Leo Horoscope 2017

Relationships are up for scrutiny in 2017. Leos have many opportunities to air their grievances in open-hearted conversations with loved ones. 2017 is when you lay all your cards on the table and find out who your genuine soul-companions really are. You can blame that all on this year’s two Leo eclipses. They will be the real catalysts for this sifting of your contacts book. In 2017, Leo just won’t have the patience to wear a mask with people it can’t be authentic with. Even if you do try, the cracks will start to show fairly quickly. There is no room for falsity. You will also have great enthusiasm for debate and learning. Why waste a minute on small talk with people below your intellectual stature?

It’s not all about brain-storming however… There are also erm, lower chakra tempests brewing too if you want to get your hair messed up. Despite Saturn cramping your style in your lovers house, there are still opportunities to ignite an old flame, especially if the meeting takes place abroad. Foreign travel has many creative and inspiring possibilities this year, from whichever level you want to experience it. So even if romance is unrequited or unconsummated, it will serve as a muse for any artistic projects. Don’t forget to pack your sketch/notebook. Working hard on these projects is probably the best use of Venus’s long stay in your creative house and it will join hands with Saturn on its journey. You will probably attract long-lasting Venusian type friendships this year, maybe people involved in antiques, theatre and ancient artefacts. Museums will pull you into their dusty vaults and you should find inspiration from mysterious old manuscripts and occult bookstores.

Leo Destiny Horoscope 2017

Jupiter in Libra: Jan 1 to Oct 11. Frankness, honesty and very open communications are the theme for this year. Even if you are brutally honest, the ‘bullshit free’ attitude will be much appreciated and not seen as insulting. You can talk about the most edgy, taboo and politically incorrect subjects and be admired for your bravery. Your audience will impressed with this uncensored information and risqué presentations. Your powers of persuasion are at their utter peak, so if there are any stubborn clients that need swaying, do it this year.

If there is something that you always wanted to say to a loved one, but felt like you were treading on eggshells, then broach the touchy subject while you can! This is also a fantastic time for expanding your mind, you might be tempted to blow those synapses using psychedelics or some other sacred juice, but you need to go that far. Your brain is already throbbing with excitement and able to absorb new wisdom with ease. The mind will naturally be able to see alternative vistas, with very little herbal prodding. Dutch courage will not be needed to unzip a reticent mouth, as words leap out before you even have a chance to contain them.


Leo Horoscope 2017

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