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Libra continues to benefit from the blessings of jovial Jupiter in 2017. Keep milking his generosity for all it’s worth. This might be a good time to start an apprenticeship or a course of study as this year you are at your best learning! In 2017 there is more going on inside your mind than you are willing to divulge to others. You will be more comfortable taking in information than giving it out.

Social occasions will still be enjoyed, especially as Jupiter will throw you some fancy invites, but this year you will people-watch rather than be the life and soul of the party. Locally you will feel that your environment is quite magical, even if Saturn keeps forcing you off the beaten track by throwing obstacles in your regular path. Random and seemingly fateful encounters should bring nice, new, neighborhood connections in 2017.

Libra 2017 Destiny

Jupiter in Libra: Jan 1 to Oct 11. Lucky you! If you didn’t know this already, Jupiter entered your sign in September 2016 and is one of the classic good fortune aspects. Here continues a whole new, 12 year cycle of growth where you should find you attract more than your fair share of development opportunities. There really is only one dis-advantage of Jupiter in your most personal zone and that is weight gain! Invites to social events where the food and drink are copious will all add up to a more, erm, portly physique. Sometimes it’s not even the food, but just Jupiter expanding your presence so that you make a BIG impression on the world.

Libra 2017 Fate

Saturn In Sagittarius: Jan 1 until Dec 20. Saturn in your communication house can make you quite fearful of speaking your mind. This is because your brain is going through a period of re-structuring. While your mind is rebooting itself, links between synapses may feel as zapped as when a telegraph pole gets struck by lightening. One minute you have an enlightening insight and then, bam, short circuit, you are lost for words. What is going on internally can also bleed into the outside world. While in your neighbourhood, you may find yourself feeling increasingly awkward and even shy because you are a little afraid of what words might leap out of your mouth….

Libra 2017 Eclipses

The effects will last until August when next eclipse cycle starts.

Lunar Eclipse Leo: Feb 11. This is where pursuing a creative hobby could bring you a whole new set of friends. Do not be afraid to invest in some playtime just because you think it is self indulgent, with an eclipse here it the fun could trigger a serious vision for the future. The reboot might come initially from feeling quite a lonely, that you have spent a lot of time social-networking online rather then actually meeting real life people….

Solar Eclipse Pisces: Feb 26. This eclipse will certainly test your immunity. However, if you get through this period without so much as a sniffle, then well done! You are obviously leading a balanced life and looking after your precious human body both mentally and physically. This Solar eclipse attempts to jolt an imbalanced soul back into a harmonious life rhythm. You might have to get worse before you get better…

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