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Leo Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Leo
and Leo Rising for June 30 – July 6. Leo you are finding it very hard to stick to routines and get into the daily grid. This is the kind of week where you will really want to throw a sicky if your day job is getting you down. You simply won’t have the patience for the mundane and mediocre. The quarter Moon activates a craving for exotic far-off places and cultures. If you can’t whisk yourself off to a tropical paradise then you will fall for someone who can at least transport you there from the waist down.. This is probably the best option for now as Venus is making your body pleasing to the eye and attracting admirers. Your ruler is making a crackling aspect to magnetic Uranus which should also pull a few exciting eccentrics into your life and distract you enough to make those boring work chores bearable.