Libra Decans

Birthdays September 23 – October 3

Libra  horoscopeLibra decan 1 is ruled by the Moon.  Their push for peace can attract very aggressive and mean mates. Either that or violence just seems to blow up around them for no reason at all. Libra has a horror of arguing, they don’t like to offend, so they tell lots of little white lies, and I mean lots…. Libra decan 1 tend to get involved with triangular relationships. Deep down they may actually prefer the lifestyle of the“other woman/man”, whether they realise it or not. Think about it Libra? Don’t you just love spending hours getting ready for that important date? Luxuriating in a scented bath, buying special silk underwear…

STARS ~ Nodus I in Draco, Zaniah & Vindemiatrix in Virgo, Tureis in Argo, Diadem in Coma Berenices.

Libra Decan 1 Horoscope 2014

Birthdays from October 4 – 13 

Libra decan 2 is ruled by Saturn.  This is the home of Algorab in the crow, but it’s all wrapped up in finest Venusian silk!  Yes they have stunning blue/black raven feathers and yes they look magical, but if you don’t watch your back, the really unscrupulous ones will rook you before you can say raptor. These folk are your typical iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes them all the more dangerous. Never, ever, ever underestimate Libra decan 2, even if they look like Barbie. A lot of them will play dumb deliberately. The best side of Libra decan 2 is their ability to blend into almost any situation. They are equally at home with dukes or beggars. Tropical Libra’s ability to harmonise makes them great singers, artists and raconteurs. They also have impeccable taste, which makes them natural stylists and interior designers. They wrap presents a treat too….

STARS ~ Porrima in Virgo, Gienah & Algorab in Corvus, Seginus & Bootes in Bootes.

Libra Decan 2 Horoscope 2014

Birthdays from October 14 – 22

Libra decan 3 is ruled by Jupiter. They may have to go through some tough times where they have to prove themselves. They may be harshly judged because their ideas or behaviour is controversial in some way. These folk may be exiled and painted out to be the bad guys. Jupiter ruling this decan gives them the zeal to make the planet a better place. Libra decan 3 have a great need to purify the earth, be it intellectual or physical cleansing. Libra decan 3 may be a bit of an intellectual snob. They cannot abide stupidity and seek to enlighten by knowledge. Jupiter ruling here will stress the importance of higher learning so they make great teachers. Super shiny star Spica here, floods this decan with natural talent….

STARS ~ Foramen in Argo, Spica in Virgo, Arcturus & Izar in Bootes.

Libra Decan 3 Horoscope 2014

More Horoscope Decans

The decans above are as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed exploration of your birthchart and a please refer to the READINGS page.

NOTE: I am using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates. Click on the links above for a more detailed interpretation of each decan using the fixed stars and celebrity examples. You can also apply the decan character traits to your Ascendant or Moon using these zodiac positions:  Libra decan 1 0° – 10°Libra decan 2 10° – 20° and Libra decan 3 20° – 30°.

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