Saturn in your intimate zone can feel like a firm mattress for a bad back in the beginning, but as the period progresses it gets easier as you adapt to Saturn’s slow home groove. You may find you find you need to renovate your house at this time or another possibility that resonates with this transit would be to go through a course of psychotherapy.

Saturn’s self-reflection compliments Jupiter’s position in your self-esteem house nicely. Like attracts like so if you are a person that lives frugally, then this period might make you question why you think spending money on yourself is a waste of resources. Living like Gandhi is very honourable if you have renounced mammonism already.

Self-estimation In 2018

However it is also easy to be virtuous in one’s anti-materialism if are in no danger of rising out of your benefits trap. Condemning hard-working people who are financial secure as materialistic, greedy capitalists is cop-out in that case. Acting with entitlement often comes from a narcissistic personality which in turn stems from feelings of very low self-worth. If this is the case then Jupiter will only exaggerate that low personal value.

Ceres spends an extra long time in your friendship zone in the first half of 2018 as it turns retrograde and remains in this zone until Jun 27. Ceres here could inspire you to be more socially aware and support the underdog. So working for charities that deal with abuse, addiction or those in need of refuge may appeal. On the less practical level, you may want to join groups that focus on the occult, spirituality, divination or meditation. If you have been in a co-dependant relationship or have addiction problems, you may be drawn to connect with others who have similar issues. (Like a 12 step type program.)

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