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2017 Horoscopes eBook

All 12 signs. The full versions include Saturn & Jupiter report, Mars action periods, August’s eclipses and the sign changes of Lilith and Jupiter. Printable 30000 word pdf over 44 pages.





  1. So my decan is Leo 2, but I’m at 19.44 degrees, I have taken to reading decan 2 and 3, what do you think Marina? Am I defintely a Jupitarian Leo, being so close to decan 3? Transits would sit somewhere in the middle wouldn’t they?

    • Yes tranist’s would. I’m curious with those born on the cusp of a decan wether they really feel the rulerships from that decan more than the next. Hard to tell unless you see the whole chart as you may have a prominent Jupiter anyhow. Or SAg.

    • Also in astrological transits When astrologers speak of 5th house transits and such on the standpoint of the sun Being 28 degrees, do I take 20 degrees forward and 10- or 15 forward degrees and 15 back? As for rules, I prefer day time rules, and the rules of that day.. For example, february 18 is rules by mars, I was born on a tuesday, also rules by mars, so in some respects, My horoscope is rules by mars? O mercury? Seeing as my ascendant lies there, gemini

  2. Both the sun and Saturn are in Leo third decan in my natal chart, in conjunction, but the description doesn’t sound much like me. I can be fierce. I will protect those I love. This fierce urge to protect is the way I feel toward the earth. I could cheerfully rake my claws over those who harm her. Sometimes I definitely feel like a predator. But I don’t boss people around, don’t think I’m always right, etc. Is this because I was born toward the end of Leo, on August 21? Some day I will get a complete natal chart done because I need a precise analysis.


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