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Your Leo Horoscope for May 2016 puts emphasis on your status in the world when Mercury Retrograde falls in your important career sector. Take care you don’t harm your reputation by speaking out thoughtlessly. You can relax more in your free time, where you can lose yourself in the sweet and sugary Full Moon on May 2. This can be your reward after having to spend a great deal of time building on what you have achieved in terms of your career. This is quite a demanding time, so that in some cases you might have to actually go back and strengthen foundations. Maybe an event occurs that shows your roots are quite unstable and not deep enough to sustain things long term. It can be a burdensome period, because you are forced to be responsible and deal with the nuts and bolts of your business. It’s quite a serious time where you will see clearly what has worked and what hasn’t in terms of your life calling. The chickens come home to roost as it were. Talking of home, this is also the sector that deals with your mother. Wether she has been encouraging or critical is reflected in how feel the universe treats you. If you are not being rewarded or recognised at this time, it could be then that your primary judging “goddess” was more of the punishing fire-and-brimstone type than ‘Namaste’ (Translated as ‘I bow to the divine within you’). To be confident and abundant in the wider world you might have to work on how to see the universal mother. After May 21 you can relax and take things easier. Enjoy the rest of the month unwinding with friends and letting your imagination go wild with your dreams for the future.

Leo May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

During this retrograde you might find that the publicity side of your business becomes important, especially your online presence. It’s actually quite a good time for a rebrand, but wait until Mercury Direct before you actually unveil the new look. How you communicate yourself to the wider world is under review and you might have to hold back while you re-think your presentation strategy. There could be an incident when there actually is some kind of miscommunication which makes you realise that you do have to work on making yourself clearer. One of the good things to do at this time would be to learn a new skill that can help take your business to the next level. If you take time out to do this then you can avoid the usual Mercury Rx office niggles and computer malfunctions. The most annoying things about this transit is that sales could go quite slowly and you might have to make a few refunds. It’s just the nature of the cycle and nothing to worry about once you realise it’s just the retrograde.

Leo May 2016 ~ Emotions

You have a superb Full Moon on May 21 with which you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life with people you really love. This one takes you back to a time of childlike innocence. It’s about getting excited that it’s a sunny day and you are visiting a cafe that does 99 flavours of Italian ice cream. Everything is yummy with the Full Moon in your pleasure zone. You should also feel extra nurturing and protective over every small and fluffy person, place or thing. If you could give a word to this placement it would be “cute”. This also an incredibly soft-focused, right-brained, feminine energy. You will feel more drawn to women, wether you are male or female. You will want to spend time in pretty places, and gaze at colours and items that are easy on the eye. The absolutely worst place to be would be at this Full Moon for you would be on a loud, clanking building site surrounded by sweaty, obtuse males. Do yourself a favour and keep away from pubs that show big screen rugby for the next two weeks. If you are a meaty rugby guy yourself, you might feel out of sorts, well this is why… Don’t worry yourself, all things pass! Enjoy this easy-going, bubble gum Full Moon while it lasts

Leo May 2016 ~ Love

Your heart beats faster this month to the tune of an older, richer and more successful partner. You will be impressed by status, but it doesn’t mean you are mercenary necessarily. What you are probably subconsciously searching for, is a guide and/or parental figure that has been lacking in your life. This way you can learn how to advance yourself in life and get quite a growth spurt in maturity. This may not be the ‘hottest’ love placement, but is is a good opportunity to realise that you can attract mature and responsible partners. Ok they might be a little battered around the edges and be thinning on top, but the heart underneath is solid gold. This partner also has the added bonus that they won’t drain you, will commit to you and be the rock that you really need. This might be quite a change for those who go for Toyboys or Barbie dolls, but the experience will help you move away from impossible fantasy, to consider more realistic and therefore attainable partner options in the future. After May 23 your love life lightens up and you want to spend more time with friends of the same age group.

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  1. Thanks for this forecast, I just read the June one as well. Sadly, some of the things you describe in the June forecast have actually already played out this week with a long-term family situation and a toxic family member, which on 18.05 was like a hand grenade being thrown into a Cesspit from said toxic person. This was right before a family reunion on 21st (today) which was ideally “supposed” to be as you described above “You have a superb Full Moon on May 21 with which you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life with people you really love. This one takes you back to a time of childlike innocence.” That’s all gone up in smoke for me personally as I will not be attending, it is also my mother’s Birthday on Sunday 22nd. It seems this mars R & saturn R really are stirring the pot. I have literally felt like mt.Vesuvius the last few days, so for my own sanity and the wellbeing of others I am removing myself from any family situations and told the toxic family member who has caused all this that I don’t want to have anymore contact with them. I should mention that on the day this happened 18.05 I had a nasty chiron opp natal moon & on this day of the May 21st full moon it is opposite my natal moon. What can you do? I am seething very much on my own.


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